when do aussiedoodles calm down

When Do Aussiedoodles Calm Down? – 9 Great Tips!

There is no doubt you love your Aussiedoodle and enjoy playing and spending time with him/her. But sometimes, you can be taken aback by the energy this furball has to offer, and it gets challenging to keep up. Also, wondering when do Aussiedoodles calm down doesn’t make you a bad parent. Aussiedoodles are naturally known to be very energetic, hyperactive, and highly sociable, which explains their cheerful character so you can push away that guilt. Just as everything has its own time, even Aussiedoodles calm down when they reach a specific period.

Aussiedoodles usually calm down/mature when they reach two years of age. When they get to such an age, the dog becomes mature and knows how to balance its energy level accordingly. Also, keeping in mind that every individual dog is unique, some Aussiedoodles may not be calm at the age of two, which is also standard. 

If you are someone who can’t wait for your Aussiedoodle to calm down, this article will guide you with specific tactics which can help your Aussiedoodle stabilize its energy evenly. So please sit tight and enjoy the read.

Why are Aussiedoodles so Energetic?

A lot of you may have this question in your mind, and the answer is simple. Aussiedoodles are a designer breed bred between an Australian shepherd and a Poodle. And if you know your biology well, it is natural for the offspring to inherit specific characteristics from the parents. Australian shepherds are 24/7 high on energy, and now you know from where Aussiedoodles got such trait. 

There is also another reason behind Aussiedoodles being so energetic. Every dog goes through puppyhood when the dog is at its peak of being the most playful. The puppyhood duration usually lasts for 18 months, but that’s not the case in Aussiedoodles. The puppyhood in Aussiedoodles gets prolonged, meaning they still behave like puppies more than other breeds and result in them being all curious and hyper.  

When Do Aussiedoodles Calm Down?

As mentioned earlier, Aussiedoodles start maturing when they reach two years of age, meaning their energy level decreases, making them less active. In some cases, if there are no signs of maturity, at least the dog will control the energy.

Few dog owners have reported that despite their Aussiedoodles turning three or seven, there were no signs of maturity. In this kind of situation, as a parent, you will have to wait till your dog enters seniority for the energy to decrease.

Sometimes you may encounter Aussiedoodles who are less energetic and more silent than the others. It is advisable to take such dogs to the veterinarian in case of any health complications. But if an Aussiedoodle is healthy yet more relaxed, it is perfectly normal.

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How to Manage Aussiedoodles’ Energy?

The above question is what everybody has been waiting for. Before we dig further, let us first understand the characteristics of Aussiedoodles. The Aussiedoodle is popularly known to be a very active, energetic, and athletic dog. This dog breed comes under the canine Einsteins family. Aussiedoodles are very intelligent and are social animals. Keeping the characteristics in mind, here are a few ideas that will help manage your Aussiedoodles energy level.

1. Take a long walk 

The main motive behind taking long walks is to tire your Aussiedoodle so that you get to have more me-time and also benefit the dog. Going for a long walk is one of the favorite activities for an Aussiedoodle, and at the same time, the dog gets a sound sleep after coming back from the walk. A long walk will also reduce the dog’s energy and reduce the dog’s stress. The walk will also strengthen the bones and muscles of Aussiedoodles, lower blood pressure, and improve the circulatory system.

Moreover, this activity will help in creating a stronger bond between you and your dog. Both of you will also get access to vitamin D, keeping you both healthy and in a good mood. 

2. Go to the dog park

While taking your Aussiedoodle for a long walk, a quick trip to the dog’s park won’t harm you. Such an experience will make your dog happy and excited. The dog will get to meet other new dogs, which means more playing around in the park.

The activity will tire your dog, and by the time you both reach home, your dog will surely hit the sack.

3. Let your Aussiedoodle play in the yard

For people who love going for walks and have the time to take their Aussiedoodles along, this shouldn’t be a matter of concern. But if you don’t have such luxury, it is essential to have a plan B, making your Aussiedoodle play in the yard.

As we know, Aussiedoodles require regular exercises and activities, playing in the yard will be a good way of burning out all these energies. Unleash your dog, throw a stick or a ball around the yard, and your Aussiedoodle will happily play with no complaints.

4. Make use of exciting dog toys 

Another way to tire your Aussiedoodle both physically and mentally is to use challenging and exciting doggy toys which will keep your dog busy. Such toys will have all your dog’s attention, and he/she will be on a mission to figure out how the toys function.

Remember, your dog will not only have fun exploring these toys, but you will also get some free time to relax and take a break from parenting.

5. Go to the beach 

Put on your beach hats and necessities required for a day at the beach along with your Aussiedoodle. Taking your dog out on a beach will be refreshing and a change in the environment, creating more excitement for your dog.

Let your dog freely run against the breeze, face the sun and swim all day. This kind of activity will tire your dog, and you can both go home for a sweet slumber. Those with no excess to the beaches could do some outdoor activities, which may include- hiking (very good for stimulating your dog’s mind), camping (helps in building stronger bond), and exploring open fields (a great excuse to play frisbee with your dog and wear him/her out.

6. Maintain a play routine 

If you think that maintaining a play routine means more sweat and work for you, that’s wrong. The strategy for managing such a program is to let your dog do all the work. Take a break from playing fetch or passing the ball. 

Try to incorporate games that will boost your dog’s agility and benefit its health too. You can make your dog run or crawl through house-able dog tunnels, which are readily available in the market. Make your dog jump through tires or climb up and down onto boards and ramps, which will exercise your Aussiedoodle’s new body muscles. For these activities, try using mobile props or equipment, which can come in handy when the weather is down.

7. Get your Aussiedoodle a playdate 

Since we are already aware that Aussiedoodles are a very social animal, arranging a play date will only keep your dog happy and active. This kind of initiative will not only help your dog make new friends but also release energy.

You can get in touch with friends and neighbors with dogs and have a good time together. Always make sure that there is someone to supervise the playdate to avoid any unnecessary accidents. In case getting a playdate sounds complicated, you can always take your Aussiedoodle to a dog park. 

8. Practice indoor activities 

It is not always possible to entertain your dog outdoors, so come up with certain indoor activities which can keep your dog busy and drain his/her energy. There are a few tactics you can practice, such as- 

  • Make your dog run the stairs up and down, which will undoubtedly exhaust your Aussiedoodle. 
  • Play hide and seek by keeping your dog in a separate room, hiding some treats in another room, and letting your dog do the searching. Your dog will lose a lot of energy while playing this game, and it will also be a brain-twister for it.

9. Bring in some new tricks

We all love to teach our dogs some tricks, and we couldn’t be more proud as parents when they execute the trick. Likewise, introduce some more new tricks to your dog, and in the process of learning them, your Aussiedoodle will wear out of energy.

Learning new tricks will also benefit your dog’s behavior, especially when you aren’t around the house. Without any worry, you can come back to a chaos-free home.

Take It Easy

Now that you have our list of ideas, don’t be in a hurry to overdo it. You and your dog can take your time in experimenting, but amidst all, don’t forget to have fun as it is the key ingredient to a healthy bond and will also keep you both mentally sound. Also, please note to take specific safety measures for your dog while performing the activities mentioned above.

when do aussiedoodles calm down

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