aussiedoodle puppy checklist

Aussiedoodle Puppy Checklist – The Ultimate Guide of 2024

Bringing a new Aussiedoodle puppy home is always very exciting. You have made an amazing decision. However, because of the explosion of new excitement, you might forget a lot of essentials.

In this article, we’ll learn how to prepare an Aussiedoodle puppy checklist. We’ll also learn how you can make your home an amazing place before you bring them.

You need to consider several things before having a new puppy. And it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Especially, if you had no experience with dogs in the past. But worry not. Over the course of this article, I’ll demonstrate everything you must know and explain them in plain and simple words.

Before You Bring Home Your Aussiedoodle Puppy

The initial time, when the Aussiedoodle arrives at your home will be super tough for him/her. The same goes for you. Proper preparation is the key to making this an easy and smooth process.

Know Your Local Veterinarian

It’s a fact that’s oftentimes overlooked. But it should not be, because it’s critical.

I’ve seen this a lot of times. New dog owners are extremely excited when they bring the new puppy home. All of a sudden, the little guy makes an awkward sound or coughs, and you start panicking.

And at the time, you realize that you’re clueless about where / who your closest veterinarian is.

Here’s How You Can Find Out

When you’re seeking recommendations, the best option is to simply ask a local dog owner you’re familiar with. Your friends and family will tend to tell you the truth regarding all veterinary practices. However, if you’re not familiar with anyone in that immediate area who can offer such insights, then swear by the good old Google search.

Collect All The Information You Can From Your Breeder

The breeder is the most precious person when you get a new puppy. They have been looking after the new litter for weeks & hold a vast amount of more knowledge than you regarding the puppy. Thus, ask them as many questions that pop up in your head.

Here are a few quick tips to ask your breeder:

  • Is the puppy and the parents in good health
  • Tell them to give you a takeaway diet sheet
  • Breeders contact info for short-term support
  • Feeding times and routines
  • Sleeping times and routines
  • Did the puppy receive any treatment / worming
  • Health certificates for both the parents and the puppy
  • Does the puppy socialize well with the litter
  • What sort of food or formula they’re using
  • Which vaccines have they been given and when are the next due

You’d be much more ready to bring your new Aussiedoodle puppy home, the more insights you learn prior. It is pretty easy to remember stuff like health and the sort. However, it’s important you also ask about their feeding times, sleeping patterns and such regular habits the breeder considers to be relevant.

Your new Aussiedoodle puppy would feel much more comfortable in a lesser amount of time if he/she has familiar routines when they start living in the new home.

aussiedoodle puppy checklist

Aussiedoodle Puppy Checklist – The Basics

Let’s start with a bit of a basic but necessary, list of Aussiedoodle puppy supplies that I would completely recommend. The items I’ve tried myself and can vouch for come with a link. This will enable you to get a better idea of what other dog owners have said about that specific product, so you don’t have to just take my word of recommendation.

What I would recommend:

You don’t absolutely have to go out and purchase every single item on this list but it will allow you to be as ready as you can for your puppy’s arrival.

You certainly don’t have to get exactly those that I recommend either and that is completely fine, as there are numerous awesome products to be found out there, those on the list are just items I’ve been able to try personally and have been satisfied with.

As long as the product does the intended job.

Where to Find a Reputable Aussiedoodle Puppy Breeder?

Are you looking for an Aussiedoodle puppy? Look no further than PuppySpot! They’re a reputable online marketplace that connects potential pet owners with responsible breeders and shelters across the United States.

PuppySpot’s friendly and knowledgeable team of puppy managers will give you personalized guidance to find the Aussiedoodle that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Each puppy comes with a comprehensive health guarantee, giving you peace of mind knowing that your new furry family member is healthy and happy.

By choosing PuppySpot, you’re also supporting their mission to promote responsible breeding and pet ownership. They give back to the pet community by supporting various animal-related charities and initiatives.

Overall, PuppySpot is a convenient and ethical way to find your lovely Aussiedoodle puppy. So why not check them out and add a new furry family member to your home?


The Basics of Preparing Your House

Apart from getting every necessary supply, an Aussiedoodle puppy would require, you must also make sure your home itself is ready for the puppy.

Aussiedoodle puppies are always curious and would find plenty of things that you wouldn’t think they could. So it’s critical to look at your home from the perspective of your furry friend. What is it that they can reach? What places would they sniff around?

Specified House-training Place

Housetraining, and a lot of other sorts of training, should begin the moment the pup comes in. There are no good reasons to put the training off for the future, and that often leads to poor habits.

Make a little place in your home yard where your furry friend can go do his/her business. I’ve got a long guide about house training so I won’t go into a lot of detail here. However, house training is surely something you must plan for & begin practicing right from the beginning – when the puppy comes to your home.

Specified Sleeping Place

For the first few weeks, it has been proven more successful than if you make your pup sleep in a crate next to your bed than other rooms inside your home. When the puppy leaves its family, it’s super intimidating and overwhelming for him/her, which can complicate sleep-time.

Your little friend would be able to fall asleep much easier if you keep them close to you.

So if you don’t enjoy moving a crate around your home each and every day, it’s a good idea to keep one for the bedroom and one for whichever other room you have in mind to be its future sleeping spot. You can prepare the crate with just a waterproof mat and something comforting like an old rag or t-shirt from the breeder.

Baby Gates

Baby gates, also known as puppy gates – getting some of them around your house prior to bringing the puppy home is a great idea. Besides training purposes, they’re super vital for their safety as well.

Your puppy should not have the chance to wander around your home when they arrive. And for the room entrances and stairs without an existent door, get some gates.

Electric Cables

It’s a thing many people don’t pay much heed to. However, it might be fatal if you don’t look after it.

You must ensure there are no electric cables around that your puppy ends up chewing on. Today, most of us have televisions, lamps, random appliances, and phone chargers in our house. However, all these must remain miles apart from your puppy’s reach.

At first, a puppy chews on almost anything they can get because they’re not aware of what they can and can’t chew. So it is your duty to keep away all possible health hazards.

Garbage Bins

I have forgotten this countless times myself.

You may think everything is neat and tidy. However, somehow there’s a forgotten garbage bin somewhere and your pup would learn to push over in no time. I can say this from experience.

So consider shifting all lightweight bins away from your little friend’s reach and keep heavy bins only so that your puppy won’t be able to climb inside or shove over.

Specified Daily Area

It may feel challenging to care for a little puppy. That’s why having a specified room or place for them can help big time. Before bringing the puppy home, consider specifying an area for them that’ll be set up and prepared for use.

In the given place, you should keep the water, food bowls, crate treats, assorted toys, and a few cleaning products that you’ll use. The specified daily area does not have to be where they are supposed to sleep during the night, about which I’ll talk more about in a while.

Giving Your Home A Final Check

As mentioned above, chances are, the new Aussiedoodle pup would surprise you with his / her endless curiosity. If you do not pick something up from the floor, the puppy would be over it within minutes and inspect it thoroughly and see if it’s edible.

Similar to babies and toddlers, it’s super crucial to steer clear from all choking hazards they might get access to. In other words, puppies are simply furry toddlers and don’t know what’s for chewing and what’s not. They don’t even know what’ll choke them, so manage it yourself.

aussiedoodle puppy checklist

Having A Range of The Right Sort of Toys

When it comes to new puppies, many of the questions I come across usually are relating to their mouths. Their biting, chewing, teeth – so on and so forth. So it’s something we must look at.

These puppies explore their wide-ranging mouth and its main method of discovering and communicating is simply a huge part of their lives.

Also, when you bring home a new puppy, remember they may not have gotten worthwhile training in the least. It’s also the reason why you should begin training instantly. It’s strongly suggested that you do it. And you can expect their chewing and biting habits are pretty common for the initial weeks.

For this reason, it’s beneficial for you and your puppy to have several of the right sorts of toys.

The top toys for a Doodle puppy are:

  • Hard, tough chew toys. These toys are typically built with plastic or hard rubber with little massagers and recesses
  • Dog bones. Famous for their long-lasting nature and durability. Often they have a little flavor to keep your pup hooked and usually they’re a solid option.
  • Interactive toys. Such toys are amazing for having your pup entertained for long hours. And it’s especially helpful if you’ve to do a few things on your own. There’s a wide range of interactive puzzle toys out there. And the top ones have the option of storing hidden treats inside them. Such toys keep your puppy’s brains working in a healthy fashion.
  • Soft training toys. These should be used only for training. If you use these that way, your toy would work as a high-value reward for the puppy when it does a training exercise successfully. If used this way, the toy becomes an efficient

If you do it this way, the toy becomes an efficient resource for training, and having a few of such toys ready is a fantastic idea. Since such toys are soft, meaning, they can be torn apart. That’s why you should not let your dog have them continuously.


Bringing Home A New Aussiedoodle Puppy – General Advice

aussiedoodle puppy checklist

If you adhere to a few of the advice listed above, you’d be as prepared as humanly possible prior to the arrival of your new puppy. However, let me also cover a few general tricks on how to caretake the puppy and what you must do in certain conditions.

Take a look at the advice below to understand how you must tackle daily issues that pup owners come across. If you’re aware of some of these, you’d be well-prepared for a new life packed with pup-love.

Let’s look at them below:

Potty Issues

Even if you’ve done a lot of things to prevent this, this issue will occur sometimes. So it’s best to be prepared.

And if an accident occurs, bear in mind not to discipline or yell at your dog because it’ll compel them to distrust and fear you. And that wouldn’t be helpful for future training too. Rather, you just show your pup the problem, next, bring him/her out of the specified place.

At such a moment, it’s good to prepare a few commands that you can use when it is potty time. And it’s ideal to start implementing that command whenever you’re at the specified potty place. Aussiedoodle puppies are super intelligent and understand the association between the toilet-time and command quickly.

If your pup can finish its business in the specified place, even if you have to take him all the way to the area, offer him lots of love and big praises. Positive reinforcement training is the key to a successful life with dogs.

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Feeding The Aussiedoodle Puppy

You will not be able to receive your puppy normally before it is 8 weeks old. Because first, they’ve to be detached from their mothers’ milk. However, at that age, their stomach is still pretty sensitive. Thus, you should get pup food that is precisely made for exactly that condition – avoiding stress on your puppies’ digestive system.

A lot of quality breeders even offer you the food they’ve been giving the dogs before moving in with you. Seek that help. Discuss with the breeder regarding the present mealtimes and keep following that. Which will make it very easy for your puppy to get adjusted to his new life.

Can The Pup Go In The Yard?

When bringing your new Aussiedoodle pup home, don’t put him/her out in the yard right away. They don’t get their second round of vaccinations till it’s 2 weeks. I won’t be able to tell you at what exact age you can take out your dog because it totally depends on when they have been vaccinated in the past. Thus, ask the breeder to know the exact time when it was given.

A yard serves as a zoo in terms of bacteria and foreign substances. And all of these can be pretty damaging to a young puppy’s health. So you should discuss any potential issues you have with the vet.

Do Not Allow Your Puppy To Wander Freely

We all have to leave our puppies alone at times – even if it’s for a very brief period of time. In such cases, I suggest you keep them in specified places. And if you have crate-trained them instead, keep them in the crates.

If it’s essential to leave your pup temporarily, it’s imperative that you lock them in the specified places, or, inside the crate if you’ve crate-trained them. The reason why you need a specified place is that it is simpler to puppy-proof a single room that makes sure there is nothing there for a pup to chew into or choke on.

It is much easier to tidy up potty errors in the specified place if it’s on hard floors. The pup’s security must be your #1 concern when it comes to leaving them alone.


Make Use Of Comforters

When I say comforters, I’m referring to all things that your pup can relate back to either you or their mother. It does not matter if it is an old torn-up shirt or sock. Simply something they see as providing them a comforting and calm feeling.

It could be anything – a shape, smell, texture, or even simply how the item feels. When we brought in our puppy, I used an old workout t-shirt – not freshly washed. And it has been over a year. And he has still kept that shirt in his bed to this day.

Offer your puppy a comforter when sleeping. Or when you’ve to leave them for some time. If your pup can still get your smell from the item, it’ll keep him/her a lot calmer although you are not there anymore.

Another thing that serves super well as a comforter is a ‘snuggle puppy.’ Such cute little thingies are basically fluffy teddy bears that let you inject a heat pack into and it’s packed with a pulsing heartbeat. Such sensations jog the memories of being with their mother.

In the beginning, when I came to know about such products, I dismissed it as a stupid idea. However, I got one from a friend as a gift, as I was extremely amazed at how cute and great they can be. Other dog owners recommend them highly too.

Ways To Keep Aussiedoodles In Top Shape Is it Easy to Train Aussiedoodles aussiedoodle puppy checklist

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it. Our little Aussiedoodle puppy checklist. Even if you use half of the advice there, you’ll be well-equipped to welcome your new pup buddy home.

Now you’ve got a thorough list of products, how you prepare the home at its finest, and what exactly you can anticipate from the new buddy.

Bringing a pup in, training him/her, and caretaking all their needs is s big responsibility. And on my website, you’ll get a number of articles that dive deeper into all subjects that you can imagine. Ranging from exercise needs to potty training, grooming, and lots more. So surf around and I’m certain you’ll find answers to all your puppy-related questions. If not, I can still help you come up with a solution.

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