Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

6 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make When Training Their Dogs

All dog owners dream of having an obedient dog, but it’s something that will take some patience. Below you will find 6 common mistakes dog owners make when training their dogs.

Have you ever been so frustrated by your dog when he won’t do as you tell him to that you end up yelling at him? Don’t worry – you’re not the only one.

Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make When Training Their Dogs

These are the 6 most common mistakes dog owners make with their dogs.

1. Encouraging Bad Behavior And Habits

This is something that you’re probably not even aware that you’re doing, but there’s actually quite a large risk that you’re unintentionally acknowledging whatever bad habits your dog might have. It can be something like jumping onto you, unnecessary howling, and begging for food at the dinner table.

If you start petting a dog that’s jumping up and down, this is seen as a reward by the dog, and the dog will believe this is a good way to get your attention.

This is the same when the dog is barking or howling to get some attention.

Don’t feed your dog while you’re sitting at the table. This will only encourage the dog to beg every time you’re sitting and eating. This is a really bad habit that a lot of people can’t stop encouraging.

What You Should Do

If your dog is barking, begging, or jumping to get your attention, you should ignore it. When the dog has been ignored repeatedly, it will usually stop doing those things all by itself.

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