Rumors About Dogs You Shouldn't Believe

5 Surprising Rumors About Dogs You Shouldn’t Believe

There are numerous rumors about dogs. Some are true, but there are certainly also many that are downright wrong.

Below are 5 rumors about dogs that you probably thought were true.

5 Surprising Rumors About Dogs You Shouldn’t Believe

It’s certainly no secret that dog owners love their pups – and for a good reason. Even when the dog has done something it isn’t supposed to do, we can’t help but melt when it looks at us with those adorable eyes. And even if dogs have been friends with humans for thousands of years, there are still a few things that we still believe about dogs, that simply isn’t true.

1. Dogs And Cats Can’t Get Along

A lot of people still believe that dogs and cats aren’t able to get along, but that really isn’t the case. Any home with several different pets will of course run into challenges and obstacles along the way, and just as with any human member of a family, the pets will have their occasional run-ins and disagreements.

Researches from the University of Tel Aviv found out that there are actually several different breeds that are incredibly fond of each other. They researched more than 200 homes that had both cats and dogs living with them.

The study showed that it was in less than 10% of the cases where there were any issues between the pets. The researchers observed the body language of the pets, and the result showed that cats and dogs who live together are actually able to learn each other’s signs and languages so that they are able to “talk” at some point.

The younger the puppies and kittens were when they were first introduced to each other, the quicker and better they were able to read the other.

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