Rumors About Dogs You Shouldn't Believe

5 Surprising Rumors About Dogs You Shouldn’t Believe

4. Old Dogs Can’t Form A Strong Bond With A New Owner

If you’re looking for a dog, and aren’t quite ready for all the extra work a puppy demands, there is absolutely nothing wrong with adopting a dog that’s a bit older.

If you’ve ever heard rumors that old dogs aren’t able to fully bond with a new set of owners, you aren’t the only ones, but it’s not something you should listen to, as it simply isn’t correct.

No matter how old any animal is, they will always have a natural need for bonding, as that’s especially true for dogs, which are highly sociable animals. And bonding isn’t just about getting the dog to sit when told to, but it’s also very much about ensuring that you‘re the most important person in your dogs’ life.

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