Can a Yorkie Poo be left alone

Can A Yorkie Poo Be Left Alone – And For How Long?

If you are a Yorkie Poo owner with a hectic work schedule, then the questions that pop up in your mind would be, “Can a Yorkie Poo be left alone?” or “How long can I leave a Yorkie Poo alone?” Also, in case you can, then you would want to know about the required time. Plus, you need to take the types of measures for both your Yorkie and home to remain safe once you get back.

An adult Yorkie Poo up to 18 months will be able to stay home alone for a good 4-6 hours per day. However, Yorkie puppies shouldn’t be left alone for more than 2-3 hours per day. Yorkie Poos are extra playful and social and they thrive in being the life of the party since they are lovers of attention and constant care.

If you have a busy working schedule and always arrive home late, you should take some steps seriously. If you are planning to leave them alone for extended hours than the bearable period, you need to follow some pointers. You will need to follow them diligently so you don’t come home to a hurt Yorkie, chewed cushions, and torn curtains.

What May Go Wrong If You Leave Your Yorkie Poo Alone?

The Query that every Yorkie Owner first has is, “Are there any side effects of leaving them alone all day as I go to work?”. And the answer to that question is, Yes! There are consequences of leaving them home alone all day without any care and attention. They include:

  • Boredom will cause your Yorkie to sleep all day because social interaction is absent. It will lead to changes in sleeping habits, and this cycle will easily cause depression over time. One major sign would be your Yorkie still sleeping even when you reach home.
  • Another major problem would be its appetite to change. There are chances of your Yorkie eating less to nothing at all in your absence. It can even do the complete opposite and resort to overeating. But I recommend you to either offer some treats or switch the food before you draw the line.
  • Speaking of eating less, in your absence, your Yorkie will be easily prone to weight loss. Plus, Yorkies are naturally small, so spotting weight loss can be quite difficult. You need to be extra attentive here with your Yorkie.
  • If you are at work all day and spend less time with your Yorkie Poo, then it will automatically cause your dog to have a loss of interest. An extended period of this behavior is a major sign of depression in them.
  • You will come home to a big fat smelly package on your carpet, broken furniture, holes, chewed toys, torn couches, clothes, and shoes. When you are not there, the chances of broken items are increasing eyes.
Can A Yorkie Poo Be Left Alone

Loneliness & Yorkie Anxiety-Based Behaviours

Your Yorkie Poo tends to exhibit anxiety-based behaviors such as separation anxiety when they are continuously left alone. Separation anxiety refers to the distress and fear that your Yorkie feels during a separation from its owner. It can even occur during the shortest time or can stem from the constant absence of the owner.

Loneliness from lack of attention will invite anxiety for your Yorkie. This emotional distress tends to tax on both the owner and the Yorkie. It is crucial to follow important measures for easing the anxiety and seeking the help of a veterinarian at the earliest to combat it.


  • Constant barking for no reason.
  • Pacing, panting, and shivering even under pleasant weather.
  • Cowering in the house’s corner and running away.
  • Indoor or outdoor digging.
  • Destroying furniture and other household items.
  • Excessive chewing and licking, leading to self-harm.
  • Appetite loss and frequent urination.
  • General inability to settle.
  • Eyes’ whites are easily visible.
  • Looking away, shaking, and avoidance behavior.


  • Prevention
  • Behavior modifications like counter conditioning and desensitization techniques.
  • Make sure that your absences are short at the start.
  • Come up with a departure & return routine.
  • Break up its day by visiting during lunch breaks or ask someone to check in from time to time.
  • Always keep them stimulated mentally through web cameras, toys, and an entertaining view.
  • Yorkie supplements and calming aids.
  • Antidepressant medication, such as fluoxetine and clomipramine.
  • Another dog for companionship.

Avoid Leaving Your Yorkie Poo In a Crate All Day

There are Yorkie owners that decide to combat their dog’s anxiety issues by creating crates when they are away for work. Yes, the reasons are understandable, but keeping them inside the crate all day long can prove to be fatal. Yorkies tend to find confinement way stressful, according to studies. They will try to break free from it and hurt themselves in the process.

Baby-gating into a safe room with all the required necessities is a better option for some other dogs. If you are getting a crate for your Yorkie, get one cozy with an enclosed den-like shape. Make sure to keep it accessible and open all the time for casual naps and also voluntary retreats. Also, make sure that it isn’t too cold or hot. Leaving the crate open while you are at work is the key.

How Long Can A Yorkie Poo Be Left Alone

How Long Can A Yorkie Poo Be Left Alone

An adult Yorkie up to 18 months will be able to stay home alone for a good 4-6 hours per day. However, the Yorkie puppies shouldn’t be left home alone for more than 2-3 hours per day. By nature, Yorkie Poos are extra playful and social with human companionship in their environment. They thrive in being the life of the party since they are lovers of attention and constant care.

If your Yorkie is a puppy, then you don’t want to leave it unattended all the time. It is important to make your absences short during the beginning at all times. Your Yorkie is at a growing stage, so it needs all the care and attention from you. Also, remember to never cross the 8-hour mark with your adult Yorkies too. If you continue it regularly, then your dog will start to develop health issues.

Does Your Yorkie Poo Have Access to Food & Water?

You should ask yourself if you are leaving your Yorkie Poo in a surrounding that is temperature-controlled. Is your Yorkie stuck somewhere in the house in your absence? Does your Yorkie have proper access to the necessities while you are away at work? These are just a few important things that you need to take into consideration before you own one. Here, we will answer some questions to guide you on how long your Yorkie can be alone.

Can they take a potty break?

A Yorkie Poo puppy tends to hold their potty for a maximum of an hour per month with their age. A 2-month Yorkie and a 3-Month Yorkie will be able to hold it in for two hours and three hours, respectively. And it goes on like that with every stage. They have smaller bladders during this stage, and both its bowel muscles and bladder are still developing. Yorkie puppies don’t have full control during this stage of their lives.

It is perfectly safe to leave them alone on their own for a longer period. In this way, they become accustomed to it and trains well. If your work is time-consuming, ask your neighbor or a family member to visit your Yorkie every five hours for their potty break.

Does your Yorkie have enough room for roaming around?

If your house or the room has enough room to run and play around, then leaving your Yorkie Poo at home will be fine. But you shouldn’t place your Yorkie inside a crate for the entire time; you are gone. Yorkies love their space and don’t do well with confinement, so I advise you not to do it. If you do so, your Yorkie will be vulnerable to health issues and have bad sleeping habits. It is best to give them the space that they need to roam and play around.

Does your Yorkie Poo have enough access to water?

You should never make the mistake of leaving your Yorkie waterless. Your Yorkie should have access to fresh water at all times as it helps maintain their bodily functions. You don’t have to sweat bullets for it as it is as simple as getting an extra bowl of water. I advise you to purchase a drinking fountain for your Yorkie. It is super convenient, and your Yorkie will have access to it the entire day, even when you are absent.

 What can my Yorkie Poo do for fun and entertainment while I am away?

You need to mentally and physically stimulate your Yorkie Poo whenever you can. You can take it for a daily walk or play games such as a flirt pole, fetch, puzzle toys, kongs for dogs, automatic moving dog toys, nose games, hide and seek, or even a soothing massage. You can try any of these games with your Yorkie but remember that there are many other activities as well.

Can my Yorkie be exposed to any sudden climate changes?

If you are at work and your Yorkie is home alone, you need to teach him to locate shelter under any weather type. The climate can go from hot to cold to windy to rainy, depending on the day and cloud formation. If you teach your Yorkie the ability to find a safe place during such unforeseen weather changes, then it is a major plus point here.

What About Yorkie Poo Puppies?

Owning a puppy of any breed is completely different than an adult dog. It is a whole different scenario as Yorkie Poo Puppies require more attention and maintenance than the adult Yorkies. Yorkie Puppies tend to go outside more compared to the adult Yorkie. So, leaving them alone and unattended for an extended period is not acceptable.

How To Successfully Leave Your Yorkie Poo At Home

How To Successfully Leave Your Yorkie Poo At Home

You can easily follow a set of steps for successfully leaving your Yorkie Poo at home. If you read the important pointers that I have listed above, you can continue with these steps. You can address all these specific issues to make your Yorkie’s day more productive, interesting, and healthy. These steps will reduce boredom, stress, and anxiety that they may feel in your absence.

Leaving & Returning

You need to practice leaving & returning to familiarize your Yorkie with the things that portray you, such as a jacket, bag, keys, and shoes. Proceed towards the door with these items and ignore if it panics. You need to at least repeat it thrice a day until it gets used to the situation.

Once you return home, avoid welcoming it but instead tell your Yorkie to go to its place. After your Yorkie settles in, proceed to gently pat it with your hands. Your dog will feel the love and care at that moment and get that message that you’re leaving, and returning things is just normal.

Avoiding Free Access

Always avoid giving full freedom and access to your Yorkie from the get-go. The balcony, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom should be off-limits all for its safety. You need to pick a comfortable and, most importantly, safe spot for your Yorkie Poo. After some time, you can take off all the restrictions after it gets familiar with the place.

Morning Exercises & Fun Activities

A Cleve trick would be to take your Yorkie out for a morning exercise, and you can do this by walking or running on the longer routes. So, once you come back home, it will fall asleep instantly, and you will have a chance to go out. Also, make sure to keep your Yorkie entertained with food-dispensing and interactive toys. Mental stimulation is incredibly important for your Yorkie to remain healthy.

Medications Always Help

If your Yorkie is the type to get super anxious and stressed in your absence, then consider medicating it with a Clomicalm or Alprazolam. These medicines have approval from the FDA to treat separation anxiety in Yorkies or any other dogs. But always make sure to consult a veterinarian first before you give the medicine.

Investing in a Pet Camera & Crate

You can always purchase a pet camera for communicating with your Yorkie through voice and see what it is up to in your absence. Try getting one that comes with night vision and with high-quality footage. Also, buy a spacious crate for your 4-legged companion while you are away. It should be spacey, and you shouldn’t close it all day with your Yorkie being inside. Leave it open at all times and let it come and go as it pleases.

The most popular pet camera on the market for the last several years is without a doubt the Furbo Dog Camera. It’s by far the #1-selling product in the US, and for a good reason. It’s a great product packed with features, that I’ve yet to hear a single buyer saying they regret purchasing.

Regular Day Visitations & Dog Day Care

It is best to have a break with your Yorkie during the day at lunch. You can spend a good 15 minutes with your Yorkie and get back to work again. But if your workplace is far away, then you can ask your neighbor or a friend to check up on it from time to time.

Another splendid option is dog daycare. It is best if your Yorkie is friendly with new people and other dogs. Your Yorkie will be able to stay there for a longer period without any problem. Plus, you will obtain frequent info from the staff there while you are at work.

Get Another Pet Companion

Some owners may not like the idea of having another pet, but it does work. You can get another dog to give the company and play with your Yorkie. Getting a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd would be a great partner for your Yorkie. Give them time to bond, and in no time, they will start being the best of friends. In this way, you can go to work peacefully.

Can a Yorkie Poo Be Left Alone?

It is pretty normal for a Yorkie owner to face major difficulties at the start in caring for them. For the most part, it depends mainly on the situation. Leaving them alone isn’t the problem here, but the main question is whether you have all the required facilities or not. If you have all the necessities, then you can easily leave them alone at home.

Remember that your Yorkie will require proper exercise, food, water, attention, mental stimulation, and shelter at all times. Also, remember to never lock them up inside the crate because it is highly dangerous.

Can a Yorkie Poo be left alone

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