Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo: The Ultimate 2024 Guide

The Cavapoo and Shih Poo are both adorable breeds of dogs, but there are some significant differences between the two. 

If you are planning to adopt one, it is necessary to get all the details about the dog’s breed. Both dogs are friendly and easy to care for and share many similarities. 

However, they are not alike. Each breed has its own distinctive features. In order to decide which dog is perfect for you, make sure you compare its traits, features, and behavior.

The main difference between Shih Poos and Cavapoos are size and personality. Shih Poos are smaller, affectionate, and loyal and are perfect for families with older children. Cavapoos are slightly larger and have playful, independent personalities, and are not overly dependent. 

If you want to know more about the differences between the two breeds, continue reading. In this article, we are going to discuss Shih Poo vs. Cavapoo in detail. 

About The Shih Poo Dog Breed

The Shih Poo is a designer dog that is low-shedding and very playful. This breed needs moderate exercise but can live in a variety of living situations. These dogs are also known for their loving natures and are perfect for family pets. They are also known as Pooshi or Shoodle.

The Shih Poo is a crossbreed between a Shih Tzu and a Toy Poodle. To maintain the fluffy coat of a Shih Poo, grooming and daily brushing are recommended. Some Shih poos have long, silky coats, and others have short, curly fur. The type of coat your Shih Poo has will determine how much you need to groom them. 

Shih Poo dogs are a good choice for families with older children. This breed can be handled by older children, and they can quickly become familiar with their behavior. However, be aware that they are not suitable for very young children. Small children could easily injure a Shih Poo.

About Cavapoo Dog Breed

The Cavapoo is a small dog with a short, curly coat. It is a crossbreed of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. They are companion dogs that originated in Australia. Cavapoos make great companions and are eager to go for walks and adventures with their owners. 

However, they are equally content with a lazy afternoon curled up on the couch. They are very devoted to their owners and will become quite attached to them. Because of their small size, they are also prone to be injured by roughhousing.

The Cavapoo is a dog that fits into any lifestyle. They are affectionate with people and thrive in homes where there are children. Despite being small, Cavapoos are very adaptable and can adapt to a wide variety of environments. Whether you’re living in an apartment, a townhouse, or a rural community, the Cavapoo is sure to fit right in.

Key Differences Between Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo

cavapoo vs Shih poo
Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Appearance
Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Size

The main difference between Shih Poos and Cavapoos are in their size, appearance, and behavior. Read on for more information about these two breeds. 

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Size

There are a lot of similarities between the Cavapoo and the Shih Poo, but there are also some differences between the two breeds. While they share a common parent, the Shih Poo has smaller proportions. They are a bit smaller than the Cavapoo, but this may be due to their parent dogs’ different sizes.

Shih Poo is a small dog, whereas Cavapoos are small to medium-sized dogs. Adult Shih Poos grow between 8 and 15 inches tall and weigh eight to 7 to 15 pounds.

The Cavapoo is slightly larger than the Shih Tzu. Adult Cavapoo grows between 11 and 18 inches tall and weighs eight to 12 to 24 pounds.

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Appearance

The Cavapoo and the Shih Poo are two very different breeds, but they are very similar in appearance. These dogs have curly ears and are both incredibly versatile. They can have curly hair or silky fur. They can also have different coat colors. A Cavapoo is a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier King, Charles Spaniel. 

The Cavapoos have curly, wavy, or straight coats. They are available in different coat colors like Black, White, Tricolor, Chestnut, Cream, Apricot, Sable, Phantom, and Red Sable. They shed moderately and need a lot of grooming. You need to bathe them after every 3 to 4 weeks.

On the other hand, Shih Poos have a curly, straight, or curly and straight coat. They are available in White, Black, Brown, Brindle, and various other color combinations. They have a non-shedding coat that is easy to groom. The Shih Poo doesn’t require lots of grooming. You need to bathe them after 3 to 4 weeks. 

They have a longer and softer coat. The main differences between the Cavapoo and Shih Poo appear in their ears and facial shapes. While the Shih Poo has curlier ears, the Cavapoo has longer ears. The Cavapoo’s face is more round. 

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Ancestry

Shih Poo and Cavapoo dogs have similar appearances, but they differ greatly in their ancestry. Both the Shih Poo and Cavapoo have poodle DNA, which may explain why both breeds are stubborn and intelligent. Both dogs are crossbred and share the same Poodle Parent. However, their ancestry is different. 

The Cavapoo is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. They are not toy dogs, but they are very friendly and great companions. Their ancestry is very noble. As a result of their long and noble history, the Cavapoo has grown to be a very popular breed.

Shih Poo, on the other hand, is a cross between Toy Poodle and Shih Tzu. They originated in China and Tibet and have become popular all around the world. They are designer dogs and are bred to be hypoallergenic. 

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Behavior and Personality

Shih Poos and Cavapoos have similar physical characteristics, although Cavapoos tend to have longer ears. Both breeds are active and love playtime. Both are intelligent dogs, but Cavapoos tend to be more outgoing, gentle, and loving. They are also both prone to vocalization. 

The Cavapoo has an intense attachment to its humans, making it a good choice for family households with children. This breed is also gentle and affectionate, and they make great therapy dogs. However, Cavapoos can develop separation anxiety. This condition can lead to excessive barking and destructive behavior around the home. Fortunately, Cavapoos are easy to train. They make an excellent watchdog. 

A Shih Poo is an intelligent, highly affectionate, loyal, and sweet dog that likes human attention. They enjoy playing with toys, fetching, and cuddling with their families. They are smart and quite easy to train. Shih Poos are playful and but they are a bit more sensitive than other dogs. However, they are highly affectionate towards their handlers. 

Like most dogs, they need a lot of social interaction. The best thing about these dogs is that they rarely bark. They are average watchdogs and defenders. They have low biting potential along with low prey drive. Shih Poos are apartment friendly and can easily adapt to lifestyle changes. However, they are prone to separation anxiety

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Lifespan

If you are looking for a pet that lives a long life, you might want to consider a Cavapoo or Shih Poo. Both breeds have relatively long lifespans of 9 to 16 years. As a breed that is derived from poodles, they have a tendency to be smart and stubborn. A Shih Poo’s lifespan is significantly longer than a Cavapoo’s, so it’s important to remember this when choosing a dog.

The lifespan of a Cavapoo is nine to 9 to 15 years. On the other hand, Shih Poos can live up to 14 to 16 years. The average lifespan of the Cavapoo is 12 years, whereas that of the Shih Poo is 15 years. Nevertheless, both breeds are generally healthy and adapt well to apartment living. 

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Temperament

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Grooming
Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Health Problems
Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Temperament
Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Lifespan
Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Behavior and Personality

The Cavapoo and the Shih Poo have distinct personalities and temperaments. The two breeds share a similar genetic makeup, which makes them similar in appearance, but they differ in temperament.

The Cavapoo is friendlier and tends to have less separation anxiety than the Shih Poo. Cavapoos are highly intelligent and social. They are very good with children, and they love human interaction. Their affectionate nature makes them ideal therapy dogs. 

The Shih Poo is the more social of the two breeds. They are great companion dogs and are known for their loyal, sweet, and companionable temperament. They need to be around older children and adults for the best results. They do get along well with other pets as long as they are introduced slowly. They also do well as only dogs. They are a great companion for seniors, children, and small pets.

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Health Problems

When comparing Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo it is important to consider the different breeds’ individual health problems. These problems can range from minor to serious. In most cases, a pet should be checked by a veterinarian at least once. 

Cavapoos are generally healthy dogs. However, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are more prone to developing eye problems, vision problems, and heart mitral valve disease. They are also more likely to have heart murmurs by the time they reach five or ten years of age. This is why it is important to check your Cavapoo’s health history before purchasing it.

However, a Cavapoo is an extremely healthy dog and doesn’t suffer from many health issues. They mostly suffer from Hip Dysplasia and Patellar Luxation. They don’t need frequent vet visits. You can take them to a vet after every 12 to 18 months. 

Shih Poos are a bit smaller than Cavapoos, but they don’t have similar health problems. They are a healthy dog breed and don’t suffer from many issues. However, you need to keep an eye out for Heatstroke or Dental Problems in Shih Poo. You need to take them for annual vet visits to make sure they are healthy. 

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Grooming

There are differences between grooming a Shih Poo and a Cavapoo, which are important to consider when making the decision. For instance, both breeds have different hair types, and the type of coat depends on the percentage of genes from each parent.

Some Shih Poos have curly hair, while others have wavy, silky hair, and others have a coat in between. Both breeds shed a small amount of hair, so they require regular brushing and trimming.

The grooming needs of both breeds are different. While Cavapoo shed moderately, Shih Poo doesn’t shed much. They have a non-shedding coat. Shih Poos are also easy to groom. On the other hand, Cavapoo requires a lot of grooming. They have long ears, so you need to brush their coat regularly to prevent mats. You also need to bathe them frequently if they have a light color coat. 

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Trainability

If you are looking for a dog that is small and easy to train, the Cavapoo might be the best choice for you. The Cavapoo has a similar appearance to a Poodle and is known to be very intelligent. These little dogs need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Cavapoos also require regular walks and are fond of short hikes. Regardless of the breed, you should take the time to train your new pet thoroughly.

When comparing the Cavapoo and Shih Poo, it is important to know that Cavapoos have higher energy levels than Shih Poos. They need at least thirty minutes of daily exercise to be healthy. As for trainability, the Cavapoo is more stubborn but easy to train than the Shih Poo. While Shih Poos are easy to train, they are not as smart as Cavapoo when it comes to picking up on the training. 

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Exercise Needs

Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo exercise needs differ slightly, but both dogs need regular physical activity. A Cavapoo is a high-energy dog and requires about an hour of daily exercise and playtime to stay happy and healthy. In addition to exercise, they need mental stimulation. Walking in new locations and practicing training commands will help keep their mind active. 

The Cavapoo is the more active dog of the two. It loves to run, play, and explore. The Cavapoo loves to go to dog parks and enjoys playing with other dogs. Shih Poos do not require much exercise. They have average energy levels and will do well with a short walk two times a day.

They also enjoy playtime with other dogs and children. However, Shih Poos do not enjoy strenuous activities, so you should avoid engaging them in rigorous activities.


Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo
Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Exercise Needs
Shih Poo Vs. Cavapoo Trainability

The Cavapoo and the Shih Poo are both great choices for an affectionate, intelligent, and easy-to-care-for family pet. They both enjoy human company and are small to medium-sized, which makes them ideal for children.

The Cavapoo is better suited to a busy household with a large amount of activity. They have an easygoing nature and are also highly trainable.

Shih-Poos make great pets and are ideal for senior citizens and retired persons. Check our guide if you want to know which dog is right for you.

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