yorkie poo puppy checklist

Yorkie Poo Puppy Checklist – A 2024 Complete Guide

The smaller the dog, the more adorable they are.” If you agree with this statement, then we’re confident you’ll love the Yorkie Poo puppy. And since you’re here, we guess you’re already planning on bringing home one. 

A Yorkie Poo is considered among the best-behaved dogs out there. Hence, they make great companions. They are also affectionate, fun-loving, and loyal, making them the perfect fur-friends everybody can have. 

Now comes the part that actually brought you here – the ultimate Yorkie Poo puppy checklist! There are some important things you need to consider and prepare before bringing home your new puppy. If you want to find out more, just read on. We’ve got it all covered for you!

What is a Yorkie Poo?

A Yorkie Poo is a designer dog, meaning a crossbreed. They are a combination of the Yorkshire Terrier and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. Besides its already adorable name, other names for a Yorkie Poo include Yo-Yopoo and Yorkiedoodle. 

Though they are still considered a young breed, the Yorkie Poo has become one of the most popular crossbreed dogs today. Similar to most Poodle hybrids, Yorkie Poo was designed for dog lovers with allergies. Thanks to their low-shedding coat, now even people with allergies can easily feel the fur love!

A true Yorkie Poo (designated F1) is 50% Yorkshire Terrier and 50% Poodle. This type of Yorkie to Poodle 50-50 crossing breed results in healthier offspring. As for appearance, a true Yorkiepoo gets either the signature long hair of a Yorkie or wavy ones like a Poodle. Either way, they are the cutest toys you’ll ever own!

Wondering why we just referred to the Yorkie Poo as a toy? That’s because they are toy-sized dogs, making them an ideal choice even for people living in smaller spaces or apartments. 

Titbits of the Yorkie Poo Traits

As far as the Yorkie Poo traits go, you get nearly all the goodness of both worlds. Both Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles are intelligent breeds. Hence, so is your Yorkie Poo. 

When it comes to the independence of your Yorkie Poo puppy, it ultimately boils down to your temperaments. As you may already know, a Yorkie is typically independent, while a Poodle has an affectionate clingy nature. Hence, it depends on how you decide to nurture your canine friend!

Things to Do Before Bringing Your Yorkie Poo Home

You went to the adoption center, saw your Yorkie Poo, and immediately fell in love with him. Now, all there’s left to do is wait for the day you can finally bring home your furry family member. The waiting time can be very exciting. But you can actually utilize this period to get a lot of things done! 

If you’re already a pet owner, you may be familiar with all the work that goes into taking care of a pet. It truly is a rewarding experience, and of course, fun! But with all the fun comes the responsibilities too. 

Welcoming a new puppy into your home requires a lot of preparation. From making your home pet-proof to buying a long list of items for your pet, you need to make all the preparations in advance to ensure that nothing goes wrong at the time of your puppy’s arrival.

  • Get All the Information You Need From the Breeder 

Before starting with the preparations at home, make it a point to schedule a quick meeting with the breeder. The breeder is in the best position to give you all the right insights into the life of your new pet. Hence, you must meet them and ask a few general questions that can benefit you in taking care of your Yorkie Poo correctly.

Some of the questions you might ask the breeder could be about the overall health of your puppy as well as the parents, temperament, diet restrictions (if any), tips on potty training, shot records, and so on. Not to mention, checking out your new puppy’s health certificates from the breeder should be a priority. While leaving the breeder’s office, don’t forget to take their contact number in case you need any further information in the future.

  • Choose a Veterinarian

If you already have a dedicated veterinarian for your other pets, well and good! If not, this might be a good time to start looking for one. We recommend that you do some research in your locality and find out which vets are available, preferably nearby.

Talk to your neighbors and friends that own pets and seek their advice and recommendations. That’s the most reliable way to find a trusted local veterinarian for your new Yorkie Poo. 

Once you’ve found your vet, don’t forget to note down their contact information in case of an emergency.

  • Things to Buy for Your Yorkie Poo 

The experience of bringing a new puppy home is nothing less than someone expecting a baby. What’s the major similarity between these two experiences? The Preparation Period!

Similar to how you buy things for your baby before his/her arrival, we highly recommend you buy pet products in advance. This way, you can ensure that your new family member has everything they need once they arrive.

Have a look at this Yorkie Poo Puppy Checklist of items and buy the ones you don’t already own.

New Yorkie Poo Puppy Checklist – The Basics

Prepare Your Home for Your Yorkie Poo Puppy

When you’re expecting a guest, you set the guest room and make all necessary arrangements before they arrive. The same goes for your puppy’s arrival. It is important that you prepare your home in advance and not after your puppy’s arrival.

Here are some of the important preparations you have to make before bringing home your Yorkie Poo puppy.

  • A Place to Sleep:

Your Yorkie Poo does not need a separate room of his own like your guests. But he surely does need an exclusive sleeping area. Remember, your Yorkie Poo is a permanent addition to your family, and he is going to stay for long. Hence, you can keep a suitable crate at a safe place where he can get used to and sleep soundly. 

Having said that, the first few nights can be disturbing for your Yorkie Poo as well as you. That’s because your puppy is used to sleeping with his parents or the rest of the litter. Hence, the sudden change of sleeping alone can be intimidating. In order to make the experience more pleasant, you can allow your puppy to sleep in a crate by your bedside. 

Also, make sure that the crate is comfortable and cozy. You can keep a waterproof mat and a piece of clothing to comfort the puppy. Anything from an old rug or t-shirt should do the job. 

Once your puppy feels at home, you can shift the crate elsewhere and train him to sleep in the chosen living space. 

  • Potty place:

Being able to live with a furry companion is one of the best things in life. But if you don’t train them correctly at the right time, you may end up dealing with a lot of bad habits. Potty training should be a priority as soon as your puppy arrives. Hence, before his arrival, you should choose a suitable space in your home where your puppy can go and dump his mess.

From the first day itself, it is important that you familiarize your puppy with the potty place. A new Yorkie Poo puppy should learn from the first day that this particular place is meant for his potty activities and other places are a complete no-no.

Delaying potty training will only lead to your Yorkie Poo developing bad habits, which will add more to your disadvantage. 

  • Make your home pet-proof:

Look around your house through the eyes of a small puppy. A Yorkie Poo will want to explore all the nooks and corners of your home. Hence, you need to decide on the places which you don’t want your puppy to access. 

The best way to prevent your puppy from entering restricted areas is by putting up internal gates or baby gates. You can also create a temporary gated living space where your puppy can be safe at all times without damaging your belongings. 

Another way to puppy-proof your house is by applying bitter apple spray on your furniture or any other valuable items that your puppy might chew on.

  • Look out for possible dangers:

Just like any other active puppies, your new Yorkie Poo is bound to mess around the house. Hence, initially, your puppy might play with and destroy almost anything they get a hold of. So, it is your duty to remove any objects that may harm your pooch. 

Electrical cables lying on the floor may pose a threat to your puppy. Or, a bottle of bleach or disinfectant in your toilet or kitchen can harm your puppy in case he accidentally consumes them. Hence, as a new puppy parent, it is your responsibility to look out for potential hazards and keep them away from your Yorkie Poo.

  • Trash bins:

Do you keep trash bins inside your home? If yes, it’s time to relocate them and keep them in a place away from your puppy. The bitter fact is that puppies are instantly attracted to trash bins because of all the interesting aromas from whatever is in the bin. Consequently, they will find a way to tip them over and cause a mess you wouldn’t appreciate.

Hence, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure,” make certain to keep all your trash holders completely out of sight and reach from your Yorkie Poo.

Ultimate Guide to Owning A Yorkie Poo Puppy

  • Care:

Due to their miniature size, a Yorkie Poo makes a great in-house companion that includes closed apartments too. He’s a rather small dog breed. Hence, you shouldn’t keep a Yorkie Poo outdoors. Due to his Poodle heritage, a Yorkie Poo craves the attention and company of people. Thus, he needs to live indoors for his emotional and physical well-being.

A Yorkie Poo doesn’t appreciate being alone for long periods, thereby leading to incessant barking. All your little pooch wants from you is your time and love. So, ensure to make time for your pup, and soon you’ll find yourself inseparable from your canine friend.

  • Potty training:

Training a Yorkie Poo shouldn’t be difficult as they are relatively intelligent and smart. But that doesn’t mean your puppy will learn everything overnight. Training takes time and patience. So, brace yourself for some potty accidents and be open to dealing with them. At any cost, make sure not to punish your puppy or scream at them. This will only push your puppy away from you, and he will learn nothing.

Always stick to positive training methods. Treat and praise your pooch whenever he listens to you. In case of potty mistakes, bring your Yorkie Poo to the designated potty area and use simple words like “Potty Here,” or “Go Potty.”

Repeat this behavior every time he is about to potty elsewhere and make sure to use the exact phrase. Your intelligent Yorkie Poo will easily catch up on what you’re trying to teach him. And you’ll soon find him doing the deed at the actual potty area!

  • Yorkie Poo diet:

As mentioned before, getting all the information about your Yorkie Poo from the breeder is essential. That includes his diet particulars too! Stock up on what the breeder recommended and feed your Yorkie Poo accordingly. 

Eventually, you can also introduce your Yorkie Poo to other food items. For the best results, stick to high-quality dry puppy foods only. As a rule of thumb, make sure to pick the kibbles that meet your dog’s requirements. That includes your puppy’s size, age, and activity level. However, it is always best to consult with your veterinarian to ensure you create the best diet plan for your new puppy.

Yorkie Poo Puppy Checklist Conclusion

A Yorkie Poo is one of the most loyal and intelligent furry friends you can rely on. Bringing home one will instantly fill your life with a different kind of joy. However, containing your excitement, you should consider your puppy’s feelings about this huge transition. 

Your Yorkie Poo is going to be more than just scared to suddenly get used to a new home, away from his usual habitat. Hence, it ultimately depends on you and how well you prepare your home to welcome him. 

Following the above guide will help you make all the needed arrangements to make your Yorkie Poo feel at home. It will also make the transition period less overwhelming for your Yorkie Poo. After all, at the end of the day, our puppy’s happiness is all that matters!  

yorkie poo puppy checklist

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