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The 2 Best Cockapoo Breeders In Connecticut (CT) – 2024

Do you live in Connecticut and are looking for a not-so-dangerous dog that doesn’t require a lot of outside time? Then Cockapoo puppies in Connecticut are the perfect choice for you! They are adorable, intelligent, and would get along with you and your family without causing any trouble.

The ‘Cockapoo’ breed gets its name from its hybrid origin. It is a dog breed that is created by cross-breeding a Cocker Spaniel (Cock-er) and Poodle (Poo). Cockapoos are therefore considered to be one of the first hybrid dog breeds.

Due to the cross-breeding, Cockapoos have inherited several positive traits such as intelligence, loyalty, and minimal shedding of fur. They also make perfect therapy dogs as they are extremely loyal. They crave human attention and love to play with them and please them.

They have a long-life expectancy of more than 13 years and require low maintenance due to their small size and lightweight. Apart from this, Cockapoos are available in a variety of colors and fur coats. They don’t prefer to go outside except for regular walks and for boasting the newly-learned tricks.

Let us now look at the two best Cockapoo breeders in Connecticut that offer various products and services for puppies, such as training and grooming.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Cockapoo Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an adorable Cockapoo puppy!

The Best Cockapoo Breeders In Connecticut

There are a limited number of dog breeders in Connecticut, especially Cockapoo breeders. Out of them, the following are the two best Cockapoo breeders in Connecticut that ensure that the dog breed is healthy and safe for adoption.

1. Coastal Cockapoos

As it might be evident from the name, Coastal Cockapoos is located near the coast between Boston and New York. They breed fourth-generation Cockapoos that are certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

To ensure that the puppies are healthy, they conduct their DNA tests through Paw Print Genetics. This form of genetic testing helps in determining if the puppies have any underlying health conditions, especially in their knees. If any condition is detected, Coastal Cockapoos make sure that it is treated immediately.

The whole procedure of genetic testing increases the overall cost of the puppies. However, when we look at its long-term effects, it is absolutely worth it! Going through that lengthy provides the buyer with the satisfaction that their puppy won’t get seriously ill in the future.

One of the best parts about Coastal Cockapoos is that they never keep their puppies and dogs in kennels! They are raised in homes and are used to the day-to-day household noises. Additionally, all the puppies are vaccinated on a regular basis and receive NuVet supplements to strengthen their immune system.

To summarize, the following services are provided by Coastal Cockapoos: breeding, genetic testing, vaccination de-worming, grooming, and product suggestions.

Coastal Cockapoos Details

2. CT Breeder

CT Breeder is a pet store located in Norwalk, Connecticut, and has been in business for more than forty years! They sell purely bred puppies that have been trained by them. Additionally, they offer a lifetime dog training program to everyone who buys puppies from them.

The training makes sure that you and the puppies develop a close and strong bond with each other. After all, people who train their puppies and dogs are able to understand their behavior quickly, in a more efficient manner. Also, the puppies start to trust the owner from an early age which is a really good thing.

Along with the training, the team at CT Breeder, under the guidance of prominent breeders: Ivan Kovach and Gary Newman, takes high care of puppies. They vaccinate them, check the quality of their food, keep them groomed, and conduct veterinary check-ups on a regular basis.

CT Breeders provide proper paperwork and honest health history of the puppies along with a detailed future plan. The plan states the possible requirements of the puppies, such as dog food, training, environment, medicines, etc. This would allow you to take better care of your puppies.

Along with the plan, they also sell various dog products such as kennels and built-to-chew rubber toys. These products would help in keeping your Cockapoo happy and busy while you are at work.

To summarize, the following services are provided by CT Breeders for Cockapoos: breeding, vaccination, de-worming, training, grooming, consultation, and selling of various dog products.

CT Breeder Details

  • Contact: (203) 920-4950, (203) 635-0322
  • Location: Norwalk, CT
  • Website: CT Breeder
  • Instagram: @ctbreeder
cockapoo puppies in connecticut

Why Get A Cockapoo In Connecticut?

Cockapoos can survive in almost any weather condition as long as they are given an adequate amount of attention and care. Keeping this in mind, Connecticut’s moderately warm and slightly colder weather should suit Cockapoos. In winters, you could keep your Cockapoo warm by making him wear a jacket and boots.

Apart from the suitable weather, the following are some reasons that would help you in deciding if you want to get a Cockapoo in Connecticut or not.

  • Physical features: Cockapoos are available in four different small sizes and weigh less than 20 pounds. Additionally, they are available in many different colors and patterns such as red, apricot, white, brown, sable, and roan coat patterns.

The most prominent colors and patterns in which they are available are black and cream with an abstract or tuxedo pattern.

  • Nature: Cockapoos are quite energetic and intelligent at the same time. They love running and, ironically, like to spend time indoors as well. They have a friendly nature and are filled with joy when they show off their tricks and get compliments in return.
  • Long life: Cockapoos have a life expectancy of more than 13 years! Therefore, you won’t need to worry about your pet dog going away from you anytime soon. They would be there for you as a family member and as a support system for a long, long time.
  • Therapy Dog: Talking about the support system, Cockapoos make a perfect therapy dog due to their slightly clingy nature. They require constant attention, and their adorable eyes, along with silly tricks, can lighten up anyone’s mood within seconds.
  • Family-loving: If you have children at home or any family member that might require special attention, Cockapoos are the one for you. They are not considered a dangerous dog breed due to their lovely and friendly nature.

They are intelligent and can quickly sense what the other person is feeling. As much as they like to swim, they would also happily watch the television with you and enjoy with you at home.

  • Barking: Cockapoo’s quiet nature refrains them from barking at anyone, any time. They accept everyone with open arms. If you want them to be a guard dog, you would need to specially train them to bark on-command and at strangers.
  • Training: Cockapoos are full-of-life and, therefore, require some training. They like to run and swim, making them a highly suitable pet if you live at or near the coast. You would need to train them for around 30 minutes per day for a short period.

Once trained properly, they would be able to endure tough conditions, despite having a small size.

  • Diet: Depending on the size and weight of the Cockapoo, they need to be fed around ¼ to ¾ cup of dry-food every single. The food needs to be divided into proper portions and must include meat, vitamins, and fiber along with carbohydrates and healthy fat.
  • Health: Cockapoos don’t get sick often but are prone to genetic health problems because of their cross-breed origin. Hybrid dogs have more chances of contracting any health problem that was present in its older generation. Some of these problems include conjunctivitis and severe knee pain in old age.

On the bright side, those problems can be detected at an early stage through genetic scans that are offered by various breeders.

  • Popularity: Cockapoos are considered to be one of the most popular dogs in the United Kingdom! They are not recognized by the American Kennel Club, but a special American Cockapoo Club was formed in the year 2004 that contributed to their high popularity.
  • Semi-hypoallergenic: If you are someone who has a mild allergy to dog fur, then you can have cockapoos as your pet. This is because they neither shed a huge amount of fur nor shed it often. They come under low-dander breeds due to their minimal shedding of fur.

Final Words

Cockapoos are a highly adorable and intelligent dog breed. They are small in size and don’t shed a lot of fur. Also, they can adjust anywhere and would always be by your side, which makes them an almost-perfect pet!

If you’re looking for Cockapoo puppies in Connecticut, it’s recommended to contact professional breeders. This is because breeders raise the puppies as their own and don’t focus on their monetary value. Instead, they focus on the well-being of the puppies.

Additionally, you would be able to easily contact them if you come across any issue or health concern with the puppy. They would be glad to help you in no-time.

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