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The 5 Best Cockapoo Breeders In Maryland (MD) – 2024

Are you staying in Maryland and are in search of an adorable mix-breed? If the answer to the question is yes, then Cockapoo puppies in Maryland would be a great choice for you! Their small size, lightweight, and puppy eyes make them a delight to be around.

The ‘Cockapoo’ dog breed is a hybrid breed made from cross-breeding a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. They have the energetic nature of a Cocker Spaniel and the intelligence of a Poodle that allows them to get along with humans particularly well.

Apart from this, Cockapoos are mostly calm and can adjust just anywhere. They like to run, swim and play outdoors. At the same time, they don’t mind staying inside and watching television or listening to the radio with you.

Cockapoo puppies in Maryland don’t require much maintenance except regular grooming. Additionally, they don’t shed fur frequently, and when they do, it is just a minimal amount. Therefore, they would make a suitable pet for someone who is mildly allergic to dog fur.

Now that you have basic information about Cockapoos, let us go through the best Cockapoo Breeders in Maryland, along with the services they provide.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Cockapoo Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an adorable Cockapoo puppy!

The Best Cockapoo Breeders In Maryland

There are various dog breeders available in Maryland, especially the ones that breed Cockapoos. The breeders not only breed the dogs and put them on for sale. They take proper care of them and provide various services such as special dog training and grooming.

To help you find the best Cockapoo Breeder in Maryland, we have mentioned below the 5 best Cockapoo Breeders in Maryland, along with their details.



If you’re looking for Cockapoo puppies in Maryland, I highly recommend checking out PuppySpot! They have a wide selection of Cockapoo puppies to choose from, with different sizes, colors, and personalities.

PuppySpot carefully screens their breeders to ensure high standards for health, ethics, and care. This means you can feel confident that you’re getting a happy and healthy puppy from a responsible source.

PuppySpot also offers helpful resources and services to make the process of bringing your new Cockapoo home as easy as possible. From personalized travel arrangements to ongoing support from a Puppy Concierge, they’re there to help every step of the way. Plus, their website is user-friendly and makes it easy to search for and compare different puppies.

PuppySpot is committed to responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. They refuse to work with puppy mills or substandard breeders, and they partner with animal welfare organizations to promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. By choosing PuppySpot, you’re not only getting a new furry family member, but you’re also supporting animal welfare in Maryland and beyond.

PuppySpot Details

Maryland Puppies Online

Maryland Puppies Online has more than 15 years of experience in breeding. They provide various types of pure-breed and hybrid-breed puppies such as Cockapoos. The puppies are vaccinated and de-wormed before they are placed for adoption.

They have named all of their puppies and groomed them at home. This is because puppies are not a commercial product for them. Additionally, they provide the option of microchipping the puppy to keep track of its location.

They also provide a care package along with the puppies. This helps in making them feel comfortable around the new owners. Apart from this, all of the puppies are inspected and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)!

Marland Puppies Online comes under the 4 best Cockapoo Breeders in Maryland because of the multiple facilities provided by them. They provide grooming, training, shipping, and nanny services for the puppies.

Maryland Puppies Online Details

Autumn View Farm

Autumn View Farm is one of the members of the America Boer Goat Association, located in Maryland. They have been in the breeding business for more than 20 years. A variety of dog breeds such as Cockapoo, Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, Doberman, and Pinschers are available here.

They make sure that the puppies are healthy and at least 8 weeks old before they are put up for adoption. To ensure the good health of puppies, they are vaccinated, de-wormed, and come with a written health guarantee.

They have set up a special puppy nursery so that the mothers have a safe place to give birth. One of the other factors that contribute to their excellent reputation is that they always prioritize the dog’s health during the breeding process.

Additionally, the puppies are raised by them at home. They are also given special obedience training and field training, making it one of the four best Cockapoo breeders in Maryland.

Autumn View Farm Details

  • Contact: (301) 831-0491
  • Mail:
  • Location: Mt. Airy, MD
  • Website: Autumn View Farm

Wind Horse Offering

As evident from the name, Wind Horse Offering provides training for horses as well as for the horse rider. However, they breed, raise and rescue puppies as well. This is because of the fact that it is a certified Wildlife Habitat location and is home to bees as well!

Wind Horse Offering selectively breeds Purebred and First-Generation puppies. They are raised at home so that they can socialize with their future owners easily. The cockapoos bred by them are put for adoption after they receive their first vaccination shot and are thoroughly de-wormed.

Additionally, all the cockapoo puppies are registered with the American Cockapoo Clubs. All the puppies have a proper medical record, health guarantee and are given health supplements. Once the puppies are adopted, a follow-up plan along with some toys that have litter’s scent on them are given to the puppy.

All of these sweet gestures by Wind Horse Offering make it one of the best breeders of Cockapoo puppies in Maryland. The care and affection that they possess ensure that the puppies would be healthy and safe.

Wind Horse Offering Details

Peek-a-boo Cockapoo

Peek-a-boo Cockapoo is a website from where you can adopt healthy cockapoo puppies and dogs. They have experienced breeders as they have been in the breeding industry for a long time. All the puppies that are put up for adoption are vaccinated and given a health certificate.

They treat puppies as if they’re a part of their family. This is the primary reason that all the litters are raised and socialized by them in their home. All of them are fed high-quality food and given Nuvet Plus to strengthen their immune system.

The parent dogs in Peek-a-boo Cockapoo have to undergo a DNA test. The test helps in detecting genetic diseases in the dog and litter. If found any, it is treated immediately and mentioned in the health certificate of the puppy.

Apart from that, the puppies are given Neurological Stimulation Training to improve their stress tolerance. One of the best parts about adopting cockapoo puppies from Peek-a-boo Cockapoo is that they would be eligible for registration in the American Cockapoo Club!

Peek-a-boo Cockapoo Details

cockapoo puppies in maryland

Why Get A Cockapoo In Maryland?

Cockapoos don’t require particular weather or environment to live in. They can survive in hot and humid summer and moderate winter as long as they are taken proper care of. This makes them one of the most desirable dog breeds for people living in Maryland.

Apart from the weather, the following are some of the reasons why you should definitely get a Cockapoo in Maryland:

  • Physical Features: Cockapoos have a small size and are extremely light in weight. Additionally, they are available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Long-life: Cockapoos can live for more than 13 years. This makes them a perfect dog for people who get attached easily as they won’t leave you easily.
  • Nature: Cockapoos are intelligent and calm dog breeds. They like to run and swim outdoors along with staying indoors and sitting on your lap.
  • Family-oriented: Due to their calm and friendly nature, they tend to get along with family members, especially children, quickly. Since they are not dangerous, you can leave them around babies without any worry.
  • Training and Exercise: Cockapoos need to be taken for walks regularly in order to remain fit. You would need to play with them for around 30 minutes every day. Additionally, they love to swim, learn new tricks, and show them off.
  • Barking: Cockapoos barely bark due to their playful attitude. Everyone is a friend to them. Therefore, you would need to specially train them to bark at strangers.
  • Therapy dogs: Cockapoos make a perfect therapy dog because of their affectionate nature. They require constant attention from their owners and would rarely go out of your sight.
  • Hypoallergenic: Cockapoos undergo minimal shedding. They don’t shed their fur often or in a large amount. This rare trait makes them a perfect dog breed for anyone who is mildly allergic to dog fur.
  • Grooming: Cockapoos don’t require much maintenance apart from regular grooming. Since their fur doesn’t shed much, it gets matted easily if not groomed on a regular basis.
  • Health: Cockapoos don’t get sick often as they can survive in almost every weather condition. However, they are prone to genetic health issues such as severe knee pain and eye problems. These problems can be detected through genetic scans and treated easily.
  • Diet: Cockapoos don’t require to follow any strict diet; but require protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fat in their food. They just need to fed around ¾ cup of food every day, divided into two to three equal portions.

Final Words

The friendly and energetic nature of Cockapoos, along with their calmness, are some of the reasons that you should get Cockapoo puppies in Maryland. Their small size and ability to adjust everywhere make them a highly-desirable dog breed.

You can get some of the best Cockapoos by contacting the 4 best Cockapoo breeders in Maryland that we listed above. It’s best to contact breeders for pets because they consider them as family members and know every small detail about them.