Cockapoo Puppy Checklist

Cockapoo Puppy Checklist – 2024 Ultimate Guide

Cockapoo dogs are the perfect mix of two of the most popular dog breeds, the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. If you are thinking of getting a Cockapoo puppy, you should read our Cockapoo puppy checklist to help you get through the process.

Adopting a new pet is a life-changing moment in any individual’s life, just like it is a turning point for the animal. But how can you make sure that your new puppy fits your house?

There is no guarantee that a puppy will be able to adapt to your house and family. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t prepare in advance to have a better chance of welcoming your new family member. Looking at a Cockapoo Puppy checklist is highly recommended before bringing your new puppy home.

Here is a checklist on what to expect, know and consider before bringing home your new Cockapoo puppy.

What is Cockapoo?

Cockapoo also known as Cockapoodle, Cockapoo, and Cock-a-poo is a small adorable puppy with the blend of the sweet nature of a Cocker spaniel and the great humor of the poodle. The dog seems to take all the best traits from both breeds and is highly intellectual compared to all the other dogs.

Cockapoos are famous for their friendliness and are affectionate little entertainers. They like to surround themself with a positive vibe and have a sweet temperament, a perfect friendly puppy for your house.

Surprisingly, Cockapoo is one of the first designer dogs, dating back to the 1960s. However, despite their high status, they can be found in rescues and shelters. For a family looking for a loyal, fun-loving, and lifetime companion, Cockapoo is an ideal choice for your new puppy.

cockapoo puppy checklist

Preparation Before Puppy Comes Home

While the excitement for the arrival of your new puppy can be overwhelming, preparing in advance before your new member arrives can make the adjustment period smoother.

Remember, your new puppy is your family member, and you need to treat him like a newborn baby. Exactly why you need to make few changes around your house to make sure your new furry member can easily fit in your family.

It will come as a surprise that many families overlook the mischief a new puppy might cause, do not prepare in advance, and lose valuable items. So a wise decision is to look around your house to see if any valuable item is accessible to the Cockapoo to ensure that your first few days go as planned. Once you train the puppy, this might not be an issue!

Gathering Information from The Breeder

No one can know the puppy better than the breeder, exactly why asking him about advice and tips can make a significant difference when bringing the puppy to your home. While Cockapoo is friendly, it always takes days to a week to adjust to a new environment. These starting days are essential to make sure your dog blends in your family and house.

Most breeders are happy to answer all the questions you have to smoothen the adjustment stage. However, most new families adopting pets don’t precisely know what to ask. Here are some common questions you can ask:

  1. Feeding time for the dog.
  2. Any health issue the puppy might have.
  3. Information about the health and habits of the dog’s parents.
  4. Any routine or activity the dog likes to do every day
  5. How good is the pup at socializing with humans and other dog breeds
  6. Any likes or dislikes.

While these are some of the common questions, you need to ensure you have every ounce of information not to stress out later. We also recommend asking about:

  1. Particular brand food the breeder fed the puppy
  2. Vaccination and treatments that were given before
  3. Any vaccination that you need to provide the dog.
  4. Information and contact about the veterinarian looking after the puppy

Remember always to have a working contact number for the breeder to contact him for any queries.

Cockapoo Puppy Checklist – 12 Basic Things You Need

Any new addition to the family calls for a trip to the market. You need to make certain that you have all the essentials so that you don’t have to run again and again to shop for things you forgot. This checklist will be an excellent guide to help you get most of the important stuff.

So let’s begin!

Your Dog Home ( A crate)

The right size crate can be essential to get your pup into a proper sleeping routine and facilitate toilet training.

As with any mixed-breed dog, the size can vary and depends on the parents. Cockapoo size and appearance mainly rely on the poodle that is bred. Ideally, a 36″ crate is a perfect choice for the pup to spend his childhood and adulthood, even if your Cockapoo is large and broad.

A crate is like a home to the pup, so decorating it with stuffed toys and blankets to make it lively can exponentially increase your dog’s mood. A large crate can provide ample room for the dog to stretch and play while crated in the daytime.

Surprisingly, the place for the crate can also be essential. It would be best if you placed the container near you, however, away from the busy, hectic life of your house. A quiet and peaceful place near you, far away from the reach of the children, might be the best place possible.


Comfort is significant, not only for us but for our adorable pets. Furhaven beds are quite famous due to their comfortability, coziness, robustness, and the fact that you can easily clean and dry them.

An alternative can be a soft bed that will fit the crate. But be prepared that your charming dog might chew it if you don’t train it properly.

Puppy Pads

Most people find it difficult to train their Cockapoo for the toilet. This can be frustrating and annoying when your companion makes a mess around the house.

Puppy pads are an excellent way to ensure your puppy takes a poo where you want it. You can place it near the crate gate or any place to encourage your puppy to the toilet.

However, some people argue that this might stop the puppy from excreting, causing more problems. But for the training period, it can be your best tool.

Dog Food

All dogs have different digestive mechanisms. It is highly recommended that you initially use the same food that the breeder used to feed the dog.

Once the dog is settled in the house and adapts to the new environment, you can gradually introduce a new food into the diet. You can even change the food brand once you know the puppy’s tummy isn’t upset.

Just make sure that you always get the highest quality dog food, as it can make a lot of difference in the overall health of any dog!

Pet First Aid

Puppies are playful and have a high curiosity level, exactly why the chances of injury are also high. Having a first aid kit can be a lifesaver in case any unexpected incident happens. Even so, you need to know how to apply first aid, so better learn or take some classes!


While gathering information about your Cockapoo, asking what the dog loves can act as a treat. This can help to encourage dogs when you are training them.

Take a look at some of our recommended treats.

Cockapoo Collar tag/ ID tag

It is a legal requirement to have the owner’s detail on the collar ID tag if the dog gets lost. Putting the dog’s name isn’t necessary, but who doesn’t want to showcase their puppy’s name, right?

Some choose to buy the collar before the puppy arrives at the home, but it is a wise choice to wait so that you can get the correct fit.

Soft Brush/Shampoo/Conditioner/Clipper

Products such as shampoos and conditioners designed for humans are not compatible with flea treatment. They might create problems related to natural oils. You will need to buy dog shampoo and conditioners.

Your furry guy also needs grooming. While it can be a daunting task, brushing your dog regularly with a proper slicker brush can develop a habit of being groomed and carefully handled. This can also help with the shedding problem.

A set of nail clippers is also great to have around your home!

Harness or Car Carrier

A harness with a perfect fit is a must-have item for any dog owner, as they allow you to walk your dog without having to worry about them getting away if something suddenly happens.

Transporting your dog or taking it to your friends and family requires a car carrier. Getting a car carrier that is the perfect size for your car and your dog is super important. Keep in mind your puppy will grow in size, so buy one large enough to see through the adulthood phase.


Cockapoo is friendly and playful. You can’t give them attention all the time, and this is where toys come in. Toys provide something for your dog to play with as well as chew on.

If you want to protect your furniture and other important stuff, you might want to buy lots of toys.

Most owners have a toy box so that the puppy can select the toy according to its choice. In comparison, others keep the toys on rotation so that the puppy doesn’t get bored. It would be best if you hid the toys to make sure it is out of reach.

Cockapoo Lead

It is a tricky business to select a lead for your Cockapoo. Cockapoos are curious and are full of energy. They like to roam around freely and exercise in the open. Exactly why you need to ensure you get the right length, comfort, and strength for your lead.

Nylon leads and leather leads are good options for a Cockapoo since the leads are flexible yet rigid. While many people also like chain leads, it might restrict the moment of Cockapoo.

Ideally, for the lead size, a 6-foot lead allows your dog to roam around freely without leaving so much slack that it might tangle around the dog’s feet.


Dogs are sensitive to smell, and the owner’s smell can make them calm and relaxed. Comforters can carry your scent in them and can be a great way to make your dog feel safe when you are not around.

cockapoo common health issues

Cockapoo Common Health Issues

As a companion and an owner, you will want your dog to be in the best health condition possible so that they live longer. Cockapoos are prone to certain common health conditions you should be aware of.

Here is some information we have gathered for you to help you be more prepared and mentally ready.

Eye Problem: Dry eyes are common in most dogs and occur when dogs do not produce enough tears. Conjunctivitis occurs due to inflammation, infections, trauma, or even irritation. Another general eye irritation is corneal ulceration due to scratches from other animals or foreign particles in the eye.

Poisoning: Cockapoo is more prone to poisoning than other dogs, especially when eating chocolates, grapes, and other items that are most likely to upset their tummy. Remember, these foods might not be harmful to humans but are extremely dangerous for your puppy.

Skin allergies: Cockapoos can suffer from skin allergies mostly related to skin inflammation. The causes of these allergies can vary from pollen dust to washing powder and fleas.

Gastrointestinal problems: Like all other dogs, Cockapoo can also suffer from an obstruction within the bowel. This can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Causes might range from eating stones, strings, or any food items that upset the stomach.

Potential Hazards

Keeping the newly adopted Cockapoo safe and secure from any possible safety hazard is essential. Mainly when adjusting to the house and being exposed to a completely unknown place.

Cockapoos are curious minds, and they are bound to explore a new place. Cables running across the floor or sockets can be their favorite thing to chew, which can be risky. Fertilizers or any chemicals can also pose a threat when they come into the hands of your puppy.

Even cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that need to be placed somewhere safe. Moreover, any medicine you or any family member takes can be dangerous if the puppy ingests it.

Lastly, and most importantly, human food. Although these are entirely safe for us, most food doesn’t belong in the food bowl of your Cockapoo. Make sure the doggo stays away from the dinner table and doesn’t eat the leftovers.

Cockapoo Puppy Checklist

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