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The 6 Best Cockapoo Breeders in Missouri (MO) – 2024

Are you looking for a furry little friend? Then this is the correct spot you’ve landed in to get the best of ideas about Cockapoo puppies in Missouri.

Sweet, fun-loving and adorable puppies, Cockapoos are created by breeding a Poodle with a Cocker Spaniel. Their initial breeding may have been an accident. But lucky are we to have acquainted with such cute little creatures.

Weighing 12 to 25 pounds, Cockapoos are rewarding pets to own. They come in different sizes – Teacup Toy, Toy Cockapoo, Miniature and Standard or Maxi Cockapoo.  Cockapoos are kind, affectionate and smart and creatures. It is a boon to have these puppies as a part of your family.

Great with other dogs, Cockapoo puppies are house dogs because of their temperament.

Read on to get yourself informed of the 6 Best Cockapoo Breeders in Missouri (MO).

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Cockapoo Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an adorable Cockapoo puppy!

Cockapoo Puppies in Missouri for Sale

Named after the Missouri River, the state of Missouri is located in the mid-western region of the United States. With the state being by the river, it has a luscious green scenery that lifts up your mood.

Cockapoo puppies in Missouri are a rare but a loved breed of dogs. Many families look for good breeders to bring home healthy and friendly Cockapoo puppies. There are many dog breeders spread out wide in the state, but only a few good Cockapoo breeders.

1.     Stump Farm Puppies

Located in Lancaster, Missouri, Stump Farm Puppies is owned by Cynthia Stump. She breeds Cockapoos along with Maltipoos, Cavapoos and Poodles.

Stump Farm Puppies is dedicated to providing the best life to every dog on their farm. Health certified from a licensed Missouri veterinarian, Stump Farm Puppies provides a 1-year health guarantee for the Cockapoo puppies in Missouri reared in their home.

Cynthia also maintains a Rescue Guarantee. Customers who don’t fulfil a lifelong companionship with their Cockapoo puppy must incur the costs of shipping them back.

Cockapoo puppies, along with other dogs, are all exposed to a healthy environment on the breeder’s farm. So, if you get a Cockapoo puppy from here, have no doubts regarding their health. You’ll get to take a healthy and furry little friend home.

Stump Farm Puppies Details

2.     Calico Puppy Ranch

Located in Anderson, Missouri, Calico Puppy Ranch is a small dog breeder. They breed Cockapoos, Pugs, Shih Tzus, Toy Poodles, Toy Australian Shepherds, and Cocker Spaniels.

Cockapoo puppies in Missouri bred in Calico Puppy Ranch are all checked for their health by a recognized veterinarian.

Calico Puppy Ranch offers families only purebred and healthy puppies for purchase. There is no doubt about the puppies being adorable. All Cockapoo puppies are endearing.

Another great thing about this breeder is, you’ll get their health certifications and vaccination records along with a health guarantee. A travel crate to every Cockapoo puppy leaving for its forever home is a bonus here!

Calico Puppy Ranch Details


MyCockapooFriends is a breeder in Missouri dedicated to designer breeds of puppies. They specialize in breeding devoted, adorable and beautiful Cockapoo puppies in Missouri.

The top priorities for this breeder are expert puppy care and complete customer satisfaction. The breeders here provide utmost love and nurturing care to maintain these furry friends. They take proper care in maintaining them, starting from the soft fur to personality development.

Cockapoo puppies bred here grow up to have proud stride and a gentle and intelligent personality. The personalities also depend on the parent dogs bred to produce the Cockapoo puppy. Details

4.     Angel Wing Pets

Angel Wing Pets is a small, family-run kennel located in the southwest corner of Missouri. Spread across a beautifully wooded 10 acres of land, the family makes different designer breeds.

They specialize in the breeding of Cockapoos, Cavapoos and Bernedoodles. Scattered across a large kennel area, all their Cockapoo puppies in Missouri socialize well with other dogs. Their family is involved in engaging the puppies in different activities to nurture their temperaments.

Most of the adult dogs under Angel Wing Pets are APRI and/or AKC. But since most of their puppies are designer breeds, they can’t be registered with the AKC.

Angel Wing Pets are members of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association (MPBA) as well as the Missouri Animal Husbandry Association. They also have a membership of the Professional Pet Association (PPA) and the Iowa Pet Breeders.

Angel Wing Pets Details

  • Location: 6876 West Farm Road 174 Republic, MO 65738
  • Contact: 417-813-5504
  • Website:

5.     Foglesong’s Spring Creek Kennels

Run by her family of 2 kids and her husband, Ashley Foglesong owns the Foglesong’s Spring Creek Kennels. Ashley is a dedicated dog lover, and she proves it well through her service in the kennel.

Foglesong’s Spring Creek Kennels are known for the breeding of Cocker Spaniels, Cockapoos and Cavapoos. Surrounded by a 30-acre gorgeous farm dedicated to the kennel, designer bred dogs are exposed to an enhanced environment.

Ashley has well-equipped the kennel with air-conditioning, heating, and clean freshwater. Their bred designer dogs have parents that were raised in clean environments. This ensures good health, both naturally and genetically.

The kennel also has a play area with a pool for the Cockapoo puppies in Missouri bred here, along with other puppies. Ashley also provides special doggy treats, puppy kits and supplies for customers.

Foglesong’s Spring Creek Kennels Details

6.     Kingdom Dogs

Kingdom Dogs is a small, family-run kennel. Located in the southwest corner of Missouri, they have their kennel spread across a good, beautifully wooded 15 acres of land.

This kennel was started by Randy and Debi in 2006, and now Jason, their son, has taken over the operations. He and his wife are now run the kennel along with their children. The whole family gets together to socialize with the bred puppies to get them acquainted with their forever homes.

Kingdom Dogs is known for breeding designer breeds of Cavapoos, Cockapoos and Goldendoodles. All Cockapoo puppies in Missouri and other designer-bred puppies have champion bloodlines. This means that their parents are all healthy and of well-natured temperaments.

Kingdom Dogs Details

  • Location: 11252 Gum Rd, Carthage, MO 64836
  • Contact: 417-396-0345
  • Website:
cockapoo puppies in missouri

Why Get a Cockapoo in Missouri?

These cute little Cockapoo puppies in Missouri need no specific reason to be brought home as part of your family. Even so, here is a list of more than perfect reasons to make you get one.

  • Great Personality: Cockapoo puppies are extremely easy to please. Besides being cute and adorable, these puppies are intelligent as well. Cockapoo puppies are great companion dogs. Their happy nature will brighten your mood on a gloomy day.
  • Easy-to-train: Intelligence being one of their character traits, these little cuties make it easy to train them. Although it depends on their parents’ temperament as well, Cocker Spaniels and Poodles are also known for their intelligence. Positive reinforcement is the best way of training them.
  • Super-friendly: These jolly-natured Cockapoos get easily mixed up with humans as well as other dogs or animals. It means other pets are welcome to your homes even if you own a Cockapoo. These mood-lifters are great with children and the elderly too.
  • Attention-seeker: If you’re having a long day and you want to be left alone, these cuties will not let you be. They’ll be by your side unless you pamper them with some love. If you’re indeed a dog lover, they will surely make your day.
  • Hypoallergenic: These furry little friends are hypoallergenic. They have low shedding and do not trigger any kind of allergies. If you have any allergies from dogs but still love to have one, Cockapoo puppies would be the right ones.
  • Minimal Care: Cockapoos are moderate on energy levels, but this does not mean they are lazy dogs. They keep themselves active by walking enough throughout the day and prevent themselves from being overweight. So, you need not do anything extra besides playing with them regularly.

Final Words on Cockapoo Breeders in Missouri

Cockapoos are a designer breed, which means they can be raised only in good hands. They’re easy-going and fun-loving. If you want to purchase a Cockapoo, make sure to get it from one of the 6 Best Cockapoo Breeders in Missouri (MO).

These companion dogs will add more hue to your family. Once you bring home a Cockapoo puppy, you’ll be forever companions to each other. These little sweethearts will never leave your side.

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