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The 5 Best Cockapoo Breeders In Florida (FL) – 2024

Cockapoos are the growing favorite in the dog hybrid town. They are the offspring of the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel, thus a deliciously cute output. When you mix two such sweet breeds you can only expect the result to be adorable.

The little dog is full of fur and has a fluffy face that can melt your heart. They were first bred by designer breeders in the United States. Since then, they have charmed their way into several families.

A true lap dog, one whom you can cuddle for hours and one who will be an excellent companion. They consist of the best qualities of both breeds and will blend in with your family without a doubt. They are reputed as a great family dog.

As outgoing as the Cocker Spaniel and with low shedding genes from the Poodle they end up being a great choice for a new pet. Thus, these furballs have the quality to brighten up your mundane workdays. Take them for a walk or snuggle up to them on the weekends.

This article will help you research the 5 best Cockapoo breeders in Florida. Know your options and welcome these small and bubbly furballs into your family.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Cockapoo Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an adorable Cockapoo puppy!

The Best Cockapoo Breeders in Florida

Dog ownership is a difficult responsibility, but one that pays you back with heaps of love. Cockapoos thrive on attention and have a cool, calm, fun-loving temperament making them loyal life companions. Thus, check out the breeders in Florida and be a dog owner.

Florida is known for its Latin-American culture and notable art scenes that make it a beautiful as well as an interesting place to live. Not to forget they are the home of several cockapoo breeders. 


1. Florida Cockapoos

They refer to themselves as the first-generation cockapoos in Tampa, Florida. They are known to breed only first-generation cockapoos so that the offspring has an impeccable bloodline. First-generation cockapoos have a pure-bred mother and a purebred father.

They also have s strict gender policy when it comes to breeding. This means they use Cocker Spaniels for the mothers and Poodles for the dads. They are extremely responsible and concerned about the quality of the offspring.

They are a small breeding group who believe in first-generation breeding because,

  • Healthier hybrid vigor
  • Easier to train
  • Above-average intelligence
  • A low to non-shedding, hypoallergenic, softly curling coat
  • Playful & spirited behavior

When you get your cockapoo from this breeding house, you can further meet the cocker moms and poodle dads. Also, they make regular announcements, so you are aware of an upcoming litter. They are also certified with the Florida State Health Warranty.

Florida Cockapoos details

  • Contact: (727)243-9045
  • Mail:
  • Location:  6150 S Lecanto Hwy, Lecanto, FL, USA
  • Website: Florida Cockapoos

2. Glenhaven Cockapoos

The Glenhaven Cockapoos have a history and experience of breeding for over two decades. They can breed these dogs into different sizes like a toy, miniature, and standard sizes, all the while maintaining the concern about their health.

The puppies are of good temperament, optimal health, and best coat quality. Moreover, they let the puppies live in their house with their family to pay attention to their needs. The family bonding instilled in them since birth makes them great companions for their new owners.

The puppies are born in the living room and grow in the house till they are adopted by new parents. Growing like a family allows them to not only mix with their four-legged parents but also with other cockapoo relatives.

You can visit the puppies before welcoming them into your homes. The puppies are only given out after they have reached a minimum age of 8 weeks and have been given the first puppy vaccines.

You can trust them to get safe and healthy pups. Being a small breeding house, they do not always have litter availability. However, they will supply you with puppies that are certified with Florida health certificates and have been groomed properly.

  • Contact: (352) 467-1500
  • Mail:
  • Location: Glenhaven Cockapoos/James Adcox 14967 Douglas Street, Dade City, FL 33525
  • Website: Glenhaven Cockapoos

3. Robin’s Pups

It is a licensed kennel situated in Hudson Florida. It is about 35 miles north of Tampa and 50 miles from the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area. They are an authorized kennel where you might find the cockapoo you want to adopt.

They are unique and advanced in a kennel strategy. They believe in taking extra steps in preparing their puppies for their new homes. Thus, they pad train all the puppies and introduce a doggy door to enable them to excrete with their mom.

Extending such training sessions for the little ones, helps them learn the command and makes them better companion dogs. The training also includes sleeping alone all night in a crate, responding to calls, and sitting on command.

You can check the parents on site, also find retired parents in the kennel who have been neutered. The puppies given out are well-groomed and semi-trained. They aspire to provide the best experience for their customers and will supply you with adorable cockapoos.

  • Contact: 813-335-4728
  • Mail:
  • Location: Lucille, Hudson, FL 34669
  • Website: Robin’s Pups

4. Camic Cockers

The Camic Farm started as a family project. The owners had experience in pony rides and a petting zoo for 20 years. The name Camic was built by combining their names, Candy, and Michael. Being a family project, you can be guaranteed that you will get healthy, loved pups.

They feel blessed to have so many wonderful dogs and puppies in their lives. Thus, the dogs stay with them in their house. They have a sunroom for recreation purposes for the dogs. Reared as a family all their cockapoos are fun-loving, outgoing, and playful.

The pregnant mothers live in their dining room and give birth there. The puppies are allowed for shipping to their new homes after the age of 8 weeks. They love staying in contact with the new owners. Thus, send pictures of your puppy all grown up, and impart happiness.

The Camic Farm believes in complete transparency. They will allow you to visit the living place of the puppies and meet their parents. To gain the trust of their clients they feel such intimacy is necessary. Thus, you can visit or contact them for queries, to decide if this is your place of choice.

  • Contact: 413-205-6398
  • Mail:
  • Location: Haines City, FL 33844
  • Website: Camic

5. JP Cockapoos

The little cockapoos will turn your blue days into a sunny one. The farm breeds little cockapoos from a fixed mom and dad. You can meet the parents of your newest member and interact with these dogs to judge the temperament of your new member.

They are a small family with deep cockapoo love. Their breeding procedure is done with care and love. The only motive is to produce Cockapoo puppies that are happy and healthy when they reach their new homes.

Mixing responsibility and love they breed to share happiness in the form of cockapoos. They believe that every individual should get a dose of these happy and healthy pups to brighten up their day.

The mom and dad live with the owners and have been certified as fit by the vet. They follow all the necessary health guidelines before breeding to ensure safe offspring. Thus, you can get ready with your leashes to welcome a new member from this kennel.

  • Contact: 954 876 9471
  • Mail:
  • Location: Oakland Park, Florida
  • Website: JP Cockapoos
cockapoo puppies in florida

Why choose a Cockapoo?

If we are yet to convince you on why to get these intelligent, and lovable crossbreeds, read on.

  • They are available in various sizes

If you want a small dog, and a standard-sized cocker spaniel that seems too big for your apartment, cockapoos are the option. The starting sizes include teacup or toy, which are smaller than the average size. You can also choose from miniature or standard according to your preferences.

  • They are extremely friendly and loyal

Cockapoos are known for their friendly temperament. They are extremely loyal to their owners. Built with a calm temperament, they can grow close and be friends with anyone new. They make great family pets and have a lovable and caring relationship with children.

  • They do not shed a lot of furs and not too often

The idea of cross-breeding was to mix the best qualities of the two breeds. Thus, cockapoos like their poodle parents do not shed a large amount of fur. The low shedding factor makes them highly hypoallergic and can be owned by anyone without causing severe allergic symptoms.

Summing It Up

Welcomes these highly energetic small puppies into your life and learn to live life a bit more. They will happily spend each, moment with you thus giving you the attention and thriving in your presence.

If you are thinking of adopting a cockapoo it is suggestible to contact a breeder instead of a pet store. The article provides you with the necessary details of the 5 best cockapoo breeders in Florida. Go through the article and make a happy decision of getting a Cockapoo.

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