Do Labradoodles Bark Excessively

Effective Methods to Stop a Barking Dog

Being the person in the neighborhood with the barking dog is something that no one wants. A barking dog can cause problems with neighbors who do not want to listen to it, and it can also cause a strain in the relationship between an individual and his pet.

There are methods for addressing this problem when a dog is barking excessively. And the old adage that you can not teach an old dog new tricks is incorrect, there are techniques to stop a barking dog that can be applied at any age.

Do Not Reward Excessive Dog Barking

When a dog begins barking it is doing so because it wants attention; do not let a dog think that by doing this it will get attention every time it wants it, which will only reinforce bad behavior and make the barking worse. Instead, completely ignore the dog when it starts barking to get attention, this will show it that barking will not work to gain a person’s attention.

Do not get mad at the dog either, this only heightens the excitement level and will make it bark more. Remain calm and do not make eye contact with the dog until it stops barking.

Use Healthy Dog Treats for Good Behavior

Once the dog has stopped barking and is calmed down then it can be rewarded with a healthy dog treat. This will reinforce good behavior in the dog as it will associate being quiet with getting a treat.

This can take some time for the dog to make the association, each dog is different so be patient and give it time.

Water Spritzers can Control Excessive Dog Barking

Many dogs like to swim in the water, however, they do not enjoy being spritzed in the face with water. Fill a small spritzer bottle with lukewarm water. When the unwanted barking begins, spritz the dog in the face with water and then tell it “no” in a calm assertive tone of voice.

This is an effective way to tell the dog that the barking is unwanted, and a few spritzes of water will not harm the dog in any way. Eventually, the dog will see the spritzer bottle and will stop the unwanted barking at the site of it.

Stopping Dog Barking Does Not Have to be Difficult

Excessive dog barking is something that can be controlled relatively easily. By following these guidelines listed anyone can stop a barking dog, even if the dog is older and has gotten used to barking when seeking attention.

The important thing to remember is to stay calm when correcting a dog’s behavior and remember it can take patience to get the desired behavior from a dog.


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