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Are Maltipoos Barkers? How To Stop Any Barking!

One of the first questions that people ask when deciding on what breed of dog to buy is; Whether or not they like to bark?. A barking dog is a headache that most families would happily do without. With this in mind, this article asks, are Maltipoos barkers?

Maltipoos are generally considered to be mild to moderate barkers. It would be uncommon for them to bark for no reason. But as with any breed of dog, they do have their triggers. Luckily, Maltipoos are considered to be an intelligent breed, and they can quite easily be trained not to respond to these triggers.

This is not to say that Maltipoo’s are perfect, but there are several ays to change their barking habits. If you’re struggling with a Maltipoo who likes to bark, here’s a simple guide to help you identify their primary triggers and effective way to train them to ignore these.

Are Maltipoos Barkers?

Maltipoos are a naturally curious breed of dogs, and many different things can trigger that interest. Some of these can cause them to bark, which is a perfectly natural reaction. But for many pet owners, this tendency can prove to be annoying, especially when their Maltipoo seems to bark uncontrollably. This behavior can be especially frustrating if your Maltipoo hasn’t been trained to either reduce or stop barking when triggered.

Maltipoos are just a breed of dogs that likes to communicate; for owners, it may seem like they’re barking for absolutely no reason. But in the vast majority of cases, this is not true, and your pet has been triggered, as a consequence has started to bark.

Please remember that these dogs are smart; as a consequence, they respond to training very quickly. In a relatively short time, they can be taught to ignore even their most natural responses.

As we have always had Maltipoos, many people asking similar questions such as

  • Does your Maltipoo bark excessively?
  • When and how often does your Maltipoo bark?
  • What can I do about my Maltipoo barking?

You start to see a trend after a while, Maltipoos like to bark, and it frustrates people. Having to explain to people all the time, Maltipoo’s rarely bark without good reason. On occasion, they may want to get your attention, but generally specific actions, sounds, and sights will trigger their barking.

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Here are some of the most common triggers

  • They get bored.
  • They get excited.
  • The arrival of an unexpected guest.
  • Feeling isolated.
  • Strangers are passing by.
  • Loud noises such as thunder.
  • Protecting what they consider theirs

All the reasons listed above are perfectly reasonable excuses to bark for any dog; they don’t know any better. Put for some breeds like Maltipoos excitable and emotional animals barking can be even more prevalent.

What To Do About It?

Here are some of the significant triggers or reasons your Maltipoo is barking

Feeling Isolated

Maltipoos can suffer from separation anxiety, so if they feel they have been left alone, they will start barking. The most natural solution for this is to leave them inside the window, play some calming music, and always leave a light on. If they can see the outside world, this will reduce their anxiety.

They Get Bored

Maltipoos are a high-energy breed, and unless they have an outlet for this energy, they’re going to get bored as a consequence they will start barking, especially as you left with nothing else to do. The solution to this is to allows your pet to have access to as many toys as possible.

They Get Excited

One of the primary triggers for this breed of dog is that they get very excited very quickly. This leads to barking. The solution to this problem takes a lot of patience. You have to learn not to give your pet the attention it wants.

The Arrival Of An Unexpected Guest

A visit to someone unexpected, especially into an environment that your Maltipoo considers their environment will trigger them to bark. The easiest way to fix this is to get your pet socialized correctly and to provide with a treat and praise them when they’re acting in the right manner.

Strangers Passing By

Maltipoos, like most dogs, are territorial; they will simply bark at a stranger to let you know they’re there. They also want to warn their owners of any potential danger. Secure solutions ensure that your dog is socialized correctly and reward the correct behavior.

Loud Noises Such As Thunder

Maltipoo,s like many other breeds of dogs, is highly sensitive to loud noises, bangs, and flashes, many have issues with thunderstorms. This is one of the more difficult problems to tackle, but what you can do is slowly expose them to loud noises such as playing recordings of thunderstorms, softly and slowly turn the volume up until your pet gets used to them.

Protect What They Consider Theirs

As with most breeds of dogs, Maltipoos are no exception and they will have their territory. When they feel this is being invaded, such as their water dishes or the area around their food, you can be sure that they will react by barking. The easiest way to deal with this is to respect their neighborhoods, let them eat and drink in peace. The only time this behavior should be altered is when you have younger children that could accidentally trigger the response.

As you can see, barking is a perfectly natural response for any dog. But this is not to say that the behavior isn’t annoying and you shouldn’t try to change it. Typically some training with beanie boos to stop your dog from barking.

But the first step in any training is to identify what is triggering the behavior. Unless you can discover this, you’ll never be able to fix it.

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Training Your Maltipoo Not To Bark When Triggered

  • Learn to ignore the barking
  • When your Maltipoo is quiet, reward it.
  • Repeat step one and two

Now it’s time to get to the crux of the issue. We have identified the significant reasons that Maltipoo’s bark. It’s time to focus on how training can help your dog understand that barking is not acceptable. This is going to require a considerable level of effort on your behalf, but trust me when I tell you, it will be worth it. Stick with this method as you will have a beautifully behaved and much quieter dog.

There are a few different effective methods you can take when trying to train a dog to stop barking, but this is the method that I find most compelling.

The method I use is pretty simple, but you need to be ready to wait for your dog to quit first.

Step one – Learn to ignore the barking.

The first step to successfully training a dog to stop barking is to ignore them completely. You need to be prepared, to do this successfully, you have to remain calm and not even look in your dog’s direction once they start. You will have to be extraordinarily patient and ignore them no matter how long they decide to bark for.

Step two – Once they stop, reward them.

Dogs get tried too. Eventually, they will stop barking and calm down. When this happens, stop ignoring them, give them loads of praise and attention and a treat. Continue with this method of ensuring to provide them with all the notice they can deal with, every time stop barking.

Step Three – Rinse and repeat.

To reinforce this behavior, you will have to continue to repeat steps 1 and 2 every time your Maltipoo barks. Thankfully, as we pointed out earlier, Maltipoo’s are intelligent dogs, and they will quickly identify the pattern between their behavior and receiving rewards.

The fact that they crave your attention all the time just makes this easier. They will soon realize the barking is not going to get them the notice they want, and they will look for other methods to get the attention they need.

As with any training of animals physically punishing them for barking, it is out of the question. Unfortunately, you will encounter some “dog experts” who train using fear and punishment, but numerous studies prove these methods are not sufficient, but more importantly, it is just wrong.

Maltipoo’s crave attention if their owners actively ignore them when they are barking, is all the punishment you will need for their bad behavior to stop.

Final Words

It’s important to remember that Maltipoo’s are a naturally excitable, energetic, and yappy breed. When people ask me Are Maltipoos bankers?, the answer I have to give is yes. Without consistent training, they will bark a lot. But due to their high intelligence and sincere desire to please their owners, if you focus on training them, this barking can soon become a thing of the past.

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