Why does my maltipoo smell

Why Does My Maltipoo Smell? And What Can I Do About it?

Having a Maltipoo that smells just isn’t a lot of fun, especially considering that smell can linger in your home and even on your furniture for a long time. At this stage, you’re probably drastically seeking a solution. The good news is for both your Maltipoo and you are that the root of the smell is likely due to just a handful of causes and is quickly resolved.

The primary cause a Maltipoo smells is typically down to using an inferior dog shampoo and or just not bathing your pet enough. In some cases, these smells could be down to a more severe underlying problem for which you might have to seek professional advice.

In this article, we will take a look at the five primary causes that could be the reason your dog is so smelly.

Why Does My Maltipoo Smell?

In general, one of these five common problems is causing your smelly Maltipoo. These are:

Skin Problems

One of the main reasons that your Maltipoo smells is that it could be suffering from a skin issue. An inappropriate diet could result in deposits of oil building upon their skin due to their food, causing an overproduction. In other cases, the smell could be due to a yeast infection or candida. A strong sweet odor can identify each of these.

As we mentioned about the problem is most likely your pet’s diet. If you haven’t been feeding your Maltipoo correctly or you simply have chosen an unsuitable dog food. Certain types of dog food can result in your Maltipoo developing digestive issues. These problems occasionally manifest on your dog’s skin. The easiest way to identify whether or not diet is the problem is to simply switch your Maltipoo’s food and see if this eliminates the smell.

I encountered the same problem a few years ago. Thankfully, I was able to eliminate the bad smell coming from my Maltipoo, and more importantly, reduce its suffering by switching to a raw diet. This is something that my veterinarians recommend. Her case was simple, dogs are carnivores by nature, and putting them on a primarily meat-based diet just makes sense. I must say I’ve been delighted with the results.

If your pooch is suffering from a yeast infection, this kind of problem can usually be found on the skin. Check under their belly, legs, and even the inside of their ears. If you do identify a skin problem, take them to the Vet as quickly as possible.

Mites, fleas, ticks, and other parasites could also be at the root of your dog’s bad smell. These are usually not difficult to identify as you will see your pooch scratching far more often than they, and they will regularly show other signs of discomfort. After giving your dog an inspection, you should be able to identify any parasites that might be present. It’s also advisable to take your pooch for a check-up with the Vet and allow them to run some additional tests.

One of the first things you should do if you find your Maltipoo smelling strange is to start bathing them on a more regular basis. Once I switched to bathing my stinky pooch every week using top-quality dog shampoo, their life changed overnight.

I alternated between an almond shampoo and the brand called Earthbath as both were recommended by my Vet for dogs with sensitive skin.

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Poor Oral Hygiene And a Smelly Maltipoo

If your dog is having digestive and oral health problems, its mouth can get pretty smelly. If it has come to the stage where you won’t let your dog nuzzle or lick you because you struggle to stand the stink of their breath, then this is the problem.

If your Maltipoo is having some oral health problems excessive tartar buildup, this could be because its diet is too high in carbohydrates, and attitudes aren’t natural.

Bad breath could also be a consequence of different digestive issues. If a dog’s stomach is struggling to digest its diet, food can sit there undigested for a long time. This is likely the cause of their severe smelly breath.

Excessive tartar built up on your dog’s teeth can sometimes result in a bacterial infection making it uncomfortable for your dog to eat, also causing an overpowering smell. In more severe cases in your pet might be suffering from tooth decay. This is generally down to a poor diet, giving them food that simply is not providing them with the vitamins and minerals in weed to maintain good oral health.

It’s essential to identify the root of the problem, whether it’s tartar or a digestive problem. Because you could easily find yourself brushing your dog’s teeth every day but getting nowhere, it is advisable to get your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned on occasion, but this is only a short-term fix. If they’re exhibiting excessive tartar buildup or ongoing digestive issues, you need to take a look at their diet and make appropriate changes.

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Problems With Their Ears

Maltipoo’s, like many breeds of dogs, have sensitive ears, and these can sometimes be the cause of nasty smells. Even a healthy dog will produce sebum and ear wax in their ear canals. Essential for the natural functions of their ears, but on occasion, there could be an unexplained increase in the secretion of either of these substances; if left untreated, these become troublesome and smelly.

Yeast infections also manifest on the inner part of Maltipoo’s ears. The easiest way to avoid ear problems in your Maltipoo is to clean them regularly. If you notice anything that you don’t feel comfortable dealing with yourself, just take them to your Vet.

Issues With The Anal Glands

This might be a slightly uncomfortable topic to discuss, but it can be a severe problem for any dog. On occasion, your Maltipoo may need their anal glands squeezed. All Maltipoos’ have glands that are located near the rectum. These glands perform particular functions in your dog’s body, and they secrete a series of foul-smelling substances when functioning correctly.

In theory, if your dog is 100% healthy, anal glands will secrete a substance every time they defecate, meaning that they never have a problem. Unfortunately, most dogs throughout their lives will experience some issues with their anal glands meaning that they’re not capable of emptying these glands upon defecation.

A clear sign that your dog is experiencing issues with his anal glands is when you will see them in dragging their behind along the carpet. This is a vain attempt to clear their glands themselves. Glands that become overfilled or clogged are at a minimum uncomfortable for your pooch, but in many cases, they cause severe pain.

Not only are they uncomfortable and painful, but there is also a distinct possibility that this is the root of your pup’s smell. You can either choose to squeeze these yourself or take them to a professional groomer or your veterinarian to have them emptied.

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Flatulence in Maltipoos

It is highly likely than at some stage, and you found yourself standing near your dog, and a smelly cloud has surrounded both of you. They probably just the result of your pet having an overactive stomach.

Dogs can suffer from flatulence the same as people. An occasional cloud of gas is perfectly normal and healthy. But if your dog is excessively flatulent, this is a clear indication that they’re suffering from some digestive issues. This means that you don’t need to examine your Maltipoos’ diet once again.

At the root of the problem could be a high-carbohydrate diet; this will encourage bacteria to grow in their intestines. Overactive bacteria tend to produce excessive gas, as this is a natural byproduct of their life cycles.

A dog or a flatulent pup might be funny for a time, but in all honesty, your Maltipoo will thank you if you prevent this from happening in the first place. Feeling bloated and gassy all the time is not how you would want to live, rest assured your dog feels the same way. Put your dog on a healthier natural alternative to the current diet that you are feeding them. Seeing a healthier, happier, and the less smelly pet will be an instant reward, and you’ll soon forget the funny noises.

Even though a change in diet will probably remove the funny noises and strange smells from your home, if you don’t see a swift change, you should take them to the Vet, to be sure there are no more severe underlying health issues. Maintaining your pet’s health is no small matter; it is vital to identify problems look and for solutions early before they become critical. Early intervention will undoubtedly improve their standard of living and help prolong their lives. One of the first signs of disease is a strong smell; these should never be ignored.

In Conclusion

While these are the five most common issues that result in strong smells from dogs. This is by no means a definitive list. If you are struggling to find an answer to Why does my Maltipoo smell? Asking for professional help is the best avenue of approach.

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