best age to breed a maltipoo

Best Age To Breed A Maltipoo

Maltipoos are a loving and loyal breed of dogs, and this is one of the principal reasons that they’ve become one of the more popular breeds in the United States. Many owners are considering reading their Maltipoos on their own because of the high demand.

The best age to breed a Maltipoo is around 2 years of age. Because of this, whether you have a male or a female dog this is the earliest you should ever breed them. Experts also recommend that you avoid breeding your female Maltipoo until after her first or second cycle.

But before you ever consider this, there are many things that you need to understand and it requires some basic research. And in this article, we will cover some essential information you need to understand the best age to breed a Maltipoo.

Best Age To Breed A Maltipoo – Why You Should Wait

The most important factor to consider before ever breeding a dog is to protect their health as much as possible. After this consideration, there are a number of guidelines that you should follow before breeding your Maltipoo. If you decide to breed a dog too early due to a lack of maturity and this could lead to a lot of confusion for your dog aren’t even worse they could impact the health of your newborn puppies

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Important Factors to Consider When Breeding Female Maltipoos

Breeding female dogs as with any animal is way more complicated than breeding males.

Despite the fact your female Maltipoo may have her first heat cycle as young as 6 months of age this is not a sign she is ready to breed.

Veterinarians advise for the safest and best results you should wait until she’s at least 2 years of age before breeding a female multiple and stop breeding her before she’s 8 years of age

One of the biggest dangers to breeding a female Maltipoo before her second heat cycle is that she can develop serious mental issues and become extremely confused as a result, she might completely neglect her new puppies

Overbreeding a breeding Maltipoo when she’s too old can lead to defects in her puppies and cause health issues with your dog.

As your Maltipoo gets older her egg quality will deteriorate, which will make it more difficult for her to carry her pregnancies safely to full-term and can even result in puppies being stillborn.

Important Factors to Consider When Breeding Male Maltipoos

As we mentioned previously breeding a male Maltipoo is less complicated than a female but this is not the same that you shouldn’t follow specific guidelines to protect their health too. You should never a male Maltipoo until they’re sexually mature, which is around 2 years of age.

As with females, the sperm of your male Maltipoo will also deteriorate as they get older. It’s also important that you take your Maltipoo for a regular veterinarian checkup to ensure that he’s healthy enough to breed, and it’s advisable that you stop breeding them around the age of 10.

By taking your Maltipoo to the vet to be screened regularly, this can help identify any major health problems which may affect his ability to breed healthy offspring. This is also important to identify any genetic anomalies that may continue throughout the breeding process.

Why Age Is Such An Important Factor In Breeding Maltipoos

Your primary goal when breeding your Maltipoo is to produce a healthy litter of puppies. So as a new breeder, it’s important to first understand how to help your Maltipoo have as healthy a pregnancy as possible. Appreciating that choosing the age to breed them at can directly affect the health of any dog or their puppy is the first step.

Breeding a Maltipoo Too Young

The biggest danger attached to breeding either male or female Maltipoos at too young an age is the potential for severe consequences for the letter of the puppies.

You also risk creating avoidable mental stress by breeding female when she is too young. If you don’t wait for your Maltipoo to become fully developed herself it’s very difficult for any young mother to successfully carry a pregnancy to term. This can be a huge drain on her health and the possibility of miscarriages and stillbirth increased.

Some careless breeders breed Maltipoos as young as 1 year of age. Because their pelvis is not yet fully developed many of them die during the whopping process leading to a loss of both the puppies and mother.

ARE MALTIPOOS EASY TO TRAIN why does my maltipoo smell are maltipoos barkers Breeding a Maltipoo Too Old

Breeding a Maltipoo Too Old

Once you have successfully negotiated to breed your female Maltipoo frequently, there is an age that it’s time to consider if she’s getting too old to safely breed.

Statistically, risks attached to pregnancies explode as a mother gets older. This is especially true for older female Maltipoos, as risks of miscarriages and stillbirths increase if you continue to breed her past healthy age.

it’s also important to remember that if you would leave it too late to breed her past the age of four, you can also cause some serious issues with the whelping phase.

Breeding your Maltipoos after the age of eight will prove more challenging as her eggs will become more infertile and you may see an increased rate of illness in your new puppies. Older eggs have a tendency to develop some abnormalities, making it either difficult or most times impossible for a Maltipoo to breed a healthy litter of puppies.

Overbreeding or breeding to too old and age can also cause mothers that have extreme difficulties in nurturing their puppies. One of the most common problems that occur in female dogs is that they no longer produce a healthy amount of milk to support all their puppies. Some may even dry up before their puppies are old enough to ween.

Before you ever consider breeding your Maltipoo, it’s always recommended that you take them to your veterinarian to ensure that they are optimally healthy. The same should be done as they go a little older to make sure that they can safely breed.

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