Can a Cavapoo be left alone

Can A Cavapoo Be Left Alone? Our Ultimate Guide!

One of the first questions a new Cavapoo owner has is can a Cavapoo be left alone when you go to work? Is it safe to leave a dog alone? If I have to, what measures can I take to ensure both my Cavapoo and home remain safe?

It is perfectly okay to leave a Cavapoo alone for two hours. But because they are very social animals, it’s best you take some precautions if you’re going to leave them for 8 or 10 hours on their own every day while you go to work.

Leaving your Cavapoo on its own is something that will take a level of planning. There are a series of steps that you can take to ensure that a day spent alone can be far more enjoyable for your little furball. But thankfully you’re busy reading an article, which means you’re already putting some thought into this process.

What Might Go Wrong if You Leave a Cavapoo Alone

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    One of the first questions people always ask before getting a dog such as a Cavapoo is; What could go wrong if I leave them at home all day when I go to work?

    You could come home to one big doggie toilet

    It could destroy most of the furniture in your home

    It’s common for Cavapoos to dig holes and couches

    Everything including your clothes and shoes are fair game with his chew toys.

    These are some of the most common problems trust me, there are many other things that could go wrong too

    Can a Cavapoo be left alone

    Some Cavapoos when Left Alone exhibit Anxiety-Based Behaviors

    So the question remains why would a perfectly Cavapoo exhibit such destructive behavior when they’re left alone. The root of the issue is usually one of two things: either it’s anxiety or boredom. If your Cavapoo treats your home like its own personal Tornado alley, there are some things you should think about. if you don’t address the boredom or anxiety that your Cavapoo might suffer from when left home alone if you just get progressively worse.

    Never leave a Cavapoo in a Crate all day.

    One of the first solutions that Cavapoo owners think about is to simply let their pet in a crate all day long when they’re away from home. Well, this may seem like the perfect solution they can cause some serious developmental issues in your dog if they’re left in the crate for too long.

    How long can I safely leave my Cavapoo alone?

    If leaving your Cavapoo at home alone is something that cannot be avoided then it’s important to understand exactly how long you can safely leave them alone and this will depend on how you have set up your home to accommodate them.

    Here are a few questions you can ask to help you try to figure out how long your Cavapoo will safely stay alone in your home

    Is it safe to leave them roaming around your home or do you feel they need to be confined in a specific area?

    Can your dog relieve itself inside or do they leave to go outside for potty breaks?

    Does Your Cavapoo Have Access to Food and Water?

    Are you leaving your Cavapoo in a temperature controlled environment or is there a chance of getting stuck outside in the event of a sudden weather change

    These are obviously just a few things you should consider but we’re going to use them as a guideline to give you a general overview and try to answer the question of how long can a Cavapoo be safely left alone

    1. Can they take a potty break?

    If you provided your Cavapoo with an option of an appropriate place to take a potty break inside, then it’s safe to leave them for longer on their own. However, if you’re training them to do their business outside, leaving them alone for longer.

    Arrange for someone to visit your Cavapoo or you will have to visit them at least every four or five hours, depending on their age.

    2. Have they got room to roam around?

    If they have enough space to wander around or even better run around, then leaving your Cavapoo at home alone for a while is okay. If your only option means they would confine your Cavapoo to a crate while you’re outside of the home then it’s not acceptable to leave them there for more than a few hours at a time. If your intention is to leave your cargo alone while you’re at work and confine them to a crate during this time, please think again.

    3. Have they got enough access to water?

    One of the most important things you need to consider before leaving your pets on their own is do they have access to fresh water. It’s essential for your kind of food’s overall health and to allow them to maintain their most basic bodily functions. But managing this isn’t difficult; it could be as simple as buying an extra bowl for water. One of the best things you can do is to buy your pet a drinking fountain which means they can have access to water all day long without you having to worry about it.

    4. What can my Cavapoo do for fun while I am away?

    Keeping your Cavapoo stimulated both physically and mentally throughout the day is something you need to think about carefully. There are many things that you can place around your home that will help keep your Cavapoo occupied if you need to leave them alone for a prolonged period.

    5. Will they be exposed to any sudden changes in the weather?

    Everyone is keenly aware of the fact that weathermen get their forecasts wrong occasionally. And in my experience this is something that happens far more often than it should, but we can forgive them considering predicting the weather and sometimes be difficult.

    Having said all that if you’re leaving your Cavapoo alone, you should give it the ability to find shelter with the weather suddenly changing, either getting hotter or colder and if it rains can they get out of these unforeseen changes in weather. Before you ever consider leaving your dog alone, these are some of the most important preparations you can make.

    Can a Cavapoo puppy be left alone

    What about Cavapoo Puppies?

    If you’re considering leaving a Cavapoo puppy on their own, this is a different scenario to an adult dog. Puppies have to get outside far more often than adult dog needs, and it’s a consequence they’re much higher maintenance. Leaving a Cavapoo puppy on their own for a long period is something you cannot do.

    How to Successfully Leave Your Cavapoo at Home

    Having said all that, there are several steps you can take to help you successfully leave a Cavapoo at home alone. Once you’ve covered the ideas I’ve listed above, below are some more specific issues that you can address to ensure your Cavapoos’ day is more interesting and help them reduce any anxiety or boredom they may have felt when they’re left alone.

    Make sure your dog is both mentally and physically tired

    Cavapoos are a very fun and active dog, so before you leave them on their own for a day you should try your best to turn them out, take them for a good long walk or play fetch in the backyard before you go to work.

    When you leave them at home, you can set up your house with as many training games and puzzles available to keep them stimulated while you are away.

    DogTV can help keep your Cavapoo entertained

    Some people may frown on this, but there’s no denying that the TV is what is the current generation’s most popular babysitter. And providing it as entertainment for your Cavapoo is something that deserves consideration. Finding a TV show or a movie to keep them occupied for a few hours is something they will love. Dog TV and something you should look at and it has shows that can help keep your dog calm and relieve any boredom or anxiety they may have felt while being left alone.

    Hidden surprises and puzzles can help your Cavapoo

    Toys such as KONG, which is a dog feeding puzzle, will help keep your dog entertained and provide them with some hidden surprises and on the way. There’s another great toy that I use called Pet Zone IQ. You can fill this with treats and while you’re away from home, your Cavapoo will have to push this around the floor and work out how to release its rewards.

    Have your lunch at home

    If this is something you can do, it’s highly recommended. If it’s possible to do it every day, it would be great for your Cavapoo but even every once in a while is okay as it will break the monotony of being stuck inside hours at a time.

    Even if you work in it a little further away from home, taking a longer lunch break to give your dog some exercise and mentally stimulate them in the middle of the day will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

    Arrange for someone else to visit your dog

    Whether you have family members who live nearby or you have neighbors, you can trust asking one of them to pop inside and take your dog out what’s twice a week may not be a problem the worst they can say is no.

    Work with a dog walking service

    Now it’s time to look at a long-term solution and using the services of a dog walker while expensive is highly effective. Any Cavapoos suffering from anxiety or boredom of your dog may feel while being left at home alone.

    Consider doggy day care

    The next step up from working with a dog walking service is to consider a day kennel for your Cavapoo. These services can cost anything from 15 to $35 what some other places offer generous monthly packages which will offer you significant savings when compared to paying on a day-to-day basis.

    See if your Dog can come with you to work

    I am lucky enough to work in a very dog-friendly environment this is down to the fact that the vast majority of my co-workers have their own dogs. As a result, many of us are in the same boat, having to leave our furry friends at home when we go to work. So we’ve convinced her boss to allow us to bring our dogs to work one day of the month, just as long as it doesn’t interfere with any meetings or client schedules.

    Can a Cavapoo be left alone

    Can a Cavapoo Be Left Alone?

    Every Cavapoo owners will encounter different difficulties with caring for their dogs, most of which will depend on very specific situations. But before you ever consider getting a Cavapoo. Whether you have the facilities to safely leave them on their own is something that you need to contemplate. As we highlighted above Cavapoos need exercise, mental stimulation, food, water, shelter, and attention just to name a few things. Locking them in a cage as your go-to solution is not an option.

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