house training a labradoodle puppy

House Training a Labradoodle Puppy – In 4 Easy Steps

Everyone wants a clean house that works like clockwork, and house training a Labradoodle puppy is an important part of that. Well, if you have a dog in your family, you know it can be a real challenge. (Plus, a couple of kids and domestic mayhem may taste better!) However, having a well-trained dog can make a big difference!

Like most dogs, house training a Labradoodle puppy is easiest if you start as soon as possible. It’s always easier to learn a Labradoodle new habits, than having to correct bad habits later on.

The first thing you should know when training your home is to show them that you love them. It is essential to understand your dog and its nature. The dog may be just an animal for some or just a pet. However, dogs are more than that. They can be a good match and offer love to your pet owner. They follow their owner when they feel they are important and loved.

House Training a Labradoodle Puppy

In addition to loving your dog, you must also know its likes and dislikes. You must understand his nature as an animal and companion. Knowing these things will help you house-train your dog. In this way, you can give rewards or praise when the dog does well. These rewards will likely depend on what dogs want as dog food or as a simple pat on the back.

The next thing you need to know, in addition to the time it takes, you should also be patient enough to train your child at home. If you find it difficult to train a human child, it would be impossible to train a dog.

Communicating with your dog can be the most difficult part. However, when you understand them, their nature will be more relaxed. Patience is a key aspect of ensuring that the dog learns what it wants to learn.

Lastly, the dog must be able to feel that it is safe with you as a handler. It should feel that your home is with you, the person who is training you. In this way, the dog would surrender to your order and would do as you say. You, as a coach, should always have quality time together in the form of connecting through games or as easy as doing it together in the park.

Unfortunately, many dog owners have no idea how to train their dogs at home. Fortunately, learning the basics of potty training isn’t that difficult.

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Go Outside Every Couple of Hours

A Labradoodle puppy should be outside every time it has slept, eaten, had something to drink, after playtime, or just after being really excited.

That might seem excessive, so as a rule of thumb, it might be easier to just remember to allow it outside every 2-3 hours.

That should lower the risk of an accident quite a bit.

A clear signal that your puppy is about to have a call of nature, is that it will spin around itself a few times, before sitting down on its bottom.

When you see this, quickly get it outside.

Praise and Treats

Shouting and screaming have probably never helped anything, the puppy will learn far more by positive reinforcement.

This way it will quickly find out which behavior is rewarded, and the puppy would naturally want to repeat those actions.

The reason why it might have a few accidents inside is that it has never really learned any alternative.

When there is the occasional accident, there is really no better way, than to just get a paper towel, clean it up, and move on.

If you see it in the middle of the action inside, it’s ok to say “No”, pick it up and lift it outside to finish the business.

And if it does as you want it to, remember to reward it with praise, “good boy/girl”, and a small treat.

Patience is a virtue

If you do intervene with the puppy, it might take a bit of time before it remembers where it left off.

It’s all about patience.

Moreover, there’s usually a whole bunch of things outside, that are way more interesting than having to pee!

It will without a doubt happen more than once, that you’ve had it outside where nothing has happened.

And the second you get back inside where there are peace and quiet, the puppy will let out a sigh of relief, and pee on the floor.

Quick Summary

  1. Let the dog outside every time it has eaten or had a drink. Also quickly after a nap. To begin with, also a couple of times through the night.
  2. Be aware of your puppy’s behavior. When you get to know it better, you can quickly spot it’s telltale signs when it has to go.
  3. Habits. Start as soon as possible. And if you want it to primarily go on grass, introduce it to this element fast. Perhaps even use the same area so the puppy is familiarized with the spot.
  4. Praise it when the opportunity is there. If you come home and find there has been an accident, don’t scold the puppy. It won’t remember what it did earlier in the day.

By following these simple ideas, you should be able to house-train any puppy.

And if you want even more detailed advice and tips on how to house-train your puppy, this guide (affiliate link) has pretty helpful tricks you might be interested to look into.

Additional Tips for House Training a Labradoodle Puppy

Training Tip 1

The first rule of thumb to train your dog at home is to stick with foods that are already used to his system. Giving your Labradoodle puppy fatty foods can make it difficult to control his intestines. By keeping your dog on a regular feeding schedule that includes the foods he knows and the portions he’s used to, home training should be easier and more predictable.

Training Tip 2

Not only is it important to feed your dog the food it is used to, but it is also very important to feed it every day. Doing this makes home training easy for both you and your dog; for your dog because it helps you establish a regular elimination pattern. And for you, because you can use this pattern to your advantage when it comes to training your pet, quickly and efficiently.

Training Tip 3

You probably already have the idea that schedules are a good idea when it comes to training your dog at home. Well, here is another piece of the puzzle. Establish a strict schedule for your Labradoodle puppy to do “his business.” Get in the habit of taking him outside as soon as you get up in the morning and just before bed. Then be sure to take it out every few hours throughout the day.

Doing so will help you understand that his business must be done outside. The sooner he learned this, the better. If you can avoid it, you really want to prevent your dog from entering. Not only because cleaning is a pain, but because the smell is almost impossible to remove and will continue to attract your Labradoodle puppy repeatedly.

Training Tip 4

Of course, it’s not perfect for the Labradoodle puppy! Hopefully, your dog will crash from time to time during training. When this happens, immediately clean the pool.

Remember, animals tend to repeatedly return to places where they can smell urine or feces, so be sure to clean them well, especially carpets. If you notice your Labradoodle puppy gravitate to the point and bend down to do his business again, pick him up and take him outside. You may also want to check with your local pet store for something to help you get rid of the smell.

Training Tip 5

Do you speak “dog”? Right? Well, understanding your dog’s body language is the best option! Dogs often behave in a certain way when they feel the need to eliminate.

It is much easier to train your Labradoodle puppy at home when you are alert and ready to accompany your little one as soon as you see the first signs that he may need to leave. So keep your eyes peeled: it’s always best to have a drink by the door and then find the mess again!

You may want to look at boxes to train your dog. You don’t want a messy sleep, and neither does your Labradoodle puppy. With a little time and training, he will learn how to do his business where he should. The key here is to make sure your labradoodle puppy gets out of the box (and into the yard!) Often.

Training Tip 6

Good behavior should be praised. Then give credit where it is due.

Your Labradoodle puppy will do almost anything to gain approval. Praised when he does his “business” outside or in a designated area, and he will be encouraged to do it over and over again. And don’t hold back with compliments either. You must make it very obvious that you are satisfied with his behavior, so be enthusiastic and effusive.

Later, when obedience training begins, your Labradoodle puppy will already know that obedience equals praise, so home training sets the stage for all your dog training efforts.

All things considered, when you take your little dog outside, don’t toss it on the grass and return inside. Doing so will truly show your pooch that working together outside is synonymous with being distant from everyone else.

Put a positive turn on the whole preparation experience. Praise your little one while doing business, and then spend a few minutes on quality playtime. He will learn faster, and you will both be happier.

Training Tip 7

It’s never good to go home to a puddle on the floor (or worse!) But if you really don’t see your Labradoodle puppy making a mess, forget to try or punish him for it. The fact is, dogs simply don’t understand the concept of cause and effect.

Daring your dog after the disaster will only scare him of you or the mess. He just won’t understand why you are upset. And in some cases, it can even cause your dog to start eating its waste because it feels its presence annoys it.

Training Tip 8

Pick a verbal order. A dog can’t comprehend English the manner in which you do. The pet is more used to short expressions that its owner utilizes much of the time. When preparing a little dog, make certain to relegate some verbal orders to your pet’s different anticipated activities. You can use some short orders like “go to the washroom” and “go to the restroom here.” It will viably cause your pet to potty properly while he grows up.

However, don’t give him gifts if he does something he shouldn’t. The Labradoodle puppy’s eyes can be powerful, but don’t give up on temptation! Since mistakes will continue to occur during the home training process, you will need a variety of hand-cleaning supplies. You can use Bleach to neutralize urine, but beware of where you put it away, as it will stain some clothes. Buying cleaning products for controlling pet mess will be more beneficial than using regular cleaning products.

Learn how to yell and punish your Labradoodle puppy for making this mess, but not hitting them, so associate him with good things to get out of the bathroom where he shouldn’t. It takes a lot of love, but your dog will learn not to make the whole house his personal bathroom.

Final Words

Not all puppies are created equal when it comes to training. Some require more time and effort than others, but the training methods are usually very similar. It takes time and dedication to train a dog properly. Patience is the key to training, and repetition is key to reinforcing the learning process.

The age of the little dog can be critical, as it is commonly simpler to prepare more puppies. If possible, training should start between six and eight weeks. Different races can also play an important role in training methods. Different breeds have different temperaments and personalities.

If you catch your dog about to relieve himself at the house, just say “no!” using a strong and firm voice. Then take him outside immediately.

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