Labradoodle Mistakes Everyone Makes

5 Unforgivable Labradoodle Mistakes Everyone Makes!

Labradoodles are some of the best non-human companions you could have; they’re friendly, playful, and charmingly docile. But they’re high-maintenance dogs, meaning you could be doing something wrong and still be unaware of it.

Some errors may be difficult to mend, but it’s better than not knowing about them and treating your next pup the similar wrong way.

Here are 5 unforgivable Labradoodle mistakes everyone makes that you need to be wary of.

5 Unforgivable Labradoodle Mistakes Everyone Makes!

Labradoodle Mistakes Everyone Makes
  1. Not Grooming Your Labradoodle’s Coat Enough 

Labradoodles are crossbreeds, meaning many may assume they do not shed. And dogs that do not shed much are generally given lesser care than those that do.

However, Labradoodles shed like any other, but just a little lesser. So, you might want to invest in a good shampoo because not all Labradoodles are hypoallergenic.

Now is a good time to initiate a good grooming routine if you own a Labradoodle. They will love your effort to prevent their thick coat from matting.

Their teddy bear-like coat needs frequent brushing so that their coat remains healthy. Also, trim the hair around the eyes and paws so they don’t obstruct vision and make their sensory functions difficult. 

A good grooming routine will help keep ticks and fleas at bay, preventing your Labradoodle from becoming a victim of skin irritations and poor health

  1. Ignoring Their Temperament And Personality

Labradoodles are thought to be generally outgoing and friendly, making many owners keep them as family dogs. But the downside is that their personality may differ based on their parents and whether they were crossbred with other breeds. 

Sometimes, Labradoodles can be a little too playful, so you should keep an eye on them when they’re around kids. Their hyperactivity may accidentally injure inattentive kids. They are potentially harmful, just like any other dog, and may bite you if they get too aggressive. 

To understand your Labradoodle better, you’ll have to observe its body language. They are incredibly hyperactive during their teething stage, which should not be interpreted as aggressive behavior. 

And if they seem just a little too excited, they might need a swim, so take them to a pool. It’ll be great exercise as Labradoodles love the waters and are one of the best swimming dogs. 

Sometimes, your canine may show negative behavior like extended boredom and lethargy. This is a tell-tale sign that they need some socializing.

One way to improve your Labradoodle’s socializing skills is to take them to a dog park. Your pup will be among its kind, and you will get to see a lot of adorable dogs; consider it a win-win situation.

  1. Limiting Their Space

Labradoodles are playful dogs, and despite having three sizes, mini, medium, and standard, they need much space to run around and keep their bodies healthy.

If you have a yard where your doodle can run about, you have nothing to worry about. Just be sure not to leave them inside the house for most of the day. However, the problem arises with dog owners who live in apartments and neglect an active lifestyle. 

Because Labradoodles need ample space for exercise, they may develop negative behavior when left in a limiting environment; they certainly aren’t apartment dogs.

However, if Labradoodles are your only pet choice and you are inclined to go the extra mile for your pup, you must take them on walks every day, an hour each in the mornings and evenings.

And if you’re considering buying a kennel for your Labradoodle, only use it for transporting your pup but never lock them in.

  1. Neglecting Early Training

Puppies are like children; you must consistently train them from an early age to make them docile and develop good habits. This is crucial in determining if your and your pet’s relationship will be fruitful. No one would want a Labradoodle that’s too aggressive and doesn’t understand cues.

Most puppies are separated from their mothers at around eight weeks when you bring them home, which is the best period to start training them. 

If you start the training sessions early, your Labradoodle will quickly obey you and understand your cues. And with consistency, they will become more like the Labradoodles on the Internet that you’ve always wanted. 

You want to ensure you leave out the punishing when training your puppy. Instead, study their behavior and try to come up with new ways to redirect their attention.

So, you should say goodbye to nose rubs and chidings because dogs are a whole different species that learns differently. And if you want your Labradoodle to trust you, you will have to stop punishing them. 

  1. Choosing A Cheap Pet Mill Over A Breeder

Much as everyone loves an adorable Labradoodle to lighten the environment in their homes, they cost a lot. And if you add the maintenance and food costs, you will be investing quite a lot for a dog.

Because these doodles cost $1500 to $2000 at most breeders, the price tag of puppy mills may seem very attractive. However, most pet mills have unclear backgrounds, with most puppies being a product of overbreeding. As such, they risk having inferior health backed by diseases.

Cheap online listings are another source you should be wary of. Most of them have little or no information about their pets and shouldn’t be trusted. However, a handful of these sites provide information about the Labradoodle and its background and health. These are reliable sources, provided you double-check the facts. 

Since online listings and pet mills are unreliable, it’s best to stick to a reputable breeder when considering bringing home a new pet. You can even ask them for health records and do a background check on the puppy.

Summing Up

Labradoodles may impress you with their intelligence and skills, but sometimes, they’re pretty tricky to understand. Many owners often mistake their strange temperament and behavior as otherwise and raise their Labradoodles the wrong way.

So, are you guilty of these 5 unforgivable Labradoodle mistakes everyone makes? If you are, you don’t have to worry about it; just ensure that you follow the proper way to handle your canine and ask your family and others to do the same!

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