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My Labradoodle is Out of Control – How To Fix It!

Most of us have probably been there. You and your dog casually walking along the road, enjoying the sun and the fresh air.

The best way to avoid having a Labradoodle that is out of control is to ensure it’s properly fed and exercised every day, both physically but also mentally.

There’s a couple of familiar faces from the usual group of dog walkers along the way.

You decide to remove the leash so your dog can play around with the other dogs, and then the fun stops…

Your labradoodle is head over tails after some poor bird, and you chase frantically after it, to prevent it from rolling around in whatever type of excrements it can find.

Perhaps you haven’t had this exact scenario, but something close, and thought for yourself that your Labradoodle is out of control.

You might be saying:

My Labradoodle is out of control? Perhaps

My Labradoodle is untrainable? Certainly not!

I’ve never met a dog who wasn’t trainable.

Some might have a bit more “puppy energy” than other dogs, but with the right guidance, even the most out of control dog can be turned into a great family dog.

Below is a list of ideas to help your labradoodle being obedient, I’ve learned from being a dog owner through many years, and having spoken with several professional dog instructors through those years.

  1. Take your dog on walks, just the two of you. Where it’s just you and the dog, and you’re not busy talking with other people along the way. You can have a few stops on the way, where you practice some small tasks uninterrupted. The less your dog tries to run away, the higher the chance of positive behavior in the future.
  2. Create successes. Do simple tasks where you’re certain your Labradoodle will do great. The rewards you give your dog will make it feel like it has accomplished something good, and it will be better at listening and staying motivated if the dog thinks it’s fun to work.
  3. Be consistent in your training and your rules. This way the dog will always know what is expected of it and be comfortable with these demands.
  4. Upgrade your treats. Maybe those boring old biscuits isn‘t all that interesting in the long run, or perhaps your labradoodle just want to taste a new flavor. Bring some meatballs or perhaps a piece of chicken if your dog has done extraordinarily well.
  5. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same applies to dog training. Some times it might feel like there isn’t any progress at all, but remember that even a small amount of progress will amount to something in the end.

If you’re looking for a guide on how to house train your Labradoodle, I’ve written this guide earlier.


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