The Best bed for a Labradoodle in your house

Best bed for a Labradoodle!

Every good dog needs a good bed, so when we got our new dog, we searched high and wide to find what we thought would be the perfect choice for our new Labradoodle. We ended up getting the Petfusion X-Large Dog Bed.

Short summary, the Petfusion X-Large Dog Bed is an amazingly comfortable and durable bed, and our Labradoodle Monty felt right and home the moment he received the bed.

Basic Info

The bed in a size X-Large has a measurement of 44×34″, with a waterproof 4″ Memory Foam base and should be big enough for most Labradoodle mixes.

It comes in three colors: Chocolate Brown, Sandstone and Slate Gray and weighs in at 23 pounds.

Petfusion offers a 24 month warranty on any part that is broken due to manufacturer defect.


Leaving to join a new family can be a big enough experience for a small puppy, so we wanted to make sure that we did what we could to make our Labradoodles new home, as relaxing and comfortable as we could.

Quickly we decided that the Petfusion Dog Bed in slate gray, with the great amounts of positive reviews we could find of it, was the bed we were looking for.

Debating what size to get, we ended up going for the X-Large, expecting our dog to hit around 60 pounds when fully grown. And this bed should last his entire life anyway.

You could probably manage with a size Large for most types of Labradoodle mixes though.

The first few days

We were happy when we got home, and our dog went straight for the bed. We knew he would quickly find comfort there.

He found a home in his own bed very fast after moving in with us, which made us very happy to see.

We’ve never had to instruct him to leave our couch and go lie in his own bed because he’s always done that by himself!


After a few months, and some nice spring rain, we had the pleasure of testing how easy it was to clean after Monty decided to run straight to his bed, after an adventure into our muddy garden…

Thankfully the cover was removable and washable, so we just threw it into the washer, and it was as good as new.

It was certainly easier to clean than the rest on the floor from the garden door to the bed!

Before he was house trained, we had the occasional accident. But the waterproof foam base took care of that. We’ve never had much pee on it, so can’t say if large amounts might be a problem.

And so far the bed hasn’t had anything besides a few superficial scratches, so the covers seems very durable. Even when exposed to puppy teeth the bed took it in strides.

When looking at other reviews online, a few people have had some issues with the bed not being 100% waterproof, but this is not something we’ve had any issues with.

Best bed for a Labradoodle?

We’ve had other beds with previous dogs, but there has always been something about those that irritated us, so this time we wanted to do it right from the start.

Good durability, excellent comfortability, and a fair price for something that could last a lifetime.

The Petfusion Dog Bed is by far the best bed any of our dogs has ever owned, and we can easily give it our warmest recommendations.

You can get the Petfusion Dog Bed here on Amazon.

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