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Do Labradoodles Like Car Rides?

Most dogs love car rides, and Labradoodles are certainly no different!

Labradoodles have a sixth sense when it comes to car keys. Once you start rattling them, they know what about to happen, and they love it!

When a Labradoodle enters a car, most humans also know what’s about to happen: the dog will have it’s head out the window the entire time you allow it.

Why Is That?

There hasn’t been done a whole lot of research into the love between a Labradoodle and car rides.

But Stanley Coren, dog behavioral expert, and professor at the University of British Columbia has a good guess: the Labradoodles fantastic sense of smell.

Stanley Coren rates it as great importance that a Labradoodle has 225 million olfactory receptors in their nose, compared to humans measly 50 million.

“If you roll down your window,” Stanley Coren says to the Canadian media The Globe and Mail, “your dog will get a kaleidoscopic impression of the world through its nose. Humans are visual beings, but a dog lives through the nose”

When the Labradoodle has its nose out the window, the experiences gushes in like a cornucopia of fragrance impressions: restaurants, wild animals, fields of wheat. It must be like doggy heaven!

Veterinarian Melissa Bain from the University of California expresses the dog’s rush of happiness quite precisely: “I’m not sure they get high as such, but they do receive a lot of inputs at a very high pace”.

Another possible reason might be, that it also reminds the Labradoodle of hunting.

Labradoodles are programmed in their genes to hunt in groups. The genetic tendency could very well be recollected, when they go for a drive with the family – their group – in a car.

According to dog trainer Kevin Behan from Vermont, Labradoodles in cars could experience other animals and objects they pass, as prey.

Some Labradoodles even have such a strong feeling of such, that they might try and reach out after those things when passing by.

These intense feelings that the car ride/hunt could awaken in the dog could also be why the dog is all wired up when the ride is over, that’s why it might also be a good idea to have some energetic playtime when you leave the car.

Dogs and Humans

One final probable cause why Labradoodles like car rides, is something they have in common with humans.

Dr. Brian Hare of Duke University, points out, that a Labradoodle will quickly discover that a drive in the car, means something exciting is about to happen.

Thousand of years of living a symbiotic life with humans has made dogs prefer living with humans instead of other dogs.

“If you give the dog a choice of being with humans or other dogs, the dog would prefer humans” Brian Hare claims in an interview with Mother Nature Network.

And if a Labradoodle wants to spend time with humans, there’s probably a no better place than in a car, where it not only gets a trip to fragrance heaven but also a simulated hunting trip.


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