Can Labradoodles eat watermelon?

After having written a list of items a Labradoodle couldn’t eat, I figured it was time for something a bit more positive. So I’ve made a list of everyday items that a Labradoodle can eat!

Can Labradoodles eat watermelon? – Yes, but remove the seeds, and preferably also the rind.

Can Labradoodles eat eggs? – Yes, Preferably hardboiled, or else they might get issues with their stomachs.

Can Labradoodles eat pineapple? – Yes, Most dogs love pineapple, but like humans their tongues might get a bit fuzzy if they eat too much, due to the enzymes in the pineapple.

Can Labradoodles eat blueberries? – Yes, Blueberries are great for a Labradoodle, just make sure they don’t eat too much.

Can Labradoodles eat tuna? – Yes, Tuna is a great source for fatty acids, but like humans, don’t feed it too much, due to the heavy metals found in tuna.

Can Labradoodles eat potatoes? – Yes, just make sure it’s not a green potato, as they contain higher amounts of solanine the greener they are.

Can Labradoodles eat rice? – Yes, as long as they are properly cooked. If your dog has stomach issues, rice might even help soothen it a bit.

Can Labradoodles eat peanut butter? – Yes, even though regular nuts aren’t good for a Labradoodle, peanuts are actually not a nut, but a legume. Just watch out, as peanut butter is pretty high in calories.

Can Labradoodles eat bananas? – Yes, bananas are loaded with vitamins, but eating too many might give constipation.

Can Labradoodles eat chicken? – Yes, but avoid giving the bones to the dog, as they easily splinter when chewed on.

So that was a list of 10 everyday items that your Labradoodle can eat, with some advice on what to consider when feeding it to them.

Disclaimer – This isn’t a paramount list, and you shouldn’t solely feed your Labradoodle from this list.

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