how do i get my labradoodle to stop barking

What can a Labradoodle not eat?

Just because a type of food is great for a human, doesn’t mean your Labradoodle could eat the same. I’ve compiled a list of items that you should avoid giving your Labradoodle:

  1. Avocado – Avocados contains persin, which, If eaten by your dog, it can lead to diarrhoea and vomiting.
  2. Alcohol – Your Labradoodle end up in a coma, or even death if consumed.
  3. Chocolate – It contains theobromine, which is poisonous for Labradoodle.
  4. Raisins and grapes – Can lead to severe kidney problems.
  5. Nuts – Especially academia nuts, can cause your Labradoodle to vomit, or even be paralyzed or die. It only makes it worse, if it’s nuts from a chocolate bar.
  6. Apple cores, cherry pits etc – These contain cyanide, which is extremely toxic. If your Labradoodle eats an apple core or two, it’s not a problem, but if it finds a bunch of fallen cherries and starts eating, it could quickly get dangerous.
  7. Candy – Due to the xylitol in sugar, your Labradoodle could start vomiting, or in serious cases start convulsing or become unconscious.
  8. Tomatoes and tomato plants – If digested, your Labradoodle could display symptoms of excessive drooling, trouble with breathing, vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation.
  9. Coffee and tee – The caffeine affects the central nervous system and the heart of your Labradoodle. Which could lead to heart conditions? The same applies to the caffeine found in energy drinks like Red Bull.
  10. Onions and onion plants – These can affect the red blood cells of your Labradoodle, which can lead to anaemia and troubled breathing.
  11. Cheese and other milk-based products – Like humans, Labradoodles could be lactose intolerant, so watch out for these products.

So that was a list of 10 items you should avoid feeding your Labradoodle. In most cases the symptoms listed are in a worst case scenario, but why take a chance when there’s so much better food you can give your Labradoodle.

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