Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick collar

Best Flea Collar for my Labradoodle

When we brought home Monty we also bought a Bayer Seresto flea collar, to avoid getting those annoying bugs into our home.

So far we’ve been very satisfied with it, and I decided to write a REAL review from an ACTUAL owner, instead of those blogs that just recommend a product to get a commission.

In short, The Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar is a great purchase for most Labradoodles. There have been a few cases where a small dog might be lethargic for a few days (just a bit tired, but still ate fine), and this was also something we experienced, but that quickly passed.

To begin with, we’ve only purchased one seeing as they are supposed to have an effective protection for 8 months, but we’ve already ordered a 3-pack for when it’s time to replace the old one.


Even though the collars cost a bit, considering the price on flea drops are way higher, we’re sure it’s worth it in the long run. Currently they retail for about $59 a piece.

We’ve previously spent that mount on drops each month, so if the effectiveness of the collar truly is at least 8 months, that’s going to be quite a saving.


It’s also pretty neat that the collar can easily fit next to your labradoodles regular collar, so you don’t have to decide which one to use.

With previous dogs, we’ve often used lubricants of different sorts, but all have been greasy at best, and ineffective at worst. So we’re pretty happy that we’ve found a solution for our Labradoodle, that actually works, and we haven’t had any issues with so far after 4 months of use. (I plan on doing an update on the effectiveness of the collar after the 8 months) The tiredness our dog suffered for all of one day is nothing that concerns us, seeing as he was back to being his old self really fast.

Other users

Looking at reviews online, there does seem to be a small amount of users who has experienced issues where their dogs proved to be allergic to the collar, but our Labradoodle hasn’t had any problems past day 1 what so ever, but do keep that in mind if you decide to order som collars.


But in closing, Monty loves his collar, and not having to deal with either fleas or ticks has been fantastic for us. The first day where he seemed a bit lazy quickly passed, and ever since we haven’t had any issues at all.

If you decide to take a closer look at this flea collar, you can find it on Amazon here.

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