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Is A Bigger Dog Crate Better?

Being a dog owner means that you have to consider everything about your dog needs. You have to make sure that your pet will be comfortable at all times. Since having a dog is like having a human child, you need to always make sure that you are being sensitive with your furry kid.

A bigger dog crate is not better for dogs. You have to consider your dog breed and age as well before giving them an oversized accommodation. Although they need to have a comfortable space so that they can move around, getting them a bigger one may not be a good idea.

Aside from taking care of your dog and feeding it with nutritious food, you also need to make sure that they are comfortable in their crate. The question is, is it better if they have a bigger crate? It may seem like it but having a bigger dog crate is not always suitable for your pet.

Is a Bigger Dog Crate Better

If you have a puppy, for example, it will not be suitable for them to be inside a huge crate. It can cause them to feel lonely because of too much space. It can also make them feel scared that can cause them to cry and whine more than they should. It’s best just to get them enough space to move around the crate but don’t give them too much space.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Crate

1. Find the Best Size

When looking for a dog crate, you need to find the best size that will work best for your dog. If you have a small breed dog, then get one that will give them enough room to be comfortable. You don’t need to get a bigger dog crate if you’re not expecting to have your pet to grow bigger anyway.

If you have a large breed dog, they will be happy with a comfortable space. There’s no need to go overboard with getting a huge dog crate. If they have more than enough room, it can make them feel sad being alone inside that dog crate. That will not be a good thing for them, and they may not even want to get inside it.

2. Get a Dog Crate with Roof

Not all dog crates have a roof since some are designed just to set boundaries for the dog. However, it’s better to get a dog crate with a roof. It will ensure the safety of your dog since they will not have to attempt to jump outside of their dog crate anymore. It will also help your dog to behave a little better.

Some dogs may be playful and feel like they can jump out of it. If you have a dog crate without a roof, it will encourage them to jump. That will not end up well since they can hurt themselves in the process. The dog crate will also end up getting broken, and you have to buy another one. Since it’s not cheap, it’s better to play it safe.

3. Consider Your Travel Plans

Choosing a dog crate is not that hard, but you have to consider other factors before getting one. If you are planning to travel with your dog, it’s better to get them a dog crate with just the right size. If you go for the bigger one, it will take a lot of space and you will have to buy another one.

You also have to consider the materials for the dog crate. If you’re planning to bring them on your RV trip, you can go for the soft-sided cage instead. Just make sure that it will not hurt them as you drive. Don’t forget to take-off their leash as well or it can choke them workout you knowing about it. You can also add some cushions to protect them inside.

4. Get an Adjustable Dog Crate

If you have a puppy, it’s not a good idea to just buy a small dog crate. Since your puppy will eventually grow, they will need to have more space so that they can be comfortable. But since you can’t just put them in a big dog crate right away, it’s better to find an adjustable dog crate instead.

There are adjustable dog crates available, so your puppy will not feel lonely being alone in a vast space. Once your puppy grows, you can add more space to it to give your dog more room. It will also make crate training easier since your puppy will not have a negative feeling about it. The adjustable dog crate can also help you save from buying a bigger one.

5. Consider the Price

You have to consider that the bigger the dog crate is, the more expensive it can be. If it’s too big for your pet and they will not be comfortable staying there, you’re just wasting your money. Dogs don’t need a very spacious cage. It will make them feel lonely staying alone, and they may no longer enjoy getting out of there.

You don’t have to buy a bigger crate more than enough for your dog to be comfortable. Since it’s like giving them their own room, it has to be comfortable and not very spacious for comfort. Your dog needs to have just enough space to turn around and find a comfortable sleeping position. If it’s more than that, it will not be suitable for them anymore.

My Recommendation

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So, is a bigger dog crate better? No, it’s not. Since it will cause discomfort with your pet, it’s not a good idea to get them that. You can just base it from their breed and size if you want to train them being inside the dog crate.

There’s no need to spend too much for an oversized dog crate and consider the factors that will apply to you as well. If you want to bring your dog with you on your travels, a bigger dog crate is a bad idea. Just go for something comfortable, and your canine will appreciate you for it.

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