Havapoo Vs Cavapoo

Havapoo Vs Cavapoo – Which Breed Is Perfect For You?

Who doesn’t love the cute and adorable doggies to cuddle on their lap after a tiring day! This little bunch of joy adds to the small apartments’ happiness, which cannot make places for the larger breeds. When it comes to small breeds, poodle hybrid is the best option one can think of!

Poodles are very energetic and love to be a part of a busy household. They can be trained quickly and can be the perfect playmate for the children. If anyone plans to add a poodle hybrid member to their family, then Havapoo or a Cavapoo can make a great choice.

Now the question is which would be a better choice, a Havapoo or a Cavapoo. Before we get into the debate of Havapoo vs. Cavapoo, which one to select out of the two; first, we need to get introduced to both Havapoo and Cavapoo.

An ice-breaking session with Havapoo and Cavapoo

Havapoo can also be called Havanoodle or Havadoodle. It is a crossbreed of a Havanese dog with a toy poodle or miniature poodle. International Designer Canine Association registered this breed in the year 2009.

Just like Havapoo, Cavapoo is also a mixed breed between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. Cavapoo is also known as Cavadoodle or Cavoodle. This breed is also perfect as a family pet, and being small in size, they can be accommodated in small spaces.

They are pretty adorable and constantly seek attention. They can mingle well with all the members of a family, including children. They are loyal, playful. Like Havapoo, they also love to cuddle on a sofa or a lap.

Looks of Havapoo vs Cavapoo

Havapoo generally grows between 8-15 inches in height, and its weight is within 7-20 pounds. The different types of coats make the Havapoo look quite attractive.

The coats of Havapoo are long, thick, and silky and require daily brushing for detangled maintenance.

Some breeds have wavy or curly coats. The type of coats tends to change as per their breed. It is because the coats of Havapoo mostly depend on their parent breed.

Havapoo is available in different attractive shades like grey, brown, black, tan, white, etc. They are often tinged with other shades, too, along with these mentioned colors, which add to their elegant looks.

Cavapoo, on the other hand, is tall and can measure between 9-14 inches. Their weight is within 7-18 pounds. Various shades like chocolate, chestnut, fawn, gold, white and cream, etc., are responsible for the adorable look of Cavapoo.

There are three different types of coat seen in a Cavapoo. They are wool, hair, and fleece.

Fleece coats- These are common and tend to have loose waves or curls. These coats are very soft to touch, and the shedding is negligible. Time to time clipping is enough for this type of low-maintenance coat.

Wool coats -Wool coats also don’t shed much and are with tight curls, which require regular clipping and daily brushing.

Hair coats – These are pretty rough and tend to shed more than the rest of the coat types. The growth of hair coats is less and hence requires less grooming.

Behavior and Temperament of Havapoo vs Cavapoo

As per the temperament, Havapoo is quite friendly and loving and is pretty adaptable with every family member, no matter whether they are young or old! They need a lap to cuddle and are very playful with the minor children.

Because of their small size, they do not need ample space to stay and can thrive in tiny homes or apartments. They have a very high energy level. They love to be around people and hate being left alone for long. If they are left alone for long, they tend to suffer from separation anxiety.

 An hour of exercise per day is much required for this breed. It helps them to socialize. This breed is very intelligent, which makes it easy to train.

Does a Cavapoo get angry quickly? No way! Cavapoo is an amiable and gentle breed and goes well with families, especially with small children. This breed loves to be around people. That is why they are great family dogs.

The Cavapoo has a very outgoing and sporty personality. They are curious and love to watch everything that is happening around them. However, since they are of mixed breed, one cannot guarantee their temperament.

Since they are of mixed breed, some are quite relaxed, and some are full of energy. They don’t like to stay alone for long. Hence training and socializing is a must for Cavapoo.

They are pretty intelligent and love to earn treats and so are easy to train. They are great athletes too and hence make a great and obedient competitor.

Training of Havapoo vs Cavapoo

Training of both Havanese and Cavapoo is quite easy as both breeds are extremely intelligent. If trained consistently for a week or two, they can easily grab what is expected from them. Verbal praise and treats are what they expect when they perform the activities, just like how it has been commanded to them.

Havapoo can adapt and learn very quickly, which makes it easier to train them.

Potty training is very easy for Havapoo as they pick up this training quite faster than expected!

Cavapoo is also a very intelligent and highly trainable breed. This is the reason why this breed is perfect as a first pet. Interacting with these Cavapoo pups is a fun activity for both the owners as well as the pet!

A Cavapoo cannot stand harsh behavior from humans, and hence if someone shouts at them while being trained, they get scared and tend to develop anxiety. It might stop them from learning anything and will lead to unsuccessful training.

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Grooming of Havapoo vs Cavapoo

Daily grooming of Havapoo, like combing and brushing the coat, is required as they have a thick coat prone to tangles. However, since they tend to shed less, so much maintenance is not required. Their eyes, as well as ears, need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infection. The nails of Havapoo need to be clipped regularly.

But on the other hand, grooming a Cavapoo seems to be more challenging. Their coats are more prone to matting and are hard to be maintained for first-time owners. So they need the help of professionals, which makes it costly maintenance for a Cavapoo. So it is much easier to keep the coats of the Cavapoo short for easy maintenance.

Shedding of Havapoo and Cavapoo

The tendency to shed for a Havapoo and Cavapoo is very minimal. So humans who are allergic to dogs can pet any of these breeds without any hesitation.

Diet chart of Havapoo vs Cavapoo

Dogs of every breed are generally fed as per their weight. The same goes with Havapoo as well. They need 1.6 grams of fat and 2.62 grams per kg of their overall weight. So selecting the best dog food is essential that would help meet their everyday nutritional requirements. Per day a 15-pound Havapoo consumes 600 calories which can be broken up into two or three meals.

Cavapoo is prone to get fat if overfed. So it is better to maintain a strict diet chart, and treats should also be given within limits. In a day, 40 calories of healthy food per pound of their total body weight are perfect for a Cavapoo, equivalent to 600 calories. A good amount of exercise is also required regularly for Cavapoo.

Exercise is a Must for Both Havapoo and Cavapoo

Havapoo is renowned for its very high energy levels. Hence regular exercise is a must for them. At least sixty minutes of exercise per day is mandatory for them.  One can take them for a leash walk, and they would assure you that they are a no-nonsense breed because of their friendly nature! They will love to accompany in a run with their human friends! One can even try brain games to keep them active.

On the other hand, a Cavapoo is quite gentle. They love to play and run. 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day is mandatory for a Cavapoo, including a walk or run around the park. They are curious too and love to explore things around them, which helps them to socialize!

 A breeder can guide as to what type of socializing training would be perfect for them. One should remember to treat them with food or toys once they successfully perform what they have been asked to. It will make them more interested in training and thus more obedient!

At the end of the tiring training or exercise, one needs to ensure that they get enough rest on the couch or on the lap to cuddle up and relax!

Health Issues of Havapoo vs Cavapoo

Whether it is a Havapoo or a Cavapoo, every pet lover wants their pet to live a long, healthy, and happy life. However, there are specific health issues which the breeds might face and can even be hazardous as we all know that it is better to take precautions than to be sorry afterward. One can take preventive measures to keep the diseases at bay, ensuring a longer life span for the furry friends.

Like all other dog breeds, a Havapoo and Cavapoo are also prone to different types of health issues. These are crossbreeds and tend to inherit genetic diseases from their parents. So if one is planning to buy a Havapoo or a Cavapoo, it is better to buy from a licensed dealer who can provide the authentic health certificates of the parents of the pup.

The medical conditions that a Havapoo generally suffers from are deafness, hip-joint disease, patellar luxation, heart murmurs, and so on.

Entropion, a problem with the eyelid, is quite common in Cavapoo, and this medical condition is quite painful and can even lead to corneal ulcers if not treated on time. Mitral Valve disease is also common in Cavapoo, which is related to the heart. This, if detected early, can be cured too.

Apart from these, the other health issues found in Cavapoo are cataracts, hernia, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, etc.

However, to prevent any severe medical conditions, routine checkups, timely vaccines, a healthy diet, and exercise can help every dog breed.

Havapoo Price havapoo puppy checklist

The life span of Havapoo vs Cavapoo

It is a fact that small breeds tend to age and grow slower than larger breeds.

A Havapoo can approximately live for 13-16 years, depending on the cause of their death. However, the average life span is 14.5 years. If they get proper love and care, they can live longer, up to 16 years. 

The average life span of a Cavapoo is 12-15 years. However, to live life to the fullest, they need a proper and restricted diet depending on good quality dog food. One can also feed them on food supplements along with probiotics from their childhood.

Regular exercise is also required, and routine checkups are also mandatory to keep them healthy and fit enough and help live them longer.

Final Thoughts on Havapoo vs Cavapoo Which to Select

It is a fact that both Havapoo and Cavapoo are pretty similar as per temperament and looks, and hence it is a challenging task to choose between the two. However, few characteristics differentiate between the two and can help in selecting one.

As Havapoo is very friendly, calm, and adaptable, they can easily blend with children and elderly members of the family. So selecting a Havapoo for a family with children and senior members will be a perfect match.  They can easily adjust themselves in small homes, which is an added advantage for people who stay in apartments.

On the other hand, if one needs a small dog who can be very obedient and a great athlete, Cavapoo is the best to select! Cavapoo is also friendly and very intelligent; however, its temperament is questionable!

So choosing between the two will make one think twice!

Havapoo Vs Cavapoo

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