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Havapoo Generations – F1, F1b, F2 And So On

Havapoos are perfect little bundles of joy for any pet lover. They are created by a crossbreeding of a miniature-sized Poodle with a purebred Havanese. As they inherit traits from both the parents, they make excellent cuddle buddies.

If you’re interested in getting yourself one of these, you must know about the different generations of Havapoos. A hybrid dog or designer breed is labeled as F1, F2, and so on. The number here refers to the generation. However, how does the generation determine the characteristics of a dog?

In this article, we’ll take you through the various generations of a Havapoo. That will give you a deeper insight into the temperament and physical characteristics of your dog. You’ll also be well-versed with its care and grooming needs.

What is a F1 Havapoo?

The F1 generation originated from the USA about 20-30 years ago. You may call it a Poovanese or Havadoodle as well. It will make for an adorable family dog for you, and it’s very compatible with children.

The F1 Havapoo generation of dogs is created by crossbreeding two generations of 100% purebred dogs. As a result, the F1 generation inherits 50-50 traits of either parent. In the case of Havapoos, these parents are Poodles and purebred Havanese dogs.

To understand your F1 Havapoo, you must understand both the parent dogs better, as it’s difficult to predict who your dog takes after. Based on the dominant factors, you can interpret its behavior, actions, and needs.

full grown havapoo full grown f1 havapoo

Understanding Poodles – Parent 1

Poodles are toy breeds, and for creating Havapoos, miniature-sized poodles are preferred. They are brilliant and intelligent; despite their cute appearance, they pass it on to the F1 Havapoos. You can quickly train them, and they respond well to any instructions you give them.


Poodles are affectionate dogs that originated around 400 years ago from Germany. For creating Havapoos, 6-15 pounds heavy Poodles are preferred. Your Havapoo may inherit the blue, black, or even cream-colored coat from them.

They have very curly coats that require essential grooming with regular brushing. Their bodies are very puffy, and this makes them excellent cuddle buddies.


Poodles are very radiant and are bustling with energy at any given time. You’ll find that they generally pass on their goofiness and curiosity to F1 Havapoos. However, miniature Poodles are very delicate; thus, to eliminate this factor, Havanese are significantly bigger them.


Poodles have good genes, and they live around 12-15 years. That, crossed with a healthy Havanese, will give you a healthy and well-bred F1 Havapoo. However, they are prone to hip dysplasia and even Addison’s disease in the worst-case scenario.

So, you must pick out a Poodle with great genetics. If both parents have healthy genes, it will reduce the chances of your F1 Havapoo inheriting undesirable traits.

Exercise and Nutrition

These tiny puppies require little to moderate amounts of exercise. When combined with positive reinforcement, you can efficiently train them. That is the trait that gets passed on to F1 Havapoos, and you can opt for a similar strategy to get well-behaved dogs.

Being a parent to Havapoos, these dogs require high-quality dry dog food. Also, their diets change with age, despite their small size. The same happens with F1 Havapoos, so you must stay in contact with a vet regarding this.

Understanding Havanese – Parent 2

The other parent, the Havanese, originated from Havana, as the name suggests. It’s a trendy and loved purebred dog. Just like Poodles, they are affectionate and love attention. They’ll always make special efforts to please you, which will likely show in Havapoos as well.


Havanese are toy dogs and grow up to 8-12 inches, and just the other parent, they weigh anywhere between 7-13 pounds. That results in small and cute little Havapoodles. If you’re lucky, your F1 Havapoo will inherit the coat from this parent, and it won’t shed much.

Purebred Havanese dogs have silky coats that are easy to maintain, despite their 6-8-inch length. However, the shape is tricky to determine, and F1 Havapoos can have straight to even intricately curly coats.


Both the parents of Havapoos are quite similar in terms of behavior. Your F1 Havapoo, taking after them, will be well-behaved and highly trainable. It will be friendly and non-aggressive, which is ideal for family or lapdogs.


Even Havanese live up to 14-15 years under normal circumstances. As a result, your F1 Havapoo will live a long and healthy life, in general. However, it’s susceptible to cataracts and dry skin with old age.

Exercise and Nutrition

What makes these two parents very compatible is also their energy levels. Even the Havanese dog breed requires a moderate amount of exercise and good-quality dry food for dogs. That also transfers to F1 Havapoos, and they usually have similar requirements.

As an F1 Havapoo is 50% purebred- 50% purebred, both the parents will equally contribute to its genetic makeup. These cannot be 100% predicted in the case of hybrids like Havapoos.

What is a F1b Havapoo?

What is an F1B generation, you ask? Dogs that result from a cross between an F1 parent and a purebred parent are classified under the F1B generation. They are used to strengthen the traits found in the P parent’s breed. An F1B generation Havapoo is 75% Poodle – 25% purebred.

An F1B generation Havapoo dog will have different characteristics depending on which parent contributes the dominant traits. However, since the breeds are the same as the F1 generation, you should not expect high deviations.

full grown havapoo full grown f2 havapoo

What is an F2 Havapoo?

If you do not know what an F2 generation is, you don’t have to worry. When two individuals of the F1 generation are crossed, they produce the F2 generation. The F1 generation has already been explained earlier.

Naturally, the offspring of the F2 generation inherits its various traits from Havapoos, which were crossbred. To properly understand the F2 generation of Havapoos, you will need to look into the multiple characteristics of Havapoos.

Havapoos are furry dogs that are amicable and friendly. This section thoroughly explains Havapoos as parents. By the end of it, you’ll know what to expect from a Havapoo belonging to the F2 generation.

Havapoo Appearance

Since these dogs are a cross between the Poodle and Havanese breed, it’s difficult to predict their looks. However, one thing you can expect from the F2 generation is that your dog will be adorable.

It might have a small rounded head with dark eyes. The floppy ears will fall onto its cheeks. Although your dog’s size may differ depending on the parents, the F2 generation usually has short legs and small built.

The fur color is different and can’t be determined. Your F2 generation dog may have very curly, curly, or somewhat straight hair, depending on the hybrid parents. Their coat is usually medium or long, and the small tongue of Havapoos is beyond perfect.

Havapoo Temperament

Looking at the appearance of these adorable pets, it’s not difficult to determine their temperament. However, the F1 generation dog may inherit some traits more strongly than others from its purebred parents.

Similarly, the F2 generation dog will have traits inherited in different ratios from its hybrid parents. Although some characteristics are common among Havapoos, their temperament is quite unpredictable. 

Havapoos are sociable, and you can expect the same from their F2 generation. They are intelligent and non-aggressive dogs that are trainable as they can understand our body language. Some dogs of the F2 generation may need extra socializing to gain confidence, whereas some are innate stars.

Havapoos are great with kids and family, and they also like to have other dogs around. They aren’t good guard dogs. They also tend to get bored quickly, so remember to keep your dog entertained, surrounded, and busy.

Havapoo Health Problems

There is a lot to consider when predicted health problems in an F2 generation dog. Even though these dogs are offsprings of Havapoos with all the desired characteristics, they may have a few health problems.

Although you can’t determine the probability, your dog might have issues like cataracts; deafness, hypothyroidism; patellar luxation; hip dysplasia; Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, or heart problems.

Havapoos are susceptible to all these problems. Your F2 generation dog may not have any of these, depending on its hybrid parents. Let’s hope for the best!

Havapoo Exercise Requirements

You might think that Havapoos are lazy since they are small, cute dogs with short legs. That is where you are mistaken. Havapoos do require a medium amount of exercise. They are moderate energy dogs, just like their purebred parent, Poodle.

They need at least one to three hours of exercise daily, and so does their F2 generation. That may include letting it play in your yard or indoors with toys. They love their playtime because they can run freely and burn off vital energy.

In case you don’t own a yard, take your dog for a walk. Also, if you can’t take your pet out once or twice a week, indoor playtime is enough. However, it should not happen regularly, as it might make your dog grumpy and frustrated.

Havapoo Training

As mentioned earlier, Poodles can be trained since they are intelligent, watchful, and friendly. It’s more than likely that your Havapoo hybrid has inherited this trait because the Havanese breed, too, has these traits.

Do you encourage a child with treats when he/she does something good? You can train your F2 generation dog through positive reinforcement to attain perfect results. The right amount of coaxing and praise will make the training process much quicker and better.

Some people use negative reinforcement to produce quicker results, but that borders more on abuse than training. It’s not fair to these adorable little dogs. Don’t get stressed or frustrated around them because they will likely sense it.

Havapoo Diet

Havapoos can weigh anywhere between 15 to 45 pounds, and they have a life expectancy of 10-14 years. To ensure the longevity of life, you need to feed your dog timely. The feeding habits of the F2 generation are somewhat similar to the hybrid generation.

Feed your dog high-quality dry food. Most premium dry food for small dogs contains all the proper nutrients for Havapoos. There will be some differences in the amount of food, depending on the dog’s exercise and its hybrid parents.

Usually, it doesn’t need more than a cup or two of food. To prevent overfeeding and digestive-issues, split the meals in two. Consult a veterinarian for the right advice!

Havapoo Grooming

Grooming Havapoos is not challenging, and so is grooming the F2 generation. Havapoos have soft and hypoallergenic fur. Brush your dog daily to prevent tangles and matting. Trim the nails and clean the ears once in a while and brush your dog’s teeth twice a week.

It would help if you bathed your dog only when it is smelly or played in the mud. If you cleanse it too much, the natural oils will wash away, and the dog’s fur will deteriorate in quality. Since a Havapoo’s coat is rich, it needs proper grooming to prevent shedding. 

Havapoo F3 Generation And So On

An F3 generation dog is a cross between two F2 generation dogs. An F4 generation dog is a cross between two F3 generation dogs and so on. Dogs having the desired characteristics are chosen for the cross.

The traits of these Havapoos are somewhat similar since they originate from two purebreds and then go on to crossbreed on another. Always remember that in every subsequent generation, the characteristics and traits are intensified.

To Sum It Up

Havapoos are adorable pups that are ideal for any family. If you’re adopting one, you can always choose the most desirable traits according to you. For this, you must keep in mind that the parents’ traits will directly dominate the characteristics of the next generation.

Hence, if you want an F1 Havapoo’s traits to be constant, you can go for an F2 generation puppy. However, if a Poodle’s features seem desirable, you can pick out an F1 generation Havapoo. Good luck adopting!

havapoo generations f1 havapoo f1b havapoo f2 havapoo

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