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Choosing Dog Food In The Wake Of COVID-19

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Dogs should be provided with fresh and healthy foods, just like human beings. Your dog’s diet should undergo a healthy makeover. It’s, therefore, essential to avoid giving your dog risky fad diets and processed wet foods.

Why I Choose Ollie Petfood For My Dog

  • Quality Dog Foods: Ollie Petfoods supplies not only quality but also nutritious fresh dog foods.
  • Affordable Prices: A dog owner should choose Ollie Petfood because they sell fresh foods at a reasonable and affordable price.
  • Palatability: Ollie Petfood sells various fresh dog foods that meet your dog’s satisfaction in terms of energy content, nutritional content, and water.
  • Time Management: You’ll save much of your fruitful time if you order your pet food from Ollie Petfood Supplier.
  • Enough Experience in this Field: Ollie Petfood suppliers know exactly the type of fresh foods that your dog requires. These experts will provide you with essential tips on how to offer fresh foods to your dog. For instance, if your dog is suffering from skin illnesses, they will advise you on what type of fresh foods to concentrate on when buying for your dog.

Below are some proven benefits of fresh dog food from Ollie in the wake of COVID-19.

1. More Energy

Processed diets such as packaged wet foods, kibble, and freeze-dried foods negatively affect your dog’s digestive system. Also, your dog won’t get enough nutrients from these diets because it will struggle to break down the food. Fresh foods are recommended because they’re more digestible.

Your dog will be able to absorb more energy from fresh food. Your dog will have readily available energy. Therefore, your dog will have enough energy for hikes and long walks.

2. Fewer Trips to your Vet

There will be fewer trips to your dog vet. Fresh dog foods are rich in various nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Zinc. These nutrients enhance your dog’s immune system.

Fresh dog foods facilitate the relief of dogs struggling with chronic conditions like skin irritation, allergies, or sensitive tummies. You’ll save not only your fruitful time but also a tremendous amount of money in the long-run.

3. Healthier Skin

Fresh foods are sources of natural remedies, especially if your dog is suffering from skin conditions or allergies. Fresh dog foods contain nutrients such as Vitamin B, Zinc, and fatty acids, which help in treating and soothing your dog’s skin conditions.

4. Less Waste

Processed dog foods aren’t recommended because they provide a considerable amount of fiber. Your dog will take a lot of time to digest abnormal fiber content. This can, therefore, lead to digestive illnesses or colon cancer, especially in the long-run.

A balanced, fresh food diet is a natural source of fiber that is safe for your dog. Your dog’s stool will not only be firmer but also less.

5. Quality of Life

A dog owner will enjoy it when a puppy feels more excited in the process of eating fresh foods. You’ll, therefore, have a quality life because your dog will grow healthier without suffering from some illnesses.


If you’re looking for the right pet food supplier during the wake of COVID-19, then consider choosing Ollie Petfood.


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