zyrtec for dogs review

Zyrtec For Dogs Review – UPDATED 2024 – Dosage, Side Effects & More!

With the weather changing from season to season, no one likes to experience the running nose and itchy eyes. During this period, you and your loved ones may take medicine to power you through the allergy. Your furry friend, too, can get allergy as you do. While allergy in a dog manifests in unique ways, they can affect your pet as much as they can affect you. With your dog unable to communicate clearly on what they are going through, you remain the only hope for your pet.

In recent days, many vets are prescribing Zyrtec for dogs as the ideal option for treating allergies. Even though Zyrtec is not FDA certified for animals, under close monitoring, it is suitable for your dog. As the owner of your dog, it is advisable to know the following;

What is Zyrtec For Dogs?

Zyrtec simply refers to antihistamine that reduces allergens related irritation by blocking the allergen pods from getting into H-1 receptors (docking stations) thus making your body safe from any allergy alarm, i.e., itching, sneezing and coughing. In pets, this is an out of label medicine, though many vets prefer prescribing it for pets.

Cetirizine is the most active ingredient of Zyrtec. It is an antihistamine mostly used to treat allergies in canine. Cetirizine is commonly applied because most canines stand the medication very well without leaving your furry friend lethargic or sedated. Zyrtec is cheap and affordable and is mostly purchased over ta he counters, making an effective way for combating your dog from allergy.

Zyrtec for dogs

Is Zyrtec Drowsy?

One of the best things with Zyrtec is that it does not cause drowsiness compared to other brands available on the market.

Like any other drug, there are precautions one needs to follow before administering the drug to your pet.

How is Zyrtec given?

Zyrtec is an oral tablet or syrup that may be given together with food or without food. If your canine acts sick or vomits after receiving the drug, try to give it with some small food. It will take less than two hours for your pet to show signs of improvement as the medication takes effect quickly.

What are the precautions before giving the medicine to your canine?

1. Zyrtec vs Zyrtec D – What to Avoid?

The D is an abbreviation that stands for pseudoephedrine that deals with congestion in humans. When applied to dogs, pseudoephedrine has lethal consequences as it overstimulates the heart and the central envious system of your canine causing heart failure, dog seizures, or even potential death for your canine. Before applying Zyrtec on your canine, it is advisable you get the right prescription from your vet to ensure the maximum safety of your furry friend.

2. Lactating and Pregnant Dogs

In human females, Zyrtec is not administered to breastfeeding and pregnant mothers. This applies to your canine too. It has been discovered that antihistamine medicines have an adverse side effect on the growing fetus. It is not safe to administer the drug to your lactating pooch as the ingredients of this drug can be passed from mother to puppy through the milk, but having consulted your vet before giving the medicine to your pet is an ideal option.

3. Not For Dogs That Have Kidney and Liver Problems

Never use Zyrtec for canines that suffer liver and kidney health problems. This will just make the condition worse than before. Zyrtec causes urine retention in canines. On a healthy dog, this is not a big issue, but for suffering dogs, this might mean death. This is because suffering dogs are unable to clear the drug from their system efficiently. It can be advised that you get another medication before reaching Zyrtec for your pets.

dog scared of the vet zyrtec dosage for dogs

What do Zyrtec Treats in Dogs?

The common allergic problems that are mostly treated by this medication are allergic dermatitis and atopy in dogs.

1. Allergic dermatitis.

This medical term refers to a group of skin allergies in canine that occurs as a result of various factors. Those factors include food allergies, bites from fleas, contact with chemicals, bacterial allergies, bee sting, and allergy from ticks, mites, and worms. The symptoms of this allergy include skin irritation, skin redness, paw chewing, swelling of body parts, excessive itching and rubbing face and muzzle often. In this type of allergy, the symptoms appear upon exposure to the allergens, but after treatment with Zyrtec, they will disappear, and the condition gets improved in a few days.

2. Canine atopy.

This refers to skin disease in canine due to air substances such as pollens. The substance either comes into contact with canine skin, or they get inhaled. It is a hereditary health issue that starts at a young age. It starts as a seasonal allergy that later develops to become all year round itchiness. The common signs of this allergy include skin irritation, frequent licking and biting of paws, head shaking, and skin thickening. Prolonged use of Zyrtec is the most efficient medication for dogs with Canine Atopy.

border collie agility zyrtec vs zyrtec d

Zyrtec Dosage For Dogs

Overdose and under dose may not treat the allergy effectively. With this in mind, learn the correct dosage for your dog. The correct dosage for the canine is mostly determined by the weight of the canine.

Small breeds of dogs such as Maltese will take 0.5 mg of Zyrtec. Bigger dogs such as bulldog will take 10 mg of Zyrtec tablet. To make this simple let’s place it in the following way, canine with less than 10 pounds should be given 0.5 mg of Zyrtec once in a day. Those weighing above 10 pounds should be given one full tablet of 10mg Zyrtec once a day.

The period of treatment is mostly dictated by the dog’s reaction to Zyrtec, the situation being treated, and the development of adverse reactions if noted any. Whether your pooch feels good or not, it’s advisable to complete the vet’s prescription.

A relapse can be experienced due to incomplete drug prescriptions. Mostly for allergic dermatitis, the treatment takes 5 to 7 days, while for canine atopy, the treatment might take longer. Zyrtec can be administered before or after a meal. However, if you are experiencing a hard time letting your dog swallow the pill, apply it together with food, or use pill injector.

is zyrtec drowsy

Zyrtec Side Effects

Although Zyrtec is known to be safe for canines, as for any medicine, it is advisable to be vigilant and watch out side effects. If you are familiar with the potential side effects of other alterative medications, then you are aware that Zyrtec does not have present many adverse side effects.

The research has it that only 30% of antihistamine works appropriately and may have an adverse reaction. This is because antihistamine does not cure the condition but acts as a reliever to the condition. While Zyrtec will treat the symptoms, it will not be able to cure the entire underlying problem, which is more severe than seasonal allergy. The common side effects of Zyrtec include sleepiness, vomiting, constipation, urine retention, excessive salivation, and impulsive response.

Smaller dogs are more susceptible to drowsiness side effects compared to larger ones, but this becomes less severe as the dog adjusts to the medication. Anytime you give new medication to your furry friend, keep a close eye on them. They will not be able to communicate their woes to you as the person could do, so you remain to be the one to monitor them to ensure their wellness.

However, with older and dogs that suffer live and kidney problems, the effects are scarier as it can lead to additional issues. While your canine no longer portrays any sign of allergy, it might be as a result of Zyrtec exacerbating other issues that might be worse than itchy skin. The best thing is to be having a regular appointment with your vet to ensure that he checks on your four-legged babies regularly to identify if they are ready for Zyrtec medication.

can you take benadryl with zyrtec

Can You Take Benadryl With Zyrtec?

Both Benadryl and Zyrtec are antihistamines. Administering them together may cause stronger side effects for your canine. So it is NOT recommended. Give each medication at a time according to the required dosage based on body weight and under the advice of your vet.


Dogs are a very important furry member of our family. We look for the best for our members. When your pet is unwell, it will cause some grief to you as the pet owner. When the appropriate dosage is applied, Zyrtec is safe for your canines. However, you better be safe rather than being sorry. As the pet owner, consulting your vet before administering your pet to a new medication can be the best idea. You supposed to know about the new medication before giving it to your dog so that you can be aware of potential side effects.

If your four-legged friend is biting its skin, itchy and red all over, its high time for you to relieve your companion from allergy, the best and most recommendable solution to this is Zyrtec and has a good track of record. It’s the time to give your canine the love it deserves by relieving it from allergy using Zyrtec.

We hope your furry companion feels better soon!

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