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Apoquel Review – UPDATED 2024 – Side Effects, Dosing Chart & More!

If you own a dog then you must know what Apoquel is as it’s one of the best allergy medicines for dogs.

Apoquel is a very popular medicine from the Zoetis company, and the brand name of the drug is oclacitinib. Just like humans, dogs can also get affected by allergies, and it can be a barrier to the quality of their life.

Your dog can be allergic to the things we humans often get affected by. It can come from food, contact with the environment, also atopic dermatitis. Your dog might get a fit of itch from time to time. In one study it has been found that 10% of the pups get affected by atopic dermatitis. This is the most common issue in dogs.

This type of allergy creates inflammation and chronic skin disease. So, it’s highly uncomfortable for your pup. Therefore, finding a solution is important, because this type of chronic allergy can become fatal for your pup.

Apoquel Review

After performing some studies, and going through several questions about the history of itchiness of dogs, your vet might prescribe you Apoquel. This is the medicine that gives a better effect on allergy symptoms in dogs. This is very fast working and normally starts its job within four hours.

Whenever you read our Apoquel review, you will get to know that this medication can control the itchiness of your dog for at least 12 to 14 hours, from the time you have given them the dose. This makes it a very effective medicine for allergies in canines.

Benefits of Apoquel

  • Apoquel is safe for dogs, and also for long to short-term use
  • The effects start quickly and give relief within 4 hours
  • If you are thinking of the immune system of your dog, it will not get affected, as this medicine has minimal impact on the pup.
  • You will get the easily digestible forms of tablets so that you won’t have to run around after your dog to make them swallow the tablet.
  • It will take only 24 hours for your dog to get relief from itchiness
  • If your dog has to take other medicines, you don’t have to stop them in order to consume Apoquel. It works fine with all types of antibiotics, parasiticides, and vaccines.

How Apoquel Works

apoquel dosing chart

In scientific terms, Apoquel boosts the immune system of the dog that responds to itchy sensations. Thus, this medication controls the scratching that might be from atopic dermatitis, food allergies, allergic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and flea-induced dermatitis.

If you are a dog is itching and there is no relief at all, you must talk to a vet. They will prescribe you the right medicine, most of the time Apoquel. Also, they prescribe this med after they get to know the history of your dog’s itchiness, any other diseases, its symptoms, and so on. The vet will run a test in which they will prescribe Apoquel 250 to your dog. Also, if there are any abnormalities in a dog, they will check that too, before prescribing the medicine.

You must not give your dog this medicine if they are,

  • Lactating
  • Breeding

Also, if they have a weak immune system.

Apoquel Dosing Chart

To give your dog Apoquel, you need to know the Apoquel dosing chart. With that, you will be able to give them the right dosage.

apoquel dosing chart
  • The dose of Apoquel is 0.18 to 0.27mg depending on the body weight of your dog. Based on that,
  • A dog of 6.6 to 9 lbs should have 3.6 mg on a daily basis and twice
  • Dogs who have a weight of 10 to 14.9 lbs should be given 5.4mg tablets daily and two times.
  • For the pups of 15 to 19.9 lbs, they should have this dose twice in 3.6mg.
  • If your dog has a weight of 20 to 29.9lbs then, you must give them a 5.4 mg tablet twice and every day
  • If the dog is 30 to 44.9 lbs, then the dose should be 16mg two times a day.
  • A dog of 45 to 59.9 lbs, then they should have a 5.4 mg tablet dose twice daily.
  • For the canine of 60 to 89.9 lbs, you should give them a tablet twice of 16mg daily.
  • If the dog is 90 to 129.9 lbs, then it must take two doses of 16mg daily.
  • Then, if the dog is 130 to 175.9 lbs, it must have 16 mg twice the dose every day.
apoquel side effects

Apoquel Side Effects

Like all medicines, there are also some Apoquel side effects to be aware of. It also reacts when you use this medicine with other types. However, the potential side effect is minimal, so you can use conventional drugs for your dog.

  • Apoquel is an immunity-suppressing medicine for dogs, and any adverse reaction to this can be dangerous.
  • Due to the quality of immunity suppression, it can have effects like the pre-existing stage of cancers and demodicosis.

This medicine can also cause the suppression of bone marrow, which may lead to serious health conditions.

Other than these there can be reactions like,

  • Loss of appetite
  • Your dog might feel lethargic
  • Attack of pneumonia
  • Several infections on the skin
  • UTIs
  • Infection in ears
  • Their aggression might get heightened
  • Histiocytomas
  • Diarrhea with blood or without
  • Decrease the amount of protein
  • Vomiting with or without blood in it
  • Your dog might be drinking excessive water
  • Subcutaneous lumps might show up
  • A heightened amount of cholesterol and lipase
  • Decreasing white blood cells
  • Cutaneous lumps might show up and so on.

The most common side effects can be diarrhea and vomiting. If your dog is showing any type of distress after taking Apoquel, you must take them to a vet.

Overdose of Apoquel

If you do not follow the chart of Apoquel doses, you might overdose on your dog, and it can have side effects too. They can have bloody diarrhea, aggressive behavior, skin, and ear infection. If you think that your dog might have overdosed on Apoquel, you must go to the vet and ask for immediate help. Even if you have a slight suspicion, you must contact the vet.

The Prevention of Apoquel Side Effects

You will understand if there are any side effects to Apoquel after you have overdosed on your dog. There will be adverse reactions, and there are ways to prevent them. If you take precautionary measures then you can stop overdosing.

You must go through a blood test of your pup before you give them Alpoquel. This is a very important step for owners who have older dogs, as they are prone to liver and kidney diseases.

Apoquel can have a toxic effect on the liver, so, you need to check the chemistry results and blood tests after the first month of using Apoquel. Then, after that, you can go for these tests once a year.

Moreover, when your dog is going through situations like breeding, lactating, pregnancy, you must not give them Apoquel. Other than this, the manufacturer of the medicine has restricted the usage of Apoquel for dogs over the age of 12 months.

apoquel vs cytopoint

Cytopoint vs Apoquel

  • There are different medications for the itchiness of dogs, and among them, you must know about, Cytopoint vs Apoquel.
  • Apoquel responds to the itch sensation and Cytopoint is an anti-body so, it’s not an actual medicine. as it blocks the signals of itchiness in the nerves.
  • Apoquel is a tablet that should be taken every day, while Cytopoint is in the form of an injection that has the effect of 4 to 5 weeks.
  • Apoquel is made to stop the tendencies of itchiness, while Cytopoint gives relief to chronic ones

Apoquel Generics – What You Must Know

When you are curious about the alternatives of Apoquel, there are several Apoquel generics – what you must know. Not all treatment requires medications, and you can look for natural remedies too. The best way to prevent allergy-induced itchiness in your dog is to take them to a vet or homeopath.

You can also take them to an allergy elimination program. This is a non-toxic approach and works for at least 90% of dogs. Also, there are generic medications, and some are affordable too by the ratings. You need to talk to the vet before you look for any generic product of Apoquel.

Your vet can prescribe an off-the-label medicine. You must also ask the vet about flea medicines, regular baths, the proper diet for your pup, elimination therapy for them, and so on. Probiotics are also considered by vets in the place of Apoquel.

Pros and cons of Apoquel

There are some pros and cons of Apoquel. Here check them out,


  • Good for dogs who are suffering from chronic allergy and atopic dermatitis
  • It gives relief within 4 hours, which is one of the best qualities of Apoquel
  • It comes in a form of digestible tablets, so you don’t have to go through any hassle
  • Vets usually recommend this just because it gives better relief from itchiness


The only con you can find with Apoquel is,

  • You must not overdose your dog with it. It might have a reverse effect. This can be prevented when you check the dosing chart.

Bottom Line

apoquel generics

Check this detailed review on Apoquel, and you will understand how you can use it and the ways you can avoid overdosing on your pup. Other than this, you have to take care of your dog, as they are prone to colds, and sometimes fever.

Take care of their proper diet, get a food chart from the vet if possible, and follow it, so that they don’t get affected by harmful allergens. Make sure to check them with the vet periodically. Also, give them so much love that they never feel lonely.

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