can a schnoodle be left alone

Can a Schnoodle be Left Alone? – Everything You Must Know!

I’ve always adored the nature of Schnoodles and started wondering if it’s possible to leave for 8 hours of work, and the only option is that the Schnoodle has to stay at home by itself.

So can a Schnoodle be left alone? Yes, but a Schnoodle is a highly social animal, so there are a few forethoughts you will have to take if you have to leave your Sheepadoodle alone for multiple hours.

Leaving a Schnoodle alone by itself is something that takes a bit of special consideration and preparation. And there are a few reasons for that.

They Have a Lot of Energy

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    Schnoodles typically love to run and chase, which could be risky if you have to leave one alone for a longer period. They love to explore everything due to their natural instincts, and they might possibly end up outside your home if not properly looked out for.

    Schnoodles also have a lot of energy to spend, so make sure that you take your Schnoodle out for a healthy walk regularly as it will allow them to stay healthy and burn off that excess energy.

    They are very loving and clingy breed, and leaving them alone at home isn’t that easy as they are quite easily bored and might end up feeling sad.

    That is why you will have to make sure that your Schnoodle is already well-behaved and trained before having to leave them alone for several hours. Schnoodles can suffer from separation anxiety and might panic when alone, and that might lead to them becoming stressed. They will usually only feel truly safe once they are able to see or hear their owners again.

    So if you have a Schnoodle, you should make sure that you teach him/her to be as independent as possible, as that will make it a lot easier to leave them in case you really have to.

    All About Schnoodles

    Schnoodles are small, active, loving, and energetic dogs. They can also be stubborn at times but with the proper upbringing and training, there will be no problem.

    Schnoodles are a hybrid between a Schnauzer and a Poodle that was first created in 1980.

    Facts About Schnoodles

    • Schnoodles can easily get bored if they are left at home for too long.
    • Schnoodles love to dig, bark, and so on, so leaving them in your garden can lead them to try and escape if they feel stressed.
    • Make sure that your Schnoodle is well-trained and capable of controlling their emotions because stressing them out may lead to excessive barking.
    • Obedience training is recommended for Schnoodles as they have a tendency to be a bit stubborn at times.
    • Schnoodles also love to eat, so be sure they have adequate amounts of food before you leave, and make sure to always secure any trashcans since they might tip them over to get any food out.
    • Schnoodles love to chase things and they are good runners. So if they spot an unknown animal they will probably do everything to chase that animal down.
    • Schnoodles can get obese if you’re not careful, so make sure that they get the right amount of exercise, training, and get a proper diet.
    • Crate training is also very much recommended.

    Stress-Signs in Schnoodles

    • Excessive barking – Continuous barking may lead to your Schnoodle becoming stressed or exhausted. It will be very tiring for them to keep on barking an entire day, and it is also a huge inconvenience for any of your neighbors.
    • Pacing – Another sign that your Schnoodle is stressed is that they will feel very uneasy, not knowing what to do with themselves and keep pacing back and forth for hours on end.
    • Chewing – Destructive chewing is when your Schnoodle attempts to gnaw on everything they can see and reach.
    • Excessive drooling – This usually happens when your Schnoodle is already panicking, and it causes them to become stressed and worry a lot. As a result, they then begin to excessively drool.
    • Escaping – If you have a stressed Schnoodle, they will attempt anything they can to get away from that situation, such as jumping, running, digging, and so on. They will try to get over fence walls or anything that blocks their path.
    • Chasing – They will just continuously run back and forth all around your home without stopping. 
    can a schnoodle be left alone

    How to Leave Your Schnoodle Alone

    There are many things you can do to successfully leave a Schnoodle home alone, and some of those ideas are the ones I’ve mentioned above. But there are at least a handful more you can do to make your Schnoodle feel safe when left alone.

    Make Them Feel Comfortable

    A good and easy idea to leave your Schnoodle alone for a while, is to leave all the things that they will need for a whole day. That means you should prepare a bed or mat for them to lie down and relax on, and add all their favorite toys so that they can entertain themselves while you’re gone.

    Get a comfortable tent or crate for them to linger in, in which they can stay and feel secure. There are many great beds that come with a lot of benefits for your dog. Having a place where they can sleep and feel secure makes them calmer and avoid a lot of stress.

    Make Them Feel Safe

    Another you will have to do is make your dog feel safe at home by making sure that your rooms are free of any clutter or mess to ensure that your home is dog-proof. Make sure that there isn’t anything that a dog could stumble or fall on.

    Don’t leave something heavy standing around that might risk falling on your dog as Schnoodles are quite active, they love to jump and run all around the home and they might bump into something that could tip over and hit them, which can really very dangerous.

    Keep your trash and other important things hidden is highly recommended also. If a Schnoodle picks up a scent of food or something from a trashcan, they might decide to have a look/taste. Gnawing is one of their favorite pass times when stressed, so you should try and keep important things out of their sight.

    Leave Some Entertainment

    Always leave something for your dog that will help keep them entertained, things such as puzzles and chew toys.

    Something that can take a bit of chewing will not only let them feel highly entertained but will also prevent them from chewing on your stuff at home.

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    Check On Them

    You can find many pet cameras that you can use as home security and help you check on your pets and see how they are doing throughout the day. There are several models that even have audio features in which they can hear your voice or speak to them just for them to feel safe and secure.

    Our favorite dog surveillance camera is the Furbo Dog Camera, as not does it allow to monitor your dog, but you can dispense treats to it as well, so it also works as a great tool for rewarding good behavior!

    Leave Enough Food and Water

    Make sure that you leave them enough water and food so that they will be able to stay at home on their own and feel okay. To avoid bad and unruly behavior you can also make sure that your dog is potty trained or has easy access in case they need to attend to the call of nature.

    Leave Them at a Secured Home 

    If you plan on having a Schnoodle you will have to make sure that your home is gated and secured and that you have a fenced backyard as they love to wander and following new and unique scents.

    If you’re planning to leave your dog in your backyard you will have to make sure that they can’t dig their way under the fence so that they can go out, or that the fence is large enough that they can jump over it. Since Schnoodles love to explore they might find a way out if they search enough.


    As with everything else when owning a dog, whether or not you can let your Schnoodle be left alone depends on what your situation is.

    If you live on 40 acres of land and your dog has the chance to run around outside all day, and also have the possibility to get inside if there’s a sudden change of weather, then there’s a good chance you can leave it home by itself. Your dog might even love some alone time!

    But there isn’t really a perfect answer to the question of can a Schnoodle be left alone, as it all depends on a lot of variables.

    But, if you currently own a Schnoodle or plan on getting one, there are many different options for what you can do to make it as great as possible for your dog whenever you end up having to leave it alone for extended periods of time.

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