how to groom a schnoodle

How To Groom A Schnoodle? Ultimate Schnoodle Grooming Guide

You’re not the first person to wonder how to groom a Schnoodle. You should know what type of coat your Schnoodle possesses to groom them. Some Schnoodles have a wiry double coat like a schnauzer, some have a long curly coat like the poodle, and others have a mix of it.

If you’re allergic to dog hair, then a Schnoodle is perfect for you since they shed very little, but you need to brush their fur a few times a week to avoid it getting matted and tangled.

Are you wondering how often you should bathe your Schnoodle? Schnoodles should be bathed twice a month, and in case they get themselves dirty, then you might have to bathe them more than that. Brush your Schnoodle’s teeth regularly, clean his ears, trim his nails and also cut and trim their hair every once in a while.

How To Groom A Schnoodle

Also, you need to take care of one more thing about your Schnoodle, they get tear stains just below their eyes as their breed is prone to that. If their coat is of light color, then the stains are more prominent. Wash their face regularly by gently cleaning and rubbing under their eyes to avoid the formation of these tear stains.

Taking your dog to a professional grooming salon can cost you a bit too much. You can groom your Schnoodle at your home easily; just make sure to be gentle with your dog because they usually don’t like taking baths.

Here is how you can get your Schnoodle groomed up at home:

Get your supplies ready

Make sure that all the supplies you get for grooming your dog are dog-safe. 

  • Get some towels, paper towels, and some newspapers to spread them on the ground so it will be easy for you to clean the mess up.
  • Get a shampoo and conditioner that is meant for dogs, using a human shampoo can irritate your dog because some ingredients can be harmful to the dogs.
  • Use nail clippers that are preferred for dog nails. Also, nail clippers help in trimming the nails to keep them at a safe length.
  • Buy a slicker brush for your Schnoodle, these are the best types of brushes to untangle their hair without causing them any pain.
  • Get a hairdryer ready to dry your Schnoodle’s fur after his bath.
  • Buy a dog hair clipper, they are meant to shave your dog’s hair safely and are very effective.
schnoodle grooming styles

Set up a place for grooming

Prepare a place to groom your dog. You can use your bathroom or your backyard to wash and groom your dog. An enclosed place is preferred to groom your dog so that your dog won’t run. Lay and spread paper towels or newspapers on the ground where you decide to groom your dog so it is easy for you to clean up and also your dog won’t slip.

Bathe your dog

In case your furry pet is hydrophobic, keep some treats nearby to catch their attention.

Use the lukewarm water to wash your dog. Firstly, make sure that the entire coat of your dog is wet, you can use your fingers by running them over their fur, so it is covered in water.

Take some amount of dog shampoo on your hands and lather them once you are sure that your dog’s coat is wet enough to massage the lathered shampoo on his coat.

Once you are done with massage your dog’s whole body, wash using warm water. Run your fingers through the dog coat and make sure that no shampoo is left on their body.

You can massage your dog’s coat with some olive oil after you have bathed him because it moisturizes the dog’s coat. Considering that Schnoodles have sensitive skin, it might be a bonus if you do this.

Time to dry your Schnoodle

Use a towel to dry your Schnoodle’s fur. Stroke and rub the towel on your dog’s coat thoroughly but gently. Keep doing this to the point when their hair is relatively dry, and the towel is heavy from the water is absorbed.

Make sure that your dog’s hair is not damp anymore, and if it still is, then using a hairdryer from a distance to dry their hair. Keep the hairdryer’s temperature low and hold it from a distance because they have sensitive hair, and you don’t want to scare your dog.

Brush your Schnoodles fur

After you dry your dog, you can start brushing his coat. Use a slicker brush to comb his hair thoroughly. A slicker brush is one of the best you get to brush your dog’s hair. Look for any tangled areas and run the brush gently but firmly through that to remove the tangles.

Some people prefer brushing their dogs before bathing them, but you should brush your dog’s hair at least once after bathing them, so there is no tangled hair.

Clean his ears

It is crucial that you clean your Schnoodles ears regularly. Schnoodles are very sensitive to ear infections, so you should clean and remove wax from their ears.

Use cotton buds to wipe and clean your Schnoodles ears, do it gently, so they aren’t hurt, and remember that if your dog starts getting distressed, then immediately stop. If your dog’s ear smells or he scratches his ears continuously, then it might be a sign of an ear infection.

Trim your dog’s nails

Trimming your dog’s nails is very important because overgrown nails can cause them pain. Moreover, if they jump, scratch, or play, then have chances of getting their nail hurt, and it is really painful. 

It is recommended to use a good nail clipper that is meant for dogs, place your dog’s nail one at a time and hold the paw firmly, so they don’t run. Using a nail clipper, you can trim your dog’s nails at a safe length, and they are designed in a way that you can’t overcut them.

It is advised to cut your Schnoodle’s nails from the beneath as they have black nails, and there is a possibility that you might cut their tissue.

Keep a styptic powder with you as a dog’s nail tends to bleed after they are trimmed, so apply them on the wound as they are very effective.

Clean their teeth

They are very prone to dental issues and should be taken for dental cleanups every 2 months. Other than that, you should brush your Schnoodle’s teeth regularly using toothpaste and toothbrush that is meant for dogs.

how to trim a schnoodle face

Schnoodle Grooming Styles

Everybody wants their dog to look prim, proper, and at their best. Schnoodles have a range of grooming styles that look very good on them.

If you want your Schnoodle to look cute and clean, then you can try one of these hairstyles looks on them:

Puppy Cut

This cut is one of the most flexible, suitable, and popular cuts among dogs. This is a very low maintenance cut for your dog, and it looks good on any type of coat or color or any breed too.

This cut keeps the coat of your dog around 1-2 inches, which is neither too short nor too long. If your dog gets this cut, then you will have to clean less hair, and brushing would be easy too.

You should get this cut for your dog at least once, and if you like this and want to keep it like this all the time, then your dog will need regular trimming.

Shaggy look

You can go for a shaggy look for your Schnoodle if you want your flurry pet to have long hair. Your dog will have long hair all over his face and body, with the curly and wiry hair type they have, your dog will have more of a curly shaggy look.

This look suits Schnoodles and they can carry it off easily and look cute. However, you will need to clean more dog hair, and brushing regularly and bathing them might be a task. Also, you don’t need to take frequent rimming appointments for your dog.

How To Trim A Schnoodle?

Schnoodles generally have light and soft hair that are easy to shave and trim. You can trim their fur at home easily. It is advised to use a dog electric shaver for this.

You can consider following the steps below to trim your dog’s fur properly and safely:

  1. A 10mm blade is preferred for trimming your Schnoodle if you want the fur to look short and clean, or else you can use a 12mm blade too. Start from the back, shave your dog’s back first, then move to the sides, shaving/trimming in the direction of hair growth.
  2. Change your blade to 9mm when you reach the chest area of your Schnoodle. You would want to keep the fur shorter. Also, look around underarms and other places because they have curly hair. If you find them, then trim them using grooming scissors.
  3. Brush your dog’s fur to see if the length is accurate, and then move on to their legs and start trimming them. You can do that using grooming scissors too. Change your blade to 6mm when you reach the feet and shave gently, and then use scissors for trimming the hair between foot-pads.
  4. Use a 12mm blade to trim their anal area so it is fully cleaned, and using scissors, trim their tail.
  5. Take grooming scissors and trim the hair near their eyes and ears, you can trim their beard too.

How To Trim A Schnoodle Face?

Trimming your Schnoodles facial hair is important. The hair of Schnoodles grows quickly, and the hair between their eyes tends to grow long and almost cover their eyes. The long hair on their face can irritate their eyes and even nose, the hair between their eyes is prone to bacteria, which can cause eye infection to your pet.

Trimming your Schnoodles hair that is around his eyes using blunt edge grooming scissors or round nose trimmers is safe and best. Gently pull the hair up in between your fingers and cut the edges, you don’t need to rush while doing this. Just ensure that you are very careful.

Keep trimming his face in this method until you get the desired length, and you should do this regularly to prevent your Schnoodle from having any eye disease.

schnoodle teddy bear cut

Schnoodle Teddy Bear Cut

A teddy bear cut is a bit different from other dog haircuts. This cut keeps the coat of your dog’s body quite short, but it gives a bit of length that is more than the body hair length. Along with the shaping and sharpening look to the dog’s face. In total, it provides your dog an adorable and cute look.

This cut is very suitable and recommended for Schnoodles. This is because the beard is cut shorter on the bottom and is trimmed on the sides but not too much, to give it around look. It highlights the mustache of the Schnoodle and makes it a point of attention.

The top of the head of the dog is trimmed with scissors, and the ears grow long and are cut straight but are rounded at the bottom. It gives your dog an adorable and rounded appearance. Brush the area around the face and eyes regularly, or it is most likely to get tangled.

Endnotes On How To Groom A Schnoodle

Schnoodles are adorable pets and are good for people who are allergic to dog hair because they don’t shed a lot.

With the curly or wiry hair quality, their hair gets tangled and matted a lot, so it is important to groom and trim your Schnoodle on time. You can easily do that at your home, considering it is expensive to take them to professional grooming salons.

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