Dog Walking Sideways After Grooming Dog Behaviour after Grooming

Dog Walking Sideways After Grooming – Is It A Problem?

If you’re someone who regularly takes their pet for grooming, you’ve probably seen your dog walking sideways after grooming at least once. As concerned pet owners, this can be very frightening.

A dog walking sideways after grooming is actually very common. If you ask any groomer, they’ll tell you that they see dogs acting strangely after grooming every once in a while. So, it’s nothing to worry too much about.

If you’re a dog owner who’s worried about the way your dog is acting after a grooming session, read on. 

Dog Walking Sideways After Grooming

As mentioned already, dogs walking sideways after grooming are very common. In fact, a dog walking sideways is so common that there’s actually a word for it, called crabbing. There can be several reasons why a dog starts to walk unusually, which we’ll discuss below. 

It is worth noting that some dogs naturally walk sideways. Just as humans have their distinct styles of walking, dogs too have their own style. Normally, a dog’s body size and shape can determine how they walk. For example, dogs with long legs and short bodies tend to have a hard time walking in a straight line. It’s because their hind legs interfere with the movement of their front leg.

So if your dog “crab walks,” it’s probably because of the way they’re built. However, if there’s a sudden change in the way your dog walks, there can be some underlying reasons.

One of the reasons why dogs walk sideways after grooming is when the nail is cut too short. But this is quite rare. You can easily tell if that’s the case by taking a quick look from the underside. There will be some redness or bleeding if it’s too short. If you see those signs, you need to let him rest and heal before he can start to walk again.

Here are some of the things that you should do when your dog’s nails have been cut too short:

Don’t Panic

First things first, when finding out that your dog’s nails are cut too short, you should not panic. Panicking will not solve anything and will only stress you and your dog out. Even if it is bleeding, it will stop on its own and heal quickly.

Use Styptic Powder

Styptic powders are powders available in the market that can speed up the blood clotting process. This is a good alternative to ice since you don’t have to hold it on the wound. But keep in mind that Styptic powder can cause a burning sensation on the wound. 

If you can’t find a Styptic powder, you can also apply corn starch on the wounds instead. 

Put Some Pressure On the Wound

To promote blood clotting, try to keep firm pressure on the wound as long as possible. When you put pressure, the blood will stick on the edges of the wound and help your dog heal faster.

To put pressure, place a clean and dry cloth on your dog’s paws and hold it as long as your dog lets you.

Use Ice or a Cold Compressor

Using an ice or cold compressor can be a great way to help shrink the blood vessels. When blood vessels shrink, blood flow also slows down, allowing the injury to heal faster.

While using ice may speed up the healing process, dogs do not usually like cold sensation. So using ice can be quite complicated.

Use a Bandage

After you follow the above steps to promote clotting, the next thing you’ll have to do is apply a bandage over the wound. This will prevent your dog from further injuring itself. 

Make sure to completely wrap the paw and not just the injured toe. The wrap should be firm so that it does not slip off when the dog walks. But also it should not be too tight as well. If it is too tight, your dog will have a hard time walking and may also cause the skin to decay.

Besides issues with the nail, bodily injuries during the grooming session might be responsible for your dog walking sideways. If the groomer did not handle your dog properly, your dog could be in some pain. It is best to book an appointment with your veterinarian if you can’t find any cause.

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Dog Behavior after Grooming

Many dogs experience behavioral changes after a grooming session. If you see any change in your dog’s behavior as well, you are not alone. While there is no definitive explanation of why dogs react a certain way after grooming, many experts think it’s because of stress and change in their bodies. 

After a grooming session, your dog may start to become aggressive and even try to attack the groomer. There is a high possibility of biting and scratching in such situations. Other times, your dog may show fear and become stressed. Barking and making noises, becoming hyperactive are also common when your dog is stressed.

In some rare instances, dogs become unresponsive to their owner’s call and might even growl at them. While all these changes may go away soon, it’s important that you take them seriously. In most cases, a dog’s behavior may change after some kind of injury during the grooming session. If it’s possible, you should take your dog to the vet and find out what’s wrong.

Dog Acting Strange After Grooming

Dogs, like humans, have their own feelings as well. So when they go through a stressful episode like a grooming session, it’s normal for them to act strange at times. There can be many reasons why your dog might start to act strange. While it’s not clear if dogs have human emotions like pride and guilt, they definitely feel sadness and pain. 

Since most dogs never have their hair or nails trimmed, they can feel a bit distressed. It takes time for them to get used to it. Some experts believe that a grooming session can be traumatizing for dogs. We can also see humans acting strange when they go through a traumatizing experience. So it is understandable why a dog might act the same way.

So it is the owner’s job to make their dogs feel as comfortable as they can before a grooming session. This can calm a dog down, leaving them as happy as ever even after their grooming. You can easily make dogs feel comfortable by meeting all their needs. 

If your pet is hungry, uncomfortable, or just tired, they may not behave well in grooming situations. So it is your duty to keep your pets well-fed and rested before you take them to the salon.

Injuries are also quite common while grooming a dog. Injuries like nicks and cuts can be a big issue for your dog. Internal injuries can also leave dogs acting weird and different than normal. If you think injuries are the cause for your dogs acting strange, you might want to take it to a vet. Getting them checked can further prevent their health from deteriorating.

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Can A Haircut Change A Dog’s Personality

Whether a haircut or grooming can change a dog’s personality is not clear as of yet since there is no scientific evidence. However, that does not mean your dog can’t go through a personality change. 

If you’ve noticed your happy-go-lucky canine buddy behaving weirdly or becoming oddly quiet after a complete grooming session, don’t worry! Because you’re not the only pet owner who has noticed this sudden personality change. In fact, on almost every public conversation platform like yahoo, quora, and Reddit, you will see several pet owners discussing how their dogs changed its personality after a haircut. So, let’s find out more about this.

Right after you get home from your pet’s grooming station, you may notice your dog gloomy or cowering from you. This can happen, especially if your dog receives a major change. However, experts say that this behavior is quite common in dogs, and you shouldn’t worry about it. Most dogs do not get their hair brushed or detangled, let alone a complete haircut. Hence, if you suddenly trim all those hair from your pet’s body, it’s normal for them to feel a bit uncomfortable.

If your dog is showing any drastic changes, just make sure to give them some time to get used to the change. However, sometimes, it may not be the haircut that causes a sudden personality change but something that happened at the grooming station. Note that canines are particularly sensitive to human moods. Hence, if you or the groomer laughed at your dog after the haircut, chances are, they felt those negative feelings. 

Another scenario that may cause a personality change in your dog is small grooming accidents. Sometimes, even the world’s best pet groomer may commit some minor accidental cuts or nicks. Your dog will definitely not be happy about this and may end up being restless for several hours.

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Dog Lethargic After Grooming

It is a fact that most dogs don’t really enjoy their grooming sessions. While some may not like the water or shampoo on their body, the rest may not enjoy the heat from the blow dryer. Additionally, other things, like being put in a kennel or getting groomed by strangers, can stress a dog. Sometimes the sounds of other dogs barking or even the grooming station’s overall environment can put your dog in a bad spot.

Hence, if your dog becomes lethargic or behaves oddly after grooming, it is totally normal. It usually happens to every other dog as well. So, the first thing you shouldn’t be doing is worrying too much about it. Instead, if your dog shows any weird signs after grooming, you should look out for those signs and act sensibly.

Since grooming is not something dogs enjoy, they may get stressed out. Hence, they may show mild to severe reactions depending upon the amount of stress. Remember, dogs can sense emotions, and stress affects them both psychologically and physically. Some common reactions to mild stress in dogs are whale eyes, excess drooling, panting, whining, a wrinkled muzzle, frequent yawning, low growling, etc. 

Sometimes, a mildly stressed out canine may even appear to be more hyped up than usual. In contrast, some dogs may even become lethargic. Hence, if you notice such reactions, just make sure to give your pet some time and lots of love. This may help him get over the “grooming” change.

With that said, look out for severe reactions like vomiting, excessive barking, trembling, diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc. If you see any of those abnormal reactions, you should take your dog to the nearest vet. Generally, these reactions may be the outcome of underlying issues like grooming accidents or allergies. 

Maybe your dog is acting lethargic after the grooming session because they are allergic to the shampoo used on them. Or, maybe they got some slight cuts and nicks during the hair trimming process, which is causing them discomfort and pain. Hence, you must keep an eye on your dog and check for any signs of possible injury.

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Now that you have a better idea about canines and their reactions to grooming, here’s a little tip for you. Next time you take your pet to the salon, don’t just drop him off there alone, especially if your dog has already shown signs of stress before. 

Make sure to sit with them through the entire process. Then, try to observe your dog’s reaction to each of the grooming activity. Maybe it’s not the entire grooming session that causes your pet to stress out. Look at how your pets react when you place them in a kennel.

Or try to read their reactions during the brushing, bathing, or trimming processes. If you notice any particular step that causes your dog to react oddly, make sure to take notes of it. You can then discuss with your pet groomer how to improve the entire process for your pet! 

Dog Walking Sideways After Grooming Dog Behaviour after Grooming

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