Be Careful When Walking Your Dog After Dark!

The cold and dark months of the year are upon us, and among other things, it means that we often have to walk our dogs after the sun has set.

But nightfall can make it difficult for drivers and dog owners to notice each other, and that’s why the winter months are that time of year when most dogs are hit by cars.

The latest numbers from 2022 show that 33% of all episodes of dogs getting hit by cars are reported in the months of November to January.

Be Careful When Walking Your Dog After Dark!

But according to the veterinary group AniCura, a lot of these accidents can be avoided with the right equipment:

“It’s a frightening thought and a devastating experience for any dog owner if their dog gets involved in a car crash during their daily walk. Hence, it’s important for dog owners to take extra precautions to increase their visibility to drivers. Wearing reflectors and/or lights is a crucial step, this can include a reflective leash, vest, or even a flashlight.”

– Hanne Friis, the Chief Veterinarian at AniCura Denmark.

She also adds:

“Often, it can be far more difficult for drivers to see the dog than the owner as the dog is much closer to the ground. Therefore, it is also beneficial to ensure that the dog is always on a leash and preferably a short leash when walking after it has become dark. It is also important to remember that the dog should walk on the inside, so it is furthest away from busy roads.”

– Hanne Friis

If Your Dog Is Hit by a Car

Walking Your Dog After Dark

If the worst happens and the dog is hit by a car, it’s important for the dog owner to be aware of how to handle the situation. Dogs can react very differently depending on the severity of the accident and the extent of the injuries:

“The first step should be to move the dog away from the road and check if the dog is still conscious and the severity of its injuries. However, it is important to be aware that sometimes dogs experience so much pain that they can behave more aggressively and differently than normal, so the dog owner must be very cautious.”

– Hanne Friis

Unfortunately, if the dog has been hit by a car, it will often result in bone fractures and internal bleeding to a greater or lesser extent, which in some cases will require surgery.

Therefore, it is also very important for the dog owner with serious injuries to call a veterinary emergency service, which has 24-hour injury clinics throughout the country, making it possible to be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

In this connection, it is beneficial to code the number of the nearest 24-hour animal hospital in advance, so you have it on your phone in case of an accident

Recommended Gear for Walking at Night

As mentioned above, there are a few pieces of equipment that can make a huge difference when it comes to walking your dog after dark.

Reflective Vests

The most efficient product is probably a reflective vest, both for you and your dog.

For your dog:

For you:

Reflective Leash

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