issues only dog owners understands

23 Issues Only Dog Owners Will Understand

issues only dog owners understands

Walks in freezing weather, dog hairs all over the home, and muddy paws. If you’re a dog owner, I’m certain you’ve encountered these issues before.

1. A Low Table vs Long Tails

It can prove quite a challenge to leave your coffee cup if you’re the owner of a rather low table. It’s pretty much a certainty that your dogs’ long and wagging tail is gonna knock your cup to the ground.

2. Vacuuming

You dog might have encountered your vacuum dozens of times, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be arch enemies.

3. Talking With Your Dog

Especially if you’re talking with your dog in public places around other people, because that’s a thing we do.

4. Meeting The Other Dogs In The Park

Every time we bump into a new and unfamiliar dog, our hearts starts to race a bit. The tense moment before the dogs’ meet has our head filled with thoughts about how they might react.

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5. When Water From The Bowl Hits The Floor

A water bowl is emptied quite fast when a dog is thirsty. Perhaps due to the fact that half of the water has a tendency to end up on the floor beside the bowl, instead of in your dogs’ stomach.

6. A Lack Of Legroom In The Bed

Even if you don’t allow your dog in your bed a night, somehow it often manages to sneak itself up during the night, and it usually ends up stealing all of your legroom when it’s stretched across your bed.

7. Cat-Lovers

Why do we even need to have this discussion? Everybody knows perfectly well that dogs are more awesome than cats.

8. New Bones

You might’ve just given your dog a brand new and delicious bone to chew on, but he still prefer the old mauled one he’s been gnawing on for weeks.

9. They Don’t Know How Large They Actually Are

A lot of dogs mistakenly think they are still puppies long after they’ve outgrown that phase. This can be quite a challenge when they’re in the mood to lie on your lap.

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10. The Toilet Seat Is Always Down

If you forget to put your toilet seat down, you can bet that you will quickly have wet paw prints all over your home.

11. Dog Poop In The Middle Of The Pedestrian Crossing

It will forever remain a mystery to me why my dog can’t just wait those 2 seconds until we’re on the other side of the road…

12. Getting Tired In The Middle Of A Walk

It can be hard to understand exactly why a dog will always get tired and lie down precisely 50 feet from your door

13. Your Dog Manages Your Schedule

You always have to take into consideration your dogs’ need for walks. Your desire for eating dinner, going to the movies, or just a trip to the supermarket can quickly seem impossible if your dog isn’t about to allow you to leave.

14. Your Doorbell Is A Signal For Chaos To Ensue

Even if you often have people using your doorbell, it’s almost a guarantee that your dog will get your attention when it rings yet again. And perhaps you’re left having to beg the mailman for forgiveness.

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15. Sad And Watery Eyes

Every single time you’re leaving home without your dog, you will be the recipient of the worlds saddest looking puppy eyes, just to ensure that you’re left feeling guilty for the rest of the day.

16. The Smell Of A Wet Dog

A dog generally just doesn’t smell all that good, especially not if it’s been raining and their fur is soaked.

17. Forgetting A Poopbag

”Do I have anything else I can use? Should I just leave the poop? Can I return later and pick it up?”

18. Food Mysteriously Disappearing

You’ve only just placed your plate on the table, and you turn to have a chat with your Uncle Steve for 5 seconds, and suddenly half of your food is gone.

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19. Dog Hairs Everywhere

Even if you’re trying to brush and groom your dog as often as possible, you still find hairs on the floor. And in your bed. And in your car. And in…

20. Trying To Sleep In

It’s the same every single weekend: Your dog has been looking forward to you being home for a few days the whole week. And of course, that means they will have to make the most of that time and needs to go on walks constantly.

21. Walks In The Blistering Cold

Going on long walks in the darkness and at sub-zero temperatures early in the morning, just isn’t all that much fun.

22. Bitemarks On Your Shoes

While most of the bitemarks were probably made when your dog was a puppy, that doesn’t mean those numerous tiny holes just magically disappear when they grow older.

23. Clothes Mysteriously Vanishing

Why is it that dogs have such a desire to upholster their crates and beds?

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