Are smoked bones safe for dogs

Are Smoked Bones Safe For Dogs? Avoid Some Products!

Giving your dog a treat is always a good reward for them. Some dog owners go for giving bones to their pets as a treat. But is it really safe for them?

Smoked bones are perfectly safe for dogs as long as you give them the proper bones. If you give them a bone that is already brittle, there’s a risk that it can snap in half and cause some issues. Avoid giving chicken bones, as they can be dangerous for your dog since it can break and choke your pet. So you need to be more careful before giving bone as a treat.

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of smoked bones for dogs.

Are Smoked Bones Safe for Dogs

Smoked bones can provide better nutrition for your dog, so it’s a must to let them have it since dog food doesn’t contain the much calcium and protein your dog needs. It’s fine to give smoked bones to your pup since it will compensate for the lacking nutrients from dog food.

The safety depends on how it’s prepared, so you have to make sure that the bone treat will not be easily broken. Your dog will not stop chewing even if it does, and it makes it dangerous. The best thing to do is to find an excellent smoked bones manufacturer so that you can make sure that your canine will be safe.

Why Give Bones as A Treat

Bones are one of the best treats that you can give your dog since they can provide the needed protein and calcium. It’s their primary source of nutrients when they are in the wild. But since you have them domesticated, you still have to provide them with some bones to keep up.

Aside from the nutrition from the bone marrow, bones can be a natural tooth cleaner for your canine. It can also reduce your dog’s separation anxiety so you can give it to them to help them become preoccupied while you’re not around.

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Things to Be Avoided

1. The Wrong Type of Bone

Chicken bones are the best example that you should never allow your dog to chew. Since it’s tiny and can be tender, it will cause it to break when your dog chews on it. That will cause your dog to choke if he tries to swallow it or even puncture the mouth and stomach that will cause some severe problems.

2. Bones in Small Pieces

Dont give bones in small pieces to your dog since he might try to swallow it. That’s a choking hazard, and you must never allow it on your dog’s plate. You can stick to the more significant type of bones so that your dog will not have a chance to swallow it since it’s too big for his mouth.

3. When Your Dog Has Stomach Issues

When you think that your dog may have an upset stomach, it’s best not to give them a bone treat. You can just wait until your pet feels better before providing him with some bones since his condition may get worse if you still allow him to chem on bones.

4. Give Bone When Another Dog is Visiting

You know how dogs can act when they have a visitor. If you gave your dog bone as a treat with another dog, it’s like asking for trouble. They will fight over that piece of bone even if you give them one each.

5. Cooked Bones

Cooked bones can get brittle and easily get broken when your dog bites on it. That will cause it to be broken down into small sharp pieces. It will surely harm your dog’s mouth and stomach in case it has been swallowed.

are smoked bones safe for dogs

What to Do When Giving a Bone Treat

1. Give Raw Meat or Smoked Bones

When giving bones to your dog, it’s best to go for the raw meat or smoked bones since it’s still hard to break. Dogs are naturally carnivorous, so it’s good for their health. Plus these type of bones is not brittle since it’s not cooked, so it’s safer for your pet.

2. Take Away the Bone Every 10-15 Minutes

When giving your dog bone as a treat, it’s best to take it away after a few minutes. It’s best to check if your dog is already cracking it since the small pieces can be dangerous for the health of your canine.

3. Discard Bones After 3-4 Days

Since bones will be exposed and get chewed most of the time, it’s best to discard it after a few days already. It will avoid your dog getting an upset stomach since dog bones can be spoiled already, especially when it comes in contact with your dog’s saliva.

4. Large Breed, Large Bones

Rule of thumb when giving bone as a treat for larger dog breeds, it has to be larger bones as well. Since larger canines teeth are bigger and stronger, they can easily break the bone in half. It can expose the sharp part of the bone, which will be dangerous for your pet.

5. Be Attentive When Giving Bone as a Treat

Don’t just give the bone to your dog and leave him with it. You need to make sure to be around to check it now and then. You have to make sure that your dog is not breaking the bones. Make sure that you have the time to supervise to avoid issues when giving bone as a treat.


So are Smoked Bones Safe for Dogs? Yes, it is because smoked bones don’t splinter. Since the dog’s teeth are powerful, you always have to make sure to be attentive when giving them some bones to chew on.

It’s a tricky treat to offer since it can cause severe issues if you happen to provide them with the wrong type of bone. It’s best to get them the bones that will be safe so that it will not cause harm to your dog’s health. However, you still need to give some bones to your pet now and then. It’s a must for them to have complete nutrition and remain active even in their senior years.

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