How To Stop Labradoodles From Chewing Things

How To Stop Labradoodles From Chewing Things

How To Stop Labradoodles From Chewing Things
Why Does Labradoodles Chew

A common worry for Labradoodles lovers is when they see their dogs chewing on things, and they start to wonder how to stop Labradoodles from chewing things.

To stop a Labradoodle from chewing things, you have to ensure that your Labradoodle is properly satisfied and challenged, as they are active and intelligent dogs, that might start chewing things if they aren’t content.

This is a long-lasting issue for pet lovers and hence they try different kinds of techniques either taken online or from veterinarians for treatment. Do they achieve success or felt embarrassed due to failure?

Why Does Labradoodles Chew?

The main reason attributed to your Labradoodles chewing issue is an anxiety disorder. Even though many dogs exhibit the chewing problem to their owners, the Labradoodles are exhibiting this issue to a greater extent. The Labradoodles are kind and courteous to their owners, but at times the chewing issue might be inconvenient to the person in charge.

The Labradoodles love mingling with others and want to be kind enough. They are very gentle dogs and perfect in all aspects but they exhibit chewing habits in case they are not given proper attention by the owners.

If the owner or the family members continuously ignore the dogs, the chewing problem starts. Labradoodle dogs might feel frustrated and irritated due to anxiety disorder. Due to these habits, it starts chewing things in the house. Sometimes, these dogs love the taste of furniture and hence they might start chewing.

The other reason attributed to the habit of chewing among Labradoodles is a development phase. During the dogs’ development phase, it might exhibit the habit of chewing so that it feels relieved from the pain and feel comfortable during adult teeth cutting.

Some studies suggest that these dogs may stop the chewing habit once they get adult teeth completely at the age of nine months. Some of the Labradoodles dogs may stop the habit of chewing and some do not stop but keep chewing items in the house.

Pay Close Attention to Your Dogs

Labradoodles expect love and attention from them on a daily basis. Even a small fraction of distraction may cause them to feel lonely and hence they develop an anxiety disorder. In short, the lack of attention is the major reason for chewing habits found among these pets.

You need to closely watch the dogs for some time, its behavior, and how it mingles with you during the chewing issues. Make a note of the problem so that you can explain it when you visit the premises of a veterinarian.

Did your dog cross the age of teething phase? Does your dog chew your furniture and shoes of yours after the teething stage? If yes, you have to understand the two basic reasons for its activities.

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Analyze the Reasons for Labradoodle Chewing and Act Accordingly

The main reason is loneliness and boredom. It expects someone to play with it and spend time for a long period. It feels utterly frustrated and uncomfortable because of less attention. You should understand how to cope with its expectations by starting playing games with it.

There are many numbers of games available for you to choose from among the slots meant for your Labradoodle. You can consult an expert about your worries and can get suggestions on how to tackle the issues. Analyze your specific situation with the veterinarians on dealing with the tough things with their support.

There are many strategies that help your dog to come out of the blue at the earliest. Pick the one that makes your dog feel best and happy further. You can follow some basic tricks to make your dog normal and keep it away from the habit of chewing.

How To Stop Labradoodles From Chewing Things

The habit of chewing is very dangerous because the dogs might eat unwanted chemicals from the furniture, dust, and dirt. These impurities might get into the stomach of dogs and can create serious health issues.

It might pose a serious health issue which you could not imagine. Hence, you have to stop the habit of chewing very quickly.

Take Your Dog Out And Play

The first and foremost step which you have to do is to take your dog outside the house to play and walk. If you do this, your Labradoodle will feel light, happy, and enthusiastic.

Your dog should be fully involved in playing games, going out, and visiting some new places. Automatically, the habit of chewing starts diminishing a lot in your pets which you can see obviously as the day passes on.

Sometimes, your Labradoodles leave the habit of chewing when it grows. Some experts say that these dogs would leave the habit of chewing once it crosses the age of one or two.

Other Activities To Stop Labradoodle Chewing

You should also teach yourself the task of saying NO to your dog when it comes to the habit of chewing vigorously.

Get your dogs trained to your commend so that it understands deeply that it is not involved in a good habit. The owner of the dog has to be persistent at all times to stop the bad habit.

As much as possible, never leave your dog alone in the house. I know it is very difficult to do this as most people have got some work outside. So, you can train your Labradoodles to remain in their room which you have allotted with some toys, treats, and water.

Make it very comfortable in its room and it should not feel bad at the time of your departure.

Unpleasant Spray on Furniture

Another method of stopping your dogs from chewing is to spray unpleasant sprays on the furniture so that your dogs do not feel comfortable when it chews in your absence.

The bad smell and taste of the furniture make your dogs dislike the habit of chewing further. However, you have to spray the solution without the knowledge of your pets. Ammonia and water spray mixture is sprayed on your house furniture

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