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Labradoodle Average Life Expectancy – What You Should Know!

It’s hard to give an exact number of how many years you can expect that your Labradoodle might live as there are so many factors, both hereditary and genetic, that contribute to their life expectancy.

The average Labradoodle lifespan is between 12 and 15 years, provided they aren’t plagued by any exceptional health issues or injuries.

But what factors go into determining how long Labradoodles live, and can you in any way have an effect on this?

Labradoodle Genes Automatically Limit Their Lifespan

12 to 15 year old may not seem particularly old, especially when we’re talking about a fit and healthy dog, but there are a few factors that will automatically limit a Doodles’ lifespan to some degree.

There’s a general rule of thumb that says that smaller dogs live longer than larger breeds. An on top of that, mutts live longer than pedigrees – by an average of 1.2 extra years.

So, as a Labradoodle is considered being a crossbreed and a medium to large-sized dog, your Doodle’s lifespan is automatically shorter than that of a smaller mongrel, for instance.

The precise science behind the average lifespans in dogs isn’t fully understood yet, although it’s widely believed that the size and conformity of the body is quite an important factor.

While Doodles are certainly on the larger side of breeds which can usually limit their lifespan, they are otherwise endowed with an otherwise well-conforming body – in proportion, athletic and no mitigating features like a short face, excess skin or small skull, that are known to cause health problems in later life.

Are Labradoodles Vulnerable to any Genetic Disorders?

One of the major drawbacks of crossbreed dogs is the fact they are more generally considered to be more susceptible to genetically inherited diseases that will typically limit their lifespan.

There are several of these inherited diseases linked with Doodles, the most notable being hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy and plenty of eye and sight problems.

These disorders can mostly be avoided if you make sure only to buy puppies from responsible, trustworthy breeders who have had the father and mother genetically tested prior to breeding and found the dogs to not be carrying these problematic genes.

QUICK TIP: Read up on Labradoodles before buying. A good place to start is The Complete Guide to Labradoodles, which is a great book that I can highly recommend.

A Healthy Lifestyle Equals a Longer Life

Of course, genetic factors can be credited as the only important thing when it comes to the longevity of your Doodle. Even as important, perhaps, even more so, is ensuring that your dog can live in a happy and healthy environment.

As a start, a highly nutritional and balanced diet and plenty of exercise will set a great baseline for your Doodles’ health.

Ensure you only buy high-quality dog food and just use treats in smaller amounts as part of your training routine – it’s amazingly easy to let your dog accidentally gain weight with even a few too many treats or rewards in human food.

Obesity in Doodles can lead to a great number of other health problems – particularly diseases affecting their heart, kidneys, and liver – which will apparently serve to limit their lifespan.

Make sure you check up on your Doodles’ weight once in a while to check for consistency and always remember that treats are most effective when only given out in small amounts.


Check out the video below which contains plenty of tips and advice on weight loss in dogs:

If you’re concerned about the volume of food your dog is eating, or simply wish to monitor their nutrition, it could be worth considering investing in an automatic food dispenser.

These food dispensers give out a small amount of food at regular intervals all through the day, preventing your Doodle from stuffing themselves in seconds.

These devices are especially helpful if you work and aren’t able to spend time with your dog for several hours during the day.

Together with your dog’s nutrition, another important part of a long life is exercise. Labradoodles are known for needing plenty of exercise every day to be able to manage both their weight but also playful temperaments.

Consistent exercise will also help prevent conditions like stress and canine depression in your Doodle, which will most certainly limit your dog’s longevity.

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Spaying and Neutering Can Increase Lifespan

Spaying or neutering your Doodle could also help them to live a longer life.

Spaying your female Doodle will stop her from going into heat and the possibility of conceiving a litter – both highly stressful periods for your dog that can lead to other life-shortening health problems.

Neutering (removing a male’s testicles) and spaying (removing a female’s uterus and ovaries) removes the risk of testicular and uterine cancers while it can also reduce the risk of other types of diseases like breast cancer, hernias, and various infections.

Having your male neutered also makes it a lot less likely to wander away from home in search of a mate, so any risks of injuries from traffic accidents or getting into fights with other dogs are considerably diminished.

Who is the Oldest Known Labradoodle?

While there aren’t many records on the oldest known Labradoodle registered, as they are still are a fairly new breed, the oldest known Labrador Retriever which Labradoodles obviously shares many similar traits with, was Bella, who died in 2008 at the tender age of 29.

How Long Will My Labradoodle Live?

I’ve been around Labradoodles pretty much since the first was bred over 30 years ago.

Max– We got this guy from a shelter. They said he was about 2 years old and we had him for 13 years making him about 15 years old when he passed.

Dante– We also got Dante from the shelter when he was around 2 months old. And we ended up having this guy for more than 16 years before we had to put him to rest.

Monty– Our current Labradoodle, almost 2 years old now, and still going strong.

So How Long Do Labradoodle Live?

The average age is 12 to 15 years, with ancestry and genetics, and the lifestyle choices you make for them can have a major effect.

The problem with averages though is that that’s exactly what they are, an average. So while others might live to see past 20, others won’t live to see 5.

But if you do what you can with exercise and great nutrition, and with a lot of luck, any Labradoodle of yours could have a lifespan well in their late teens. It certainly can and does happen.

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