What is the Smallest Size Labradoodle

What is the Smallest Size Labradoodle You Can Get in 2023

Labradoodles are a unique type of dog breed known for being intelligent, and friendly, but what is the smallest size Labradoodle you can get? These popular breeds are typically cross-bred, having the genetic attributes of Labrador Retriever and Poodle.

Labradoodles mainly comes in three sizes- Standard Labradoodle, Medium Labradoodle, and Mini Labradoodle. Of the three, the smallest size Labradoodle is the Mini Labradoodle weighing only about 15-30 pounds and standing at just 13-16 inches high. 

These cute Mini Labradoodles result from cross-breeding between a miniature Labrador Retriever and a purebred Toy Poodle. 

What is the Smallest Size Labradoodle You Can Get

Here, we will provide you with details on Mini Labradoodles and answer some questions, including the size, colors, features, lifespan, and how much they cost.

What Exactly Are Mini Labradoodles

Mini Labradoodles are the smallest size Labradoodle of the three known sizes. As the name implies, these Mini Labradoodles are miniature similar to the standard Labradoodles but smaller. 

The emergence of the first Mini Labradoodles dates back to the 1980s when an Aussie breeder was able to cross a Labrador and Mini Poodle successfully. Since then, there has been ever-increasing popularity of the Mini Labradoodles worldwide that continues even to this day.  

They are again backcrossed to a Toy Poodle to continually breed and produce even smaller variations.

These miniature puppies commonly weigh around 20 pounds and are only about 13-16 inches tall. Breeders usually breed them continually to get even tinier puppies.

What Is the Coat Color of the Mini Labradoodles

The coat color of the Mini Labradoodles varies from one to the other as each puppy comes from different parents. There is no specific coat color for the Mini Labradoodles, and each puppy has its particular coat and shade, just as they come with opposing personalities.

Nevertheless, the color of the Mini Labradoodle coat comes in different shades of colors such as white, tan, black, caramel, apricot, chocolate, cream, silver, red, and grey.

Thus, there are endless varieties of colors to the Mini Labradoodles. 

A parent combo of two distinct shades produces puppies with two or more colors known as parti, meaning patched, or phantom, meaning two-toned. 

One thing that distinguishes the Mini Labradoodle is its ringlet coat which becomes its signature, incredibly smooth and soft when you touch it. 

What Is the Average Size of a Mini Labradoodle

Mini Labradoodles come in different sizes and shapes. Generally, they weigh around 15 to 30 pounds and stand at 13 to 16 inches tall.

The height and weight of the puppies are determined by the type of genes inherited from their parents.

A Mini Labradoodle pup can get the necessary treatment for any health defects if it inherits more from its Poodle parent and weighs not more than fifteen pounds and fourteen inches high, thus making them noticeably tiny compared to its Labrador parent.

On the other hand, if a pup has more Labrador genetic features, it will not be considered mini but will look more like a standard Labradoodle size. Therefore, it is essential to check the parents and determine what possible size the pup will remain as it grows into an adult.

Are Mini Labradoodles Hypoallergenic

Unfortunately, Mini Labradoodles, like every dog, sheds their fur at one point or another. There is no guarantee that Mini Labradoodles are hypoallergenic.  

Nevertheless, most Mini Labradoodles are hypoallergenic as they inherit more genes from the Poodle than from the Labrador genes. 

Regardless of the coloring, the coat comes in ringlets that need trimmings from time to time instead of shedding. These ringlets, as a coat, are smooth and silky.

One technique to determine whether they are hypoallergenic is to check their siblings from the previous litter. By doing this, you get closure on the Mini Labradoodle and learn if they are hypoallergenic. 

Nonetheless, getting a Mini Labradoodle with a hypoallergenic coat involves following a strict grooming routine. To prevent matting on the fur, remember to brush the ringlets a couple of times a week. 

It is also advisable to take the Mini Labradoodle to a groomer and treat them to a bath, trimmings, and brushing to maintain their coat at its best.

What Is the Lifespan of the Mini Labradoodle?

The average lifespan of a Mini Labradoodle is about 12-14 years. It is recommended to take the pup and check for any health issues that may affect and shorten its lifespan. Take into consideration the parents’ medical history to rule out any genetic health defects before you adopt and take the adorable Mini Labradoodle home to your family.

Labradors are more prone to elbow and hip dysplasia and obesity, eye problems, and ligament injuries. Mini Labradoodles inherit the floppy ears from Labradors, and they have a high chance of ear infections from time to time. 

Poodles experience health issues different from a Labrador, including patellar luxation, a knee injury, eye cataracts, sebaceous adenitis, and other skin diseases. 

Therefore, a Mini Labradoodle can inherit any or all of these health problems from both parents.

How Much Does a Mini Labradoodle Cost?

The cost of a Mini Labradoodle varies from one pup to another and from one breeder to another. The price of the puppies depends upon the breeder, the locations, and the litter themselves.

The cheapest rate for a Mini Labradoodles can be as less as $500 in some areas, while in some locations, the price may range from $2,500 or above.

It is a known fact that the lesser the price, the greater the chance that there is something off. In such cases, the breeder is not fully qualified, or the pup has some health issues. However, avoid going for the cheapest rate available as you will pay dearly.

Alternatively, suppose you decide on purchasing a Mini Labradoodle. In that case, it is vital to undertake an in-depth study into the costs in the area and compare before you make the final purchase. Keep in mind to have sufficient money to cover all medical expenses apart from paying the adoption fee.

Do Mini Labradoodles Need Training and Exercises?

Mini Labradoodles attracts many dog fanatics with their cute face and pleasing personalities. Its miniature size makes it ideal for smaller homes or apartments. 

Regardless of their miniature size, they are highly energetic and playful. Like any other dog, the Mini Labradoodle needs a playmate and exercises to remain healthy and dynamic.

Thus, if you decide to own a Mini Labradoodle, determine whether you can invest time for an energetic puppy who needs daily playtime and exercises. Your Mini Labradoodle will potentially grow into a well-disciplined dog, given the required training. However, it also involves you giving a bit of your time and a lot of patience throughout the process. 

What is the Smallest Size Labradoodle
What is the Smallest Size Labradoodle

Summing up

We hope our detailed guide on the smallest size Labradoodle helps you gain all the information you need about the Mini Labradoodle. 

Now you understand that Mini Labradoodles are faithful and make a fun companion, but they are also trainable. Given the proper training at the right age, the Mini Labradoodle picks up and becomes well-behaved. 

Additionally, understand that they need regular exercises to keep them healthy regardless of their tiny size, so this will require you to keep aside time to play and work out with them.

So despite some of the efforts you need to put in, you will be lucky to own an adorable miniature dog that instantly becomes your friend for life. 

But the good part is that the Mini Labradoodles are hypoallergenic, and they don’t shed furs to a great extent like other breeds, and you also get a wide range of coat color options. 

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