Labradoodle Lifespan

Labradoodle Lifespan – How To Give Your Dog A Longer Life!

There are numerous factors that influence the life span in a Labradoodle, and the most common of these are diet, healthcare, and if there are any inherited diseases.

The average Labradoodle lifespan is 12 to 15 years, with 13 years being the average age for a Labradoodle to live if they pass due to natural causes. But there are factors you can influence that can make your dog live even longer!

Read on to learn more about some of these factors, and how you can actually influence and improve the life expectancy of your Labradoodle.

How Long Does a Labradoodle Live

Labradoodles are blessed with a quite good life span compared to a lot of other breeds. Even though they are a rather large breed they tend to live longer than other equally large counterparts. Labradoodle lifespan is also affected by the specific health issues that the breed is prone to.

When talking about death due to natural causes, we should think of any fatal illness or malfunction of the body that will typically develop due to aging.

While the average lifespan is 12-15 years, many Labradoodles have been able to live for much longer than that. So don’t be surprised if you hear of Labradoodles that have reached 16 or even 17 years of age.

On average, a female Labradoodle will normally live a bit longer than its male counterpart with an average of about 1 year longer.

Since the average dog breed lives around 11 years, Labradoodles are able to live quite a bit longer than a lot of dogs. 

We Actually Asked Some Real Labradoodle Owners

Curious to know what real peoples’ experiences were with the lifespan of their Labradoodles, we made a Facebook survey

labradoodle lifespan survey
Labradoodle lifespan survey

As you can see, a lot of Labradoodles were able to live past the age of 15.

Labradoodle Causes of Death

In a study was done by the University of Georgia they looked at almost 75.000 dogs of every imaginable breed from 1984 to 2004, and it gave the researchers many answers as to what the leading cause of death for most of the breeds was. 

The study revealed that the leading causes of death in Labradoodles were the following>

Mature and Adult Labradoodle

  • Cancer. The #1 cause of death for Labradoodles (31.2%) is due to cancer. It’s worth noting that for a senior Labradoodle, the risk of developing cancer will increase significantly over the age of 10.
  • Cardiac. (7,3%) Heart failure, heart defect or a heart attack was found to be the second most leading cause of death in a Labradoodle.
  • Cerebral Vascular. (5,6%) Stroke or a cerebral vascular accident is the 3.rd most cause of death in Labradoodles.

Now let’s take a look at a more positive note and some of the numerous things you yourself can do to actually improve and increase your Labradoodles’ lifespan. 

dog scared of the vet zyrtec dosage for dogs labradoodle lifespan

How to Help Your Labradoodles’ Lifespan

There are actually quite many things that you should consider doing to help your Labradoodle live a longer and healthier life.

2. Preemptive Measures Towards Fatal Injuries

Trauma is one of the leading causes of death for a Labradoodle puppy so you should take a few steps to help prevent whatever accident might happen.

 This could involve:

  • Always ensure that your Labradoodle is safely buckled up in a certified canine seat of some type when driving them around in your car. One of the best-reviewed booster seats you can get is this K&H Pet Booster Seat. Always make sure that you’ve connected the inner buckle to your Labradoodles’ harness, instead of the collar. 
  • Not paying enough attention when carrying your small pup around can also become a problem. If you want your Labradoodle to be up close to you, you should really think about getting a canine carry sling such as an i’Pet Hands-free Dog Shoulder Sling.
  • Teach any children that either live or visit your home about the proper handling techniques of puppies.
  • Always have your Labradoodle puppy on a leash when leaving your home.

1. Choose Premium Food Products

Looking purely on the price, you might be tempted to opt for cheaper brands of food for your Labradoodle, but that is in most cases a mistake. Going for an all-natural premium food for your Labradoodle really can make a lot of difference.

Premium brands aren’t loaded with numerous added chemicals or some substances that have been known to cause cancer, as we established above, Labradoodles are already fairly prone to cancer, so no need to exacerbate that risk.

For the last 2 years, I’ve been feeding my pup premium fresh food from Ollie Petfood, and it has made a large improvement in the health of my dog compared to the dry food kibble I was previously feeding him.

You can also take a look at my post on the best food for Labradoodles to get some recommendations on other premium products.

But if you’re more curious regarding Ollie Petfood and want to take a closer look at this product, use this link where you can currently save 50% on your first box from Ollie.

3. Keep Your Labradoodles’ Vaccinations Up-to-Date. 

You should always make sure that:

  • Your Labradoodle puppy has received every single one of their puppy shots.
  • Don’t bring your puppy outside to public places until it’s 2 weeks past the final round of inoculations.
  • If you reside in a part of the country with numerous wildlife that might enter your property, and specifically the places where your dog frequently spends their time, ask your vet regarding the need for the leptospirosis vaccine.
  • Consult with your veterinarian about booster shots. Your vet is then able to determine if your Labradoodle is in need of a booster shot just by doing a titer test and checking for the level of antibod. 

4. Bring Your Labradoodle to the Vet for General Checks 

A dog should undergo a full examination at your vet at least once a year, and if your dog is a senior canine (above 7-8 years old) you should do the check twice a year, to have the vet look for any of the common issues with the breed.

5. Always Filter Your Water 

Throughout the country the are many areas where regular tap water contains toxins and unwanted carcinogenic agents, and you really could consider fitting a filter to your water supply or at least get a filtered water pitcher. 

6. Regular Exercise Your Labradoodle

Perhaps the easiest thing you can do to help your Labradoodle live longer is proper physical and mental exercise every single day.

This will not only help prevent several of the health-related issues but also help to ensure that your dogs’ heart continues to stay strong and help your dog to have a well-balanced metabolism. 

Final Words

I think all dog owners want their furry friends to live as long as possible, and for most cases, it is actually possible for you to at least improve the odds of a longer life span, by doing just a few of the tips I’ve mentioned above.

And by following just some of the points above, I can’t see any reason why your Labradoodle shouldn’t be able to live well past the average 13 years!

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