golden labradoodle VS GOLDENDOODLE puppy checklist can goldendoodles hunt English Doodle Vs Goldendoodle Grooming English Doodle Vs Goldendoodle temperament Goldendoodle Breeding Guide do goldendoodles have webbed feet

Do Goldendoodles Have Webbed Feet – Some Interesting Facts

Do Goldendoodles have webbed feet? Goldendoodles are a crossbreed of standard or miniature Poodles and Golden Retrievers. They are commonly adopted and loved as pets due to their trustworthy and friendly nature. As a result, they often train to take up roles as guide dogs, assistance dogs, or even therapy dogs. When it comes to physical body parts, you may be wondering whether Goldendoodles have webbed feet of not.

Goldendoodles do have webbed feet as they are also one among the water dogs. The Golden Retrievers are notorious for their reliability as gun dogs, as they are great swimmers. The poodles are also not far below when it comes to facing the water. Both the breeds exhibit well-developed webbed feet.

Hence, with such admirable genes as their parent breed, Goldendoodles also have webbed feet. And, as the apple does not fall far from the tree, they are excellent swimmers too.

How do Webbed Feet Benefit Your Goldendoodle?

Some significant advantages of having webbed feet are:

  1. It helps them to swim efficiently in deep water bodies. Their wide webbed feet act like a paddle which pushes the water current against their forward motion. As a result, they gain a strong thrust which propels them forward and helps them swim with ease.
  2. When walking on marshy areas and muddy land, the webbed feet prevent their feet from sinking. That is because of their feet’ increased surface area, which increases resistance against the muddy ground.
  3. Even on slippery surfaces, it helps them to walk or run without difficulty. Their paw pads widen on these surfaces, and the webs help their toes get a firm grip.
  4. Some other benefits include good digging abilities, maintaining body stability while running or even while standing.
  5. Not only on rainy days, but webbed feet helps a lot even during the winter season. In areas where snowfall takes place, it allows the dogs to navigate through the snow without sinking. A similar principle applies to sandy regions too.
golden labradoodle VS GOLDENDOODLE puppy checklist can goldendoodles hunt English Doodle Vs Goldendoodle Grooming English Doodle Vs Goldendoodle temperament Goldendoodle Breeding Guide do goldendoodles have webbed feet

Caring for Their Webbed Feet

Their webbed feet may help your Goldendoodles to traverse challenging and harsh terrains. However, it doesn’t mean that their feet are painless or very tough. As it usually is, their strength can become their weakness. It makes their feet prone to cuts, piercings, freezing, burns, etc., which may even cause severe infections. Hence, you should follow proper procedures to care for their feet.

After every adventure, walk or hunt, always make sure to clean between their toes right after you get home. Widen the toes apart and thoroughly clean the inside with a clean cloth and water. The pain may reduce their swimming efficiency and their health too.

Goldendoodles and Swimming

Golden are excellent swimmers due to their webbed feet, and a partial credit goes to their impressive physique. Also, their thick coats help their body to attain buoyancy while swimming. As a result, these water breeds are preferred and referred for activities which require high agility in wetlands.

  • Training your Goldendoodles to swim:

It is crucial to understand that your dog’s need to swim will arise at a point in its life. Hence, training them to swim at an early age would be beneficial. Generally, your Goldendoodles can begin their swimming lessons by the time they are four months old. By that age, they will be quick to learn and easy to deal with.

However, if your adult Goldendoodle is incapable of swimming, it may take a longer time to learn swimming. In this case, you will have to be patient and endure it. But be assured that it will certainly know how to swim.

  • Helping your Goldendoodles overcome their fear of water:

The first thing that a human has to conquer, to learn or achieve something, is their fear. Similarly, the first and foremost step is to help your companions overcome their fear of water.

  1. Whether it is a puppy or an adult dog, conquering their fear of water will help break the ice. And the rest will be history.
  2. Take a long walk or hike to help relax their muscles and tire them to some extent.
  3. Look for a shallow pond, river, brook, etc. Or create one on a beach. Make sure that the water depth is just about one-third of your dog’s height.
  4. Now, cross the water body without providing any assistance to your dog.
  5. Call him politely from the other side. It may cross the pond eventually or find another path to get to you.
  6. Then get to the other side and repeat the process until it becomes confident enough to cross.

After this, you can proceed with training them to swim.

  • Other basic steps to train your dog:

As there are many ways to skin a cast, there is no definite method of training your dog to swim. However, you can follow the following steps to help your dog to swim:

  1. Firstly, understand that you will reap the most fruitful outcome only through patience and positive support.
  2. You can purchase a life jacket for your dog, which will reduce your burden to train it.
  3. Make a habit of taking your dog with you whenever you plan to go swimming.
  4. You can let it practice at home by using the bathtub too.
  5. Be gentle and kind while handling your dog. Help it to keep its head above the water. Bad experiences may inversely worsen their fear of water.
  6. With proper guidance and enough practice, they will be able to paddle soon with their webbed feet.
  7. Once you feel that they can handle the swimming, let them wander about the pool alone. That will help your Goldendoodles get better balance and confidence with time.
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What if Your Goldendoodle Does Not Have Webbed Feet?

Generally, all Goldendoodles ought to possess webbed feet. However, in some cases, the absence of webbed feet may result from genetic shortcomings or breeding mistakes. Even in such events, there is nothing to worry about. Their swimming ability may weaken, but that should not stop them from swimming. With proper care and training, they should be fine.

Do Goldendoodles Have Webbed Feet Conclusion

It is the pet owner’s expected behavior to dig information about their pets and take proper precautions. This article provides little information regarding the webbed feet of the Goldendoodles. Though having webbed feet may provide a terrain advantage to your dogs, they are vulnerable and require constant care. Hence, an awareness of their care, benefits, and health risks is essential for a responsible owner.

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