do irish doodles love to swim

Do Irish Doodles Love To Swim – Let’s Go Swimming!

Irish Doodles are hybrid dogs, meaning they result from a cross between two different dogs—an Irish Setter mates with a Poodle. The result is a hybrid dog, the Irish Doodle. More like how humans inherit both parents’ characteristics, Irish Doodle also inherits characteristics from both parents. 

Irish Doodle’s love for swimming comes from both the parent’s love for the water. A little history and overview of each parents’ distinct love for the water will help understand the Irish doodle’s love for the water as well.

One of the main characteristics inherited by the Irish Doodle from its Poodle is the love for swimming. A detailed understanding of the Poodle’s love for swimming will be addressed in the passage below.

Do Irish Doodles Love To Swim

Although, the Irish Doodle doesn’t inherit the passion for swimming solely from the poodle parent. Irish Setters are also known as one of the best swimmers among all breeds.

Poodle’s Love for the Water

  • When introduced to water, and when they see a swimming pool or a pond, they are most likely to launch themselves in the water. Although learning how to swim may take some time. Besides, not all Poodles love the water and may take some time to start enjoying water activities. But on the majority, poodles love the water.
  • Poodles have been bred traditionally to hunt ducks. They were also famously known as the waterfowl retriever. They have the special ability to flush birds from land and at the same time retrieve them from water bodies. When Poodles were bred to be aquatic birds’ retrievers, they would jump off from the boat, from a shore blind, or directly jumping in from the shore.
  • A Poodle’s basic feature itself makes them water babies. Poodles have webbed feet and a waterproof coat. The webbed feet could have been partly because of adaptation, where the breeders using them as water retrievers. Webbed feet can be a resultant effect of any animal that spends a lot of time in the water. The webbed feet of the Poodle make them smooth swimmers. Their coat is also waterproof making them excellent water lovers.

Irish Setter’s Love for the Water

  • Irish Setters, like Poodles, have also been bred to be hunting retrievers. They were extremely popular because of their agility, strong built, and agility. They were also known to be extremely versatile in all weather conditions. Part of the hunting retrieving involves water bodies too. Irish Setters developed the skill to be water retrievers as well. The job of a water retriever is to retrieve fallen prey and game birds that enter the water bodies. 
  • Irish Setters are known to be among the best swimmers among dog breeds. Irish setters generally love the water too, from swimming activities to playing water activities. Irish Setters puppies, when introduced to water, can instinctively know how to swim. Though that does not mean you leave the dog unattended in a water body. Initially, the dog may require a doggy paddling pool. In a few days, they would make excellent swimmers.

Irish Doodle’s Love for the Water

As read from the Irish Doodle parents’ love for the water, and the reason they were bred for traditionally, it comes as no surprise that the Irish Doodle loves the water too. Usually, the Irish Doodle’s love for swimming is entirely attributed to the Poodle parent. But when we look at the Irish Setter’s history and trait, we know they have a fondness for the water too.

Irish Doodle Personality Irish Doodle Separation Anxiety are irish doodles easy to train Do Irish Doodles Love To Swim

Irish Doodle and Swimming 

The Irish doodle is an active and energetic dog, and swimming is always a fun activity for them. The Irish Doodle parent’s specific traits contribute to the extreme love of water activities. Poodles, as we have learned, loves swimming, and Irish Setters are excellent swimmers. The Irish Doodle has also inherited the Irish Setter parent’s super energetic trait, love for exercise activities. Listed below are some points that will give a clearer picture of the Irish Doodle’s love for Swimming:

1.    Irish Doodle Energetic Persona: Irish doodles, irrespective of which parent’s trait they inherit more, are very energetic. Although having two active parents, it is no surprise that they require a certain amount of exercise and walking every day. Once they are introduced to water bodies, they enjoy swimming as a fun-filled activity. The activities that an Irish doodle enjoys most would include jogging and swimming. Irish doodles do not see swimming as a form of exercise but as a fun activity.

2.    Irish Doodle parents’ trait inheritance: An Irish Doodle’s love for the water has a lot to do with their parent’s traits. The Poodle’s love for the water, the Irish Setter’s agile built. Irish Doodles not only love the water and enjoy swimming activities; Irish doodles are great swimmers too. 

3.    Irish Doodle love for Outdoor activities: Irish doodles are the happiest when taken out for outdoor activities. With the bonus of their loving and fun nature with children, Irish Doodles are the best outdoor companion dogs. They greatly enjoy playing water games, fetch and bring games with children. And since they are great swimmers, they enjoy a lot of swimming activities with children as well as adults.

4.    Early introduction to swimming: Irish doodle puppies may instinctively know how to swim. But initial assistance is essential. It is advised to start the swimming lesson using a dog paddling pool and start off with the shallow part of the pool.

Final Words To Do Irish Doodles Love To Swim

Irish Doodles are the perfect balance of relaxed, loving, and energetic persona. Their patient temperament makes them ideal family pet dogs with small children too. They try their best to blend in with the family and have fun activities together.

With the kind of love for the water, they possess elegant agility; they are the ideal pet dog for active families. If you are a family that enjoys bonding over picnics, outdoor activities, trekking, and the likes, Irish Doodle dogs are the answer. They not only make a fun outdoor activity companion, but they also make the ideal dog companion and playmates for children.

do irish doodles love to swim

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