can irish doodles hunt

Can Irish Doodles Hunt? Everything You Should Know

Irish Doodles have been around for only three decades, but they have become increasingly popular. These designer dogs are in so much demand, and it is no surprise that many dog lovers worldwide are curious about them. One of the most common questions people ask about them is, can Irish Doodles hunt?

Irish Doodles may not be among the most popular hunting dogs, but both of its parent breeds’ abilities in the hunting field are undisputed. With the Poodle’s high intelligence and trainability combined with the Irish Setters’ unrivaled stamina and eager-to-please nature, the Irish Doodles should undoubtedly be up for some serious hunting and retrieving.

With proper training, they can be the best hunting companions who will be obedient and quick in action.

What Are the Ideal Characteristics of Hunting Dogs?

To get a more extensive idea about your Irish Doodles’ potential as a gundog, let us see the characteristics of a hunting dog and see if these adorable dogs check the boxes, and can help you answer, can Irish Doodles hunt?


First and foremost, a hunting dog must be highly trainable. You want to teach it all the tricks in the book so that they do exactly what you want them to do and when you want it to do. Plus, you want your hunting companion to pick up your cues quickly and efficiently.

If your dog has a short attention span, is restless, or uncooperative, your training sessions will be strenuous and enervating.

Irish Doodles have an intelligent and highly trainable Poodle parent, but its Irish Setter parent isn’t exactly known for its trainability. However, the Irish Setter is still one of the most popular hunting dogs in the present time and though they may not be the fastest learners, training them isn’t impossible.

Like all designer dogs, it is impossible to predict how trainable each Irish Doodle will be, but given its good genes, most of them are good students in training.

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The second quality you want in a hunting companion is obedience. You want your dog to work with you and not against you. So it should be able to carry out your commands swiftly and obediently. If it keeps running off or chasing your prey on its whims, it will end up scaring away the game, and your hunting experience will only end up as a frustrating disaster.

Irish Doodles are eager-to-please and loyal dogs who will be obedient to you. Given that it is well-trained, hunting with it will be a fruitful and enjoyable experience.

Smelling and Tracking Ability

Our canine friends have up to 300 million olfactory receptors that lend them unbelievably strong noses. And we have tried to employ this super-strength of theirs to our advantage in the hunting field. Having a strong sense of smell multiplies dogs tracking ability, and we want the dogs with the strongest noses on the team.

While Irish Doodles’ sense of smell may not be as strong as the German Shepherd’s or the Bloodhound’s, their sense of smell is strong enough to help retrieve game birds and detect prey.

Good stamina

Out on a hunting field, your dog will have to run miles chasing after prey or retrieving them. A hunting dog must therefore be in excellent shape and have strong stamina. It should have a strong body and athletic limbs and be able to run long distances in a short time.

The Poodle, with its elaborate hairdos, are popular show dogs, but as their history proves, they have their share of abilities in the hunting field, and so does the Irish Setter. Irish Doodles, with their medium to large-sized build and parental heritage, should be up for a good running race with extensive training and a high-energy diet.

Gentle mouth

Your hunting companion must possess a gentle mouth in order to retrieve game birds in good shape. You don’t want the dog to be careless and eat into the bird’s flesh. Taking home a badly battered bird will feel less rewarding.

Irish Doodles are family dogs who already enjoy fetching games. So they will probably be more gentle with your game birds than you ask.


Swimming abilities are a must when it comes to qualifications for a hunting dog. Often you will chase prey through rough terrain and water bodies. In case the bird falls into a lake or river, the dog must be up to actively swim and retrieve it.

Did you know that the Poodles were initially hunting dogs trained to retrieve waterfowls? No questions asked. Irish Doodles are good swimmers with professional swimmer genes.

Lively Personality

What an asset it is when you have an efficient hunting companion who is also a lively entertainer? Good hunting dogs also have great personalities and enjoy the sport. They share your enthusiasm and bond with you emotionally.

Irish Doodles are loyal and loving creatures with lots of energy to spare. They are also very affectionate and playful and will make your hunting journey as fun as possible. They will not leave your side or allow you a moment of boredom.

Irish Doodle Appearance irish doodle hunting dog

Taking Care of an Irish Doodle Hunting Dog

A hunting dog is just as valuable as any arsenal on a hunting expedition, and you should take meticulous care of it. If you are taking your Irish Doodle out on the field to hunt, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure your dog is adequately vaccinated. There are certain vaccines that hunt dogs can take to avoid contracting illnesses from other animals in the wild.
  • A hunting dog needs a different diet from the less active home dogs. Feed your dog with high-quality dog food and ensure that it is getting all the extra calories as well as nutrition for robust health.
  • Take good care of your dog’s paws and coat. After every hunt, ensure that the claws are free from abrasions, cuts, or thorns. If you find any injury treat it promptly to avoid any infections. Keep its coat as clean as possible.
  • Do not overexert pressure on your dog. Allow it to rest and recuperate after every hunt.

Can Irish Doodles Hunt Conclusion

Irish Doodles have great potential as hunting dogs. But that depends on how well you train it and the traits it inherits from the parents. You could get lucky if your dog inherits all the positive characteristics from bad parents. Or you might find one that is a little less smart.

However, if you are willing to put up some hard work, your Irish Doodle will reward you with an exciting return.

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