are irish doodles easy to train

Are Irish Doodles Easy To Train – 7 Points To Consider

Everybody loves a well-behaved dog. However, a well-behaved dog is the result of a good training routine. Training your dog early on, when they are still pups, will produce good long-term results. Spending time with your dog and training them helps in building up a special bond. But are Irish Doodles easy to train?

Training your Irish doodle is not a difficult task. A little investment of time and routine is the key to becoming an owner of a well-disciplined and trained Irish doodle pet dog.

If you are considering keeping an Irish Doodle for a pet and wondering if they are easy to train, the following passages will address your query.

Are Irish Doodles Easy To Train

Irish Doodles are a hybrid dog, resulting from a crossbreed between an Irish Setter and a Poodle. This means that they could inherit certain traits that are specific to one parent. Therefore, it is equally important to understand their parents’ personalities. On a broad scale, Irish Doodles are intelligent and quick learners. Therefore, training them is not very tedious.

The intelligence of the Irish Doodle is very dependent on their parents’ genes. One factor to keep in mind is that the influence of the gene that the particular pup inherits from its parent cannot be pre-determined. A brief understanding of the Irish Doodle parents’ intelligence will help sketch the kind of expectations to keep.

  • One of the parents, Poodle, is the second smartest dog in the world, just behind the Border Collie dog. They are extremely intelligent too. Hence, poodles are very easy to train. They are also quick learners – picking up gestures and patterns quickly during the training period.
  • Irish Setters, on the other hand, are not quite as brilliant as the Poodle. Nevertheless, Irish setters are smart dogs. They respond swiftly to positive reinforcement and reward-based methods of training.

With the kind of smart genes of both parents, Irish doodles are also intelligent. They learn and adapt to new instructions and commands quickly. Early and continuous training is essential to see the results. One crucial factor to keep in mind is to introduce socialization as early as possible.

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Training an Irish Doodle

  • Discipline:

Every time we teach something new to a dog, a path or pattern is created in its brain. The more it is practiced and repeated, the more prominent the path and pattern become.

The behavioral patterns we want the Irish doodle to exhibit, the routine of teaching them must be repeated on a regular interval. To properly discipline Irish Doodles, your training routine must also be regular and continuous.

  • Socialization:

Irish doodles generally have a happy-go-lucky aura about them. For Irish Doodles to express that nature, the golden rule is to socialize them well when they are puppies. Introducing them to people, kids, noises, aroma, sensations, other pets, etc., all in moderation, helps them adapt quickly.

  • Creative training:

While the Poodle parent gene makes Irish doodles intelligent dogs, the Irish Setter parent gene makes them bored easily. Therefore, to make the training sessions less boring and tedious for the Irish Doodles, one has to create fun and entertaining training routines.

Although, Irish Doodles learn well with house training. Therefore, there is no need to get them enrolled for obedience classes from a trained trainer.

  • Patience:

When training Irish Doodles, one has to be patient. There has to be a repetitive pattern and routine when trying to teach them a new skill. In rare cases, an Irish doodle struggles to learn or adapt to a new skill or behavior taught to them. It is advisable not to give up but be persistent and patient.

Occasionally, an Irish doodle puppy can get moody or unpredictable. They may show slow progress or may not get what outcome you expect out of them when training. The only advice would be to stay committed to your training plan patiently. Eventually, they will learn over time.

  • Bonding:

Irish doodles enjoy being praised and acknowledged for good behavior. The training sessions should also be taken as a time to build a healthy relationship and bond together. When the environment is positive and loving, Irish Doodles thrive by it.

Rewarding and applauding a learned behavior is followed by establishing a connection with it and practicing it regularly. During the training session, it is essential to develop a sense of superiority to the Irish Doodle. Besides, when training Irish Doodles, the owner must pay careful attention to draw a fine line between superiority and coming too hard on them.

  • Intelligence:

As mentioned before, Irish Doodles are intelligent dogs and are equally keen on learning new things. When you are persistent and patient while training them, the rewards are high.

You can incorporate a set of tricks, obedience, or manners in your training sessions. Once an Irish doodle learns what you have trained them, you can be rest assured that they will not forget them.

  • Children:

Bringing pet dogs home can be of concern with homes having children. The good news is that Irish Doodles are extremely good with children. However, introducing the children to the Irish Doodle early on creates that comfort zone. Another critical factor to keep in mind is to train your children on how to treat and behave with the pet dog.

Sudden loud sounds and unexpected touching could cause sensitivity to Irish doodles. Teaching the children to be compassionate to them will create the best atmosphere of fun and loving relationship between the Irish doodle and the children.

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Final Words on – Are Irish Doodles Easy To Train

The best and rewarding part of your patience and dedication in training them is that they do not forget the skills and manners you have taught them. They strive to be a part of the family, and their moderate temperament makes them deal with children lovingly too. If you think it is worth the little effort you give to have such a disciplined and loving dog for a pet, the Irish doodle is the answer.

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