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Irish Doodle Price – Complete Guide To 2024 Prices

Humans opting to keep pet dogs are becoming more popular than ever. When we are looking to keeping pet dogs, we have varieties of options to choose from – size, color, breed, to budget. Some dogs may cost less but may require a high amount of attention, care, and maintenance. But what is the expected Irish Doodle price?

The price for an Irish Doodle typically start at $1000, and most breeders would charge up to $2800. There are premium breeders providing additional services. Their prices can range from $2500-$3500.

While some dogs may cost a considerable amount, but they can be of low maintenance. Many considerations are made while short-listing our dream pet dogs – temperament, coat shedding, appearance, price, etc. Irish doodle dogs are relatively new and are becoming increasingly popular as companion dogs. 

Irish Doodle Price Guide

Irish Doodles are “designer dogs,” meaning they are hybrid dogs. They are a result of breeding between purebred Irish Setter and Poodle. Their price tag is usually in the mid-high range. The prices of Irish Doodles are influenced by the breeder’s source, coat color, generations, and size. If you are looking for a smart, loving, family-friendly, intelligent pet dog with a beautiful apricot coat, then the Irish Doodle is the ideal pet dog.

To understand how four prime factors determine the price of an Irish Doodle, here is a summary. It will help you figure out which options best fit your budget when considering keeping an Irish Doodle as a pet dog.

Irish Doodle Price

Reputed Breeder

It is always advisable to source your Irish doodle puppy from reputed breeders. Most reputed breeder takes pride and focuses on family-raised pups of superior genetics. They take care in picking only purebred parent dogs. When selecting from the right and trustworthy breeder, you will have the assurance of procuring a quality puppy for a pet dog.

Irish doodles from a highly reputed breeder would usually range between $1400 to $2000. Irish doodles from premium breeders providing bonus services could go from $1800 – $3500.

One has to keep in mind the additional charges that may apply, varying from breeder to breeder:

  • A non-refundable or refundable fee of $200 – $600 for booking and selecting the litter on a first-come, first basis.
  • Charges may go higher when the breeders choose to provide a one or 2-year health guarantee of healthy puppies.
  • Some premium breeders offer free health insurance for the first 30-60 days.
  • Premium breeders offer lifetime breeder support.
  • Some premium breeders also ship puppies using USDA-approved ground transportation.
  • With additional charges, some breeders also provide puppy care packages. It would include the food packages that the breeders were feeding before your purchase. They provide some set of toys, blanket with the scent of littermates and the mother.

Irish Doodle Size

The size of an Irish Doodle depends mostly on the poodle’s size in its lineage. Poodles come in three sizes – standard, miniature, and toy

Typically, Irish doodles result from the mating between a standard poodle and an Irish setter. The gender of the parent does not matter. A cross between an Irish setter and a Miniature Poodle gives Mini Irish Doodles. Irish Doodles are rarely bred, or even not, from a toy poodle.

  • Standard Irish Doodles: They weigh between 45 and 65 pounds and stand about 22-28 inches tall. Standard Irish Doodles take up to 18 months to reach full maturity. Their prices fall in the normal range of $1000-$2000. 
  • Mini Irish Doodles: They typically weigh between 20 and 40 pounds. They stand roughly 15-22 inches tall. Mini Irish Doodles will mature at around 12 months of age. They usually cost $500-$700 more than that of standard Irish doodles. Their price tag falls in the range of $1500-$2500. 
  • Coat color: Irish Setters have a flashy red/ mahogany coat, and Poodle coats can be black, white, or apricot colored. The most commonly occurring coat for an Irish doodle is the red color. The red color of their coat does not fade at all with age. The resultant color of an Irish Doodle from the crossbreeding can vary depending upon the mother and father. Irish Doodle pups will usually be red, apricot, and black, while others have a splash of white.
  • Red Coloured Standard Irish Doodle pups costs between $1600-$2000. The red-colored coat is the most commonly seen color.
  • Apricot-colored Standard Irish Doodles costs between $1400-1800 USD.
  • Standard Irish doodles with white markings costs between $1800-$2200.
  • Mini Irish Doodles have fewer pups in a litter, and therefore charges go up. Their price range falls between $2000 – $3000.

Irish Doodle Generations

Some breeders provide a complete family history and generation chart when you pick up the puppy after selecting it. For litter booking, it requires you to pay deposit money between $200-$600. The generation chart is essential because your Irish Doodle pup’s overall price can vary according to their generation. For a better understanding and overview of the generation chart, the Irish doodle generation is explained below.

  • When an Irish Setter is crossed with a Poodle, the pup is called F1 Irish Doodle.
  • When an F1 Irish doodle is crossed with a poodle, the resultant pup is called F1b Irish Doodle.
  • When an F1 Irish doodle is crossed with another F1 Irish doodle, the pup is called an F2 Irish doodle.
  • When an F1 Irish doodle is crossed with F1b Irish Doodle, the pup is called F2b Irish doodle.

The price range distribution for the segmented generation pups is different for all breeders. 

  • F1 Standard Irish doodles range at $2200~$2500
  • F1b Standard Irish doodles range at $2200~$2500
  • Miniature or Medium Irish doodles at $2500~$3000

If you are looking to become an Irish Doodle owner, and it fits your budget considerations, Irish Doodle is the ideal companion dog. The rate at which Irish Doodles are available in the market, Irish Doodles are worth the money.

Their intelligent and active personality is sure to keep any home entertained. They are not only good with humans and children friendly but are equally good with other pets too. Irish doodles are perfect as a companion dog or as a family pet.

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