can a havapoo be left alone

Can A Havapoo Be Left Alone? Everything You Should Know

Havapoo dogs do not prefer living alone and may not be the right choice if you are often away from home. It may create separation anxiety in them. We don’t mean that you can’t leave them alone at all. With proper training, the Havapoo puppies can learn to handle some alone time. This habit is difficult to develop when they are grown up into a dog. 

You should not leave your Havapoo dog for long periods. Most of the Havapoos can handle 2-4 hours alone. Periods more extended than 4 hours daily can create several negative behavioral issues in them. Their health may also get affected if they do not get proper attention.

Let’s take a look at some of the options you have regarding leaving a Havapoo alone during the day.

Can A Havapoo Be Left Alone?

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    Havapoo dogs and Havapoo puppies are not bred for living alone. They are a companion breed, and therefore they exhibit highly social and friendly behavior when appropriately trained. 

    This is a significant consideration if your household is left alone from 8 am to 5 pm due to school and work constraints. Daily school and work routines will be an unfair amount of time that your little fluff ball has to spend alone. 

    Havapoos love human interaction. If you are considering having a Havapoo in your family, reflect on your routines. If you, your children, and your partner are not present at home for hours, you will have to take a few extra steps before leaving a Havapoo alone. These steps are essential to preserve your dog’s mental and emotional health and keep your Havapoo stress-free and happy.

    full grown havapoo full grown f1 havapoo How long can you leave a Havapoo alone for

    How long can you leave a Havapoo alone for?

    Now you must be thinking, “how long can a Havapoo be left alone?”. 

    There is no definite answer to this. It depends on their natural ability to handle alone time as we know that they get their genetic code from both the Havanese and the Poodle dogs. Therefore, we can expect them to resemble either of their parents’ behavior when anyone is not around them for hours. 

    The optimum amount that your Havapoo puppy or Havapoo dog can handle depends on your dog’s personality; as each dog is different from the other, we don’t have any hard and fast rules regarding the alone-time Povanese dogs. It can range from 30 minutes up to 3 hours. 

    Most dog experts agree that Havapoo puppies and Havapoo dogs should not be left alone for more than 3 hours daily.

    If you think that a Povanese is not the right choice for your family because you are away from home for 6 to 8 hours for work, we suggest introducing your Havapoo to a dog sitter. You can also consider leaving them at doggie daycare to save them from separation anxiety. 

    How long can a Havapoo puppy be left alone?

    Can you leave a Havapoo puppy alone? And for how long? These questions often puzzle the minds of dog owners who have their first experience with these cute, cuddly dogs. Havapoo, especially Havapoo puppies, require a lot of attention and love. 

    However, it is difficult for dog owners to accompany their Havapoo puppies all the time. To solve this problem, we have a simple formula:

    As a general rule, the separation time can be 1 hour per month of age, so by this formula, you can leave a three-month Havapoo puppy for 3 hours. This time is suggested taking into account the time they do not need to go to the bathroom. 

    Although the Havapoo can hold their needs for several hours as they grow up, they will feel lonely if you start leaving them for too long unattended.

    full grown havapoo full grown f2 havapoo can a Havapoo puppy be left alone

    How to leave a Havapoo alone?

    Your Havapoo It is necessary to develop the habit of living alone in your Havapoo. We often have circumstances when we have to leave them alone and, we have no other choice. There are a few practices that you can follow to make your Havapoo feel comfortable at home when no one from the family is around them. 

    • Ask a family or friend to take care of your Havapoo:

    There may be someone in your family or friends who might love to cuddle with your Havapoo. Ask around, and your dog may get a new friend. This is the best way to keep them happy and, that’s why we listed it on number 1.

    • Hire a professional dog sitter to attend your Havapoo:

    There is no need to worry if your friends and family are busy enough. Many people take care of dogs to earn their living. You can search on the internet to find some reliable dog sitters for your Havapoo. We advise you to interview them and check reviews before hiring them. 

    • A pet camera is essential for your Havapoo:

    A Pet camera is a must if you have to leave your Havapoo at home regularly. They are mounted at places where your dog stays in your absence. You may also find cameras that allow you to speak via your smartphone.

    The camera will let you know when your dog is playing, sleeping, or looking frustrated or anxious. It will also allow you to keep a safety check on your Havapoo, which is necessary to protect them from incidents. Without a pet camera, there is no way you can know what your dog is up to when no one is not in the house.

    • Play with your Havapoo before leaving:

    When you leave your Havapoo alone, it is good to involve them in some physical activity with you. At least 30 minutes of playful activity in the morning is an excellent start to the day for your little fluff ball. Take it for a walk and if going outdoor is not a possibility, then you can plan indoor activities such as chasing a ball.

    This activity will not only give her affectionate attention, but it will also make her tired enough to have a good time in rest or sleep. If you just wake up and leave, your Havapoo will get no time to release her energy. 

    • Provide several minds stimulating games to your Havapoo:

    Interactive puzzle toys are the right way of mental stimulation and keep the dog involved in a constructive activity. They also help combat boredom and frustration. You have to leave a toy for which your Havapoo does not require human help.

    • Leave the TV or Radio on for your Havapoo:

    Most dog owners find that leaving a TV or radio on around a dog when he is alone at home is also helpful. It is not how dogs like listening to TV or radio; instead, radio or TV running in the house blocks the outside noises that may freak your dog out.

    • Leave your unwashed clothes around your Havapoo:

    another effective way to keep your Havapoo comfortable when you are not around is leaving a soiled-shirt or any other piece of your clothes. Dogs have a fantastic sense of smell, which is 100,000 times better than that of humans. 

    Your unwashed clothes contain your scent, which will keep the Havapoo feeling very comfortable in your absence. You should follow this tip in your everyday routine. If you think the dog may rip your shirt, place the sweater in a not easily accessible place but still very near to the dog.

    • Make the Havapoo feel comfortable in the Crate:

    Let the Havapoo create a positive relationship with its crate. Do not force her into it and never use it as a punishment. This will make the dog develop a negative association with the crate. 

    Dogs are naturally “denning” animals. They use dens for feeling secure and comfortable. Therefore, you should let the dog develop a positive association with its crate. This practice helps the dogs in maintaining their overall well-being. 

    In the beginning, keep the door open, place the crate so that it remains in a central position in the house, and frequently engage with the dog while it is in its crate. Once the dog starts feeling comfortable in the crate, it will love spending its time there when you are not at home. 

    • Work on Separation Training:

    Separation training works best when started earliest because it is effortless to train young puppies and older puppies and dogs. But don’t get into it as soon as you get a Havapoo puppy, and allow some puppy adjusts in the family. 

    Once the puppy becomes familiar with you and your household, you can start working on it. The process is all about building a tolerance in your Havapoo, when you leave him at home on his own. In the beginning start with 20 – 30 minutes for at least one week and then gradually increase this time up to a few hours if everything remains alright.

    • Don’t forget the Physical Needs:

    When leaving your Havapoo alone, you have to take care for all its physical needs. The dog must have a bowl of clean water and food. The house must be maintained at optimum temperatures all the time. The sleeping area should be comfortable and clean, so it may lie around when required.

    Can you keep a Havapoo if you work all day?

    Even if you follow the above tips and tricks, leaving a Havapoo alone for several hours daily may disturb you. If you are definite that you don’t have any other choice than to leave the fluff ball alone, you must reconsider owning it. You may ask the breeder about many appropriate breeds that are comfortable all alone for hours.

    If you are sure that this time you will have a Havapoo, you must arrange someone as a dog sitter permanently or get some information about doggie daycares beforehand. This will prevent you from a lot of hassle afterward.

    If you are going to get a Havapoo puppy, you should be aware that puppies are physically and mentally fragile at this early stage of this life. They are also anxious because of getting separated from their siblings and mother. Therefore they need a lot of motherly attention. Your attention is essential to help them grow with better physical and mental stability. 

    What may be the consequences of leaving a Havapoo alone for too long?

    There are several social and mental conditions that your dog may suffer from incase it is forced to remain home alone all day. Let’s review a few of them. 

    Separation Anxiety:

    Many things contribute to developing anxiety in Havapoo dogs. The worst anxiety is often created due to separation from the owners for few hours daily. Havapoo is highly social, loving, and playful around people. They are not comfortable when left alone. 

    Your Havapoo may start feeling anxious as soon as you are about to leave your home. This anxiety will build-up throughout the day, and as a result, the dog may exhibit certain undesirable behaviors.

    According to experts, separation anxiety may develop into incurable disorders, making your and your Havapoo’s life much tricky. The more you leave your dog alone, the more it will create the fear of being left alone. This syndrome is characterized by the arousal of some erratic anxious responses as soon as the dog sees you picking up your car keys or wearing your shoes. 

    Other Behavior Problems:

    Other undesirable behaviors that may develop in the personality of Havapoo may include the following;

    • Aggressive behavior
    • Excessive barking
    • Destructive behavior
    • Stress
    • Crying 
    • Disobedience
    • Depression 

    These behavior issues may persist for the entire life of the Havapoo.


    Owning a Havapoo is a huge responsibility as you have to take care of the dog’s physical, emotional and mental needs. Now it is up to you how you manage your Havapoo puppy/dog along with your own busy routine.

    can a havapoo be left alone

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