havapoo puppy checklist

Havapoo Puppy Checklist – The Ultimate 2024 Guide

Are you looking for an affectionate, fluffy, cuddly companion?

Have you ever considered bringing a Havapoo puppy home?

If so, take a look at our Havapoo Puppy checklist for everything you should know.

What is a Havapoo?

Havapoo, also known as Poovanese, Havadoodle, or Havanoodle, is a crossbreed between a Havanese and a Poodle (Toy size). They are energetic little furballs who will brighten up your life. And the good news is Havapoo has hypoallergenic fur, which means you can snuggle with your pup anytime without a fit of sneezing.

Havapoo dog breed has inherited the best traits from both their parent’s breed. As a result, these designer dogs are unique canines with a beautiful appearance and a pleasing temperament. Their affectionate, playful, and easy-to-train personalities make them perfect for every family household.

They are low-maintenance dogs that require a moderate amount of exercise. As such, they are most suitable for small homes and apartment buildings. Their average energy level also makes them perfect for families both with and without children and people living alone.

Havapoo Puppy Checklist: Shopping for your Havapoo Puppy

Here is a list of items you should consider purchasing before you bring your Havapoo puppy home.

Havapoo Price havapoo puppy checklist

How to Prepare for Your Puppy’s Arrival?

There are several things you need to prepare in advance before you bring your new furry friend home. For instance, you’ll need to puppy-proof your home, buy some requirements, decide on house rules, learn to train puppies, etc.

If you’ve never owned a puppy, you’ll be surprised to know that looking after a puppy is as much a difficult task as looking after a baby. But worry not! Here are some of the tips on things you should prepare before you bring a Havapoo puppy home.

Puppy-Proof Your House

Your energetic Havapoo puppy will eventually run about everywhere to explore its new home. So, it is essential to prevent them from going to places where they aren’t welcome.

You can create a playpen in the room with the pet gates for your pup to relax. It would help if you remembered to place food and water bowls, some toys to play with, a waterproof mat, and some comforter where it can relax.

Moreover, pet gates can be used as barriers to keep your puppy safe from any harm. It gives assurance that your new puppy is confined to its space even when it is out of your sight.

Buying the Right Supplies

Your main goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment for the puppy. The bare necessities you will require are a crate/bed for your puppy to sleep on. Food and water bowls, high-quality puppy food, chew toys, treats, puppy pads, etc. A car restraint is also necessary if you’ll be traveling with your pup often.

Finding a Veterinarian and Trainer

It would be best if you chose a Veterinarian in your local area. Once you find the right vet, you should collect the contact details and check their working hours and surgical timings.

It is crucial to get your regular puppy check-ups and up-to-date on their vaccination, especially at the initial stage of your puppy’s life.

Simultaneously, putting your puppy on a routine and early training can create a well-behaved dog.

Making a Home for Your Puppy

There are perhaps specific changes you make to your house while expecting a baby. Likewise, even before bringing a puppy home, there are several changes you need to make for your furry friend to feel at home.

You must clear some space to let the newest member fit in. You must also make the following arrangements at your house when bringing your newHavapoo puppy.

Introducing Them to Their New Family

To avoid overwhelming your Havapoo puppy, introduce the family members one at a time. You can slowly introduce them to other animals in your house to prevent any tension or aggression. You must avoid contact with other dogs from outside until your puppy has all the proper vaccinations.

Also, allow your puppy to explore designated areas until they are familiar with the house.

Start Enforcing Rules

It would be best if you taught your puppy specific house rules from the very beginning. It will help them understand their boundaries. Apart from deciding where they should sleep or go to the potty, you should schedule their mealtime, playtime, and naptime.

You should also decide whether your puppy is allowed on the couch or if they can eat the scraps from the table. Enforcing such rules from the start will help your puppy feel at ease and confident at home.

Prepping the Sleeping Area

The first few nights can be quite challenging for you, as well as your new puppy. Since the litter used to sleep together, leaving the group and sleeping alone can be an enormous hurdle for a small puppy. Your pup may whine and whimper for the first few nights.

Both the puppy and you will get better sleep if you allow the pup to sleep in the crate beside your bed. However, you must make sure that the crate is comfortable enough for your puppy to sit, lie down and change positions.

It would help if you also placed a soft cloth (preferably something that has your smell) to comfort the pup and to familiarize your smell. That way, your puppy will know you’re their new parent.

Once your pup gets familiar with the house, you can get the bed ready for your puppy to sleep on. The earlier your puppy is trained to use its bed, the better. Considering that the Havapoo breed is affectionate and attention-seeking by nature, your pup might want to always sleep beside you.

Using Designated Potty Area

You should teach your Havapoo puppy to use a specific spot for the potty from the very beginning. If you delay your puppy’s potty training, it will end up peeing and pooping everywhere in the house.

You can use a potty training mat at the initial stage of training. Rewards and treats are also a suitable method for them to learn where to go to the potty.

Protecting the Puppy From Potential Hazards

When you look around your house, potential hazards for a small puppy are everywhere. From electric cords, medications, toilets with open lids, cleaning supplies to toxic plants, and contaminated food, your puppy will play and chew on anything.

It is essential to keep any dangerous item out of your puppy’s reach. Also, to keep away any valuable thing from your puppy’s sight. Bitter apple spray seems to be an excellent way to keep your canine away as dogs find the smell unappealing.

havapoo size havapoo ultimate guide

Havapoo Owner’s Ultimate Guide

When you bring your Havapoo puppy home, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to raise your pup well. To raise a well-behaved and healthy dog, you as a parent should make an effort on your part. Following are some of the guidance you may require, especially if it’s your first time raising a puppy.

  • Starting on the right paw

Both you and the puppy need to start on the right track. Your Havapoo’s experience as a puppy will shape their behavior as they get older.

 Your pup will become friendly and affectionate with positive encounters. Likewise, they will be aggressive and fearful if they ever encounter physical or mental abuse. So, you must avoid scolding, yelling, hitting, or pointing fingers at your puppy.

  • Deciding on the Puppy food

During the first month or so, you should stick to the same diet as when it was with the breeder. It would be best to keep in mind that a Havapoo puppy has a sensitive stomach and is prone to digestion issues.

You can eventually switch to other puppy food products. In most cases, premium dry food for small or toy breeds contains all the nutrients in the right ratio for a Havapoo puppy.

Besides, it’s best to consult your veterinarian for advice if you are ever concerned about your pup’s diet. Only your vet will have the insight and knowledge of the specific need of your puppy.

  • Potty Training Crisis

Potty training is an essential part of your pup’s life. When you bring a new Havapoo puppy home, know that potty accidents are bound to happen. In such a situation, the worst you can do is scream or shout at your puppy. It will only scare the poor pup and make further training even more difficult.

Whenever the puppy causes a potty accident, take the pup to the potty area and say phrases like “potty here” or “go potty.” Use the exact phrase over and over again for your puppy to learn. And in case you catch your pup trying to pee or poop elsewhere, use the same word again. Over time, it will eventually realize that it should go to the designated area when you use that phrase.

Also, you can introduce a rewarding method during potty training. When your puppy successfully uses the potty area, reward the pup with puppy treats and praises. Both Poodles and Havanese are intelligent and naturally well-behaved dogs. So, training a Havapoo shouldn’t take too much time. Positive reinforcement after the good deeds will make it easier for the puppy to understand.

  • Safe Haven for the Havapoo puppy

Despite Havapoo being a toy breed, it will be ideal for you to create a playpen to ensure its safety. Havapoo puppies are gentle and fragile tiny creatures that need to be treated with utmost care to avoid unfortunate injuries.

Your Havapoo pup should enjoy its stay in the playpen. It should not consider this confined area as a punishment zone. You can create a fun space for your pup by providing adequate food and water; fill the place with their favorite toys, etc. It should be a spot your Havapoo puppy will love to stay, even if you have to leave your pup alone.

Such a haven will benefit you more as you don’t always have to worry about your pup’s safety or the damage it will cause to your belongings.

  • Building unbreakable bond

Your Havapoo puppy requires immense love and affection from the family. Consistent training and scheduled routine will help build a stronger bond with your furry friend. Always maintain a positive attitude towards your pup despite their mistake, as it will strengthen your relationship.

Sticking to positive reinforcement, plenty of treats, and lots of attention will help their behavioral development. With patience and consistency, your Havapoo puppy will master the training and learn new tricks with ease.


Bringing a Havapoo puppy can be an exhilarating as well as a nerve-wracking experience for you. However, it must be more challenging for the puppy to get separated from the litter and the parents. Unquestionably, it must have been the scariest thing for a tiny pup like Havapoo to come to a new home, new environment, and new people.

Therefore, by making specific arrangements ahead for your puppy, you can make the transition to a new home a lot easier. If you correctly follow the guidelines given in this article, rest assured that your Havapoo puppy will transform into a loving, affectionate, and most loyal companion. Your bond with your furry friend will be unbreakable.

Deciding to allow a Havapoo puppy into your life must be one of the best decisions you have made. You can never go wrong with this tiny adorable puppy, along with this article to guide you through the process. The only downside is that you will probably prefer this playful little pup over most people in your life as they make the perfect companion.

havapoo puppy checklist

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