Havapoo Breeders In California

5 Great Havapoo Breeders In California (CA) – 2024

The Havapoo is a breed between the Havanese and the Standard Poodle. Ever since the dog was accepted into the American Kennel Club in 1995, it has attracted the interest of dog lovers countrywide. The Havapoo puppies in California have impressive characteristics that make them must-have dogs.

They are friendly, loving, and intelligent. They will thus form bonds with their owner easily and can understand all the new tricks you teach them. The Havapoo puppies in California have an above-average life expectancy of 15 years. When raised well from infancy, an owner is bound to experience all the joys of having a lifelong companion.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Havapoo Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an adorable Havapoo puppy!

Havapoo Breeders In California

You no longer have to struggle to find the right breeder. Here are the 5 best Havapoo breeders in California.



This platform will connect you to the best Havapoo breeders in California, depending on the type of Havapoo puppies you want. If you stay in an apartment or want a puppy for Valentine, they will get it for you. They always strive for the highest quality, and the breeders are licensed and inspected by the state and USDA.

The breeders offer a range of Havapoo puppies in California in different colors and sizes. They are all well-trained, friendly, and have perfect temperaments. You will thus have a good time while playing with them.

On purchase, buyers get a 10-year health guarantee on hereditary defects. The breeder will help your Havapoo overcome some of these problems that can be reversed, such as cataracts and hip dysplasia, in case they suffer from those. All the Havapoo puppies in California are fully vaccinated, and you will get their certificates. Some of the Havapoos are registered with the American Kennel Club.

You can choose to get your dog delivered through their comfortable and well-managed system. With over 200,000 families served, buyers will surely get loving and well-adjusted Havapoos from this breeder.

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Premier Pups

Havapoo puppies In California

This breeder strives to create a healthy and loving facility from which the best Havapoo puppies in California can be found. The breeder offers high-quality dogs bred from pure sires and dams, resulting in well-balanced genetic makeups. Additionally, the parents are tested for hereditary deformities before breeding.

With a surety that you are getting the highest quality, the breeder offers a health guarantee. The Havapoo puppies in California are vaccinated at the right age and don’t get adopted until they are over 8 weeks old.

When you get this cute and loving companion, the breeder will help you raise it right. You can contact them for any information on vet appointments or nutrition that you need. They will thus ensure you have an easier and more fun time as you raise your Havapoo puppies in California. You will receive a well-adjusted dog as they are trained in the best manners.

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Havapoo Breeders In California

Greenfield Puppies

This platform offers high-quality Havapoo puppies in California and has been operating for over a decade. They have earned the admiration and trust of thousands of families who get their lifelong companions from them in this period. They have a range of Havapoo breeders, and they are all licensed and inspected by USDA.

They maintain high-quality sires and dams and are kept in comfortable and spacious kennels. Some breeders also allow the Havapoo puppies in California to play outside. It lets them develop the right temperament and stimulates their neurology.

All Havapoo puppies in California are fully vaccinated before adoption. The high-quality dogs will come with health assurance for hereditary defects. The breeders offer home deliveries for buyers outside the state or those too far to get onsite. Once you pay for the deposit on your Havapoo, you will be added to their waiting list.

When a new litter is born, buyers can select their preferred color and size options. There are also complimentary after-sale services like free consultations for the rest of the Havapoo puppies in California’s life.

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Kate’s Puppies

A high-quality Havapoo puppy gets to live well beyond its life expectancy while continuing to bring joy and love to its family. This is the kind of quality this breeder aims to attain. They have well-adjusted sires and dams tested by the OFA before breeding.

The dogs are cleared for all hereditary defects and monitored throughout pregnancy. They are kept in well-conditioned and comfortable kennels from where a vet administers assistance.

When the Havapoo puppies in California are born, they are inducted into a nutritious diet. They are also fully vaccinated before you can adopt them. Before adoption, the Havapoos are groomed, and a vaccination certificate and a sample of their food are included.

The dogs are neurologically stimulated and will be eager to learn and play. They also have excellent temperaments. You can have your puppies delivered to any location countrywide.

Infinity Pups

The main objective of this platform is to connect families with healthy and perfect Havapoo puppies in California. They have several breeders who have many dog breeds under their care. Among the most popular is the Havapoo. These dogs are bred from the highest quality sires and dams, and all breeders must maintain high standards.

Buyers can thus get the breed size and color they want for their dogs depending on the litter available. The dogs are housed in USDA accredited kennels. Before purchase, you can contact a breeder and interview them to determine the suitability of their Havapoo puppies in California.

Once buyers decide on their Havapoo puppy choice, they can have it delivered or pick it up from the breeder. It will be fully vaccinated and well-groomed. They also have a one-year health guarantee. You will thus receive a happy and perfectly temperament Havapoo ready to spend time with you.

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Havapoo puppies In California
Havapoo breeders In California

Conclusion on The Best Havapoo Breeders In California

While selecting the right breeder for you, always go with one that will give you the best value for your money. They should offer after-sale services where you can consult on anything about your Havapoo puppies in California.

You should also beware of dog mills, and never gets your puppies from here. Your search for the perfect companion is now made simpler.

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